New Android Match Game | Hay Match – App Review |

From Fun Match 3 games come the app that has so many players hooked on pumpkins and other farm produce. With over 50,000 installations, there is plenty of feedback and overall, Hay Match is getting a thumbs up. This is a puzzle game that is easy and fun to play on your smartphone with Android system. If you see the charm of farm life but prefer to leave the scents of the stable in the stable, this is the game for you. Get into the Hay Match and start matching pumpkins and peppers!

New Android Match Game | Hay Match - App Review |

New Android Match Game | Hay Match – App Review |

Hay Match
Hay Match
Developer: Fun Match 3 Games
Price: Free+

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A fun-packed adventure – Hay Match

Once you download the game to your phone, you are in for a (hay) ride, and you might also improve your brain functions! Start matching the different farm crops to solve the puzzle and win prizes. You can also collect fresh crops and advance your game. The game has many levels. Once you complete one level, it is time for the next and so on… This makes Hay Match a tad addictive.

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The pace is fast but doesn’t worry, you will understand what to do. It is not difficult to match haystacks and complete missions to get to higher levels. Once the board is clear of all symbols, you will collect your points and move on.

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Get started with Hay Match

To get started, you need to download the game. This should not take long. Click on the game and start. Now you need to match at least 3 items of the same type. Once you do, the combination pops and disappears. You should aim for 3 stars on each level so focus! Even if you don’t manage to clear all symbols, you will be able to advance thanks to the boosters that you can collect. There are over 100 levels to unlock so this is a game that can keep you and the family entertained for many months ahead.

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A game for the entire family – Hay Match

It is important to spend quality time with family. Once dinner time is over, you could share a few rounds of Hay Match with your partner and kids. Make sure to talk about the game and sit together and play. This puzzle game is safe for all ages and it provides the type of entertainment that puts players in a good mood.

What do players say about the Hay Match app?

Looking at player reviews, it becomes apparent that this is a very popular app. Some claim that it is not the best choice if you are a bit older while others say the exact opposite! You will simply have to try the game if you are 70+ and worry that it might be too fast-paced for you. But be aware that this game is fast with the focus on action. If you like to sit for many hours on end, it might not be the best pick for you.

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Closing Words

Something that you will most likely appreciate is that this app does not overwhelm you with ads. That is really beneficial and a good reason to choose Hay Match next time you want some fun on your Android phone. Hay match is full of the fun game & you can play this game offline. If you are looking for match game then Hay Match is really amazing game. This is the good alternative to games like candy crush.

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