Hide IP Address perfectly in your Smartphone and Pc

Hiding IP Address may make you safe on the internet. Today lots of peoples are using the Internet. We can say the internet has become common among us and we all want to do work online and communicate with our relative, friends or any other. So there we need security on the internet. There are so many organisations that made to look at this huge World Wide Web network.

Because cybercrime or illegal activities are a growing issue on the internet that we can’t imagine. When we start thinking I am safe now, from that time we may start targeting them. For stopping these kinds of activities there is some spy organisation which are made for tracking the users who are using the internet on their devices. Easy ways to hide IP address.

Hide IP Address in your smart phones and PCs.

Hide IP Address in your smartphones and PCs.

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When we talk about security on the internet than we are mainly using the strong password and hiding your IP address is one of them. Main tracking source of users is through IP Address. Here is some software which helps you to hide your IP address.

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What is an IP Address?

IP Address stands for Internet Protocol Address. It is a numeric label assigned to each device (e.g- Computer, Laptop, printer, Smartphone etc.). Any device which is participating in the computer network. And that uses the internet protocol for communication. With the help of an IP address, anybody can be tracked by its location, internet service provider and some of the user details.

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Why should you hide IP Address?

There may be your own reason for the hiding IP address. But technically it may be hidden for illegal activities or legal purpose. This guide helps you to share your knowledge. I can’t tell you the perfect or appropriate reason for hiding IP address.

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Some technical reasons for hiding IP Address.

  1. To hide their geographic location
  2. For spam prevention
  3. To bypass country restriction website
  4. Prevent web tracking
  5. To prevent malware, virus, Trojan and Worm
  6. Securing online shopping
  7. To bypass blocked websites on their address
  8. Avoid leaving digital footwear
  9. To prevent the identity thief
  10. To avoid spam ban and much more

Warning: – Hiding your IP Address is doesn’t mean that no one can track you, so do these task at your own risk. There is the common and simple method which depends on some tools which allow you to hide your current network details for the temporary time.

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Check Out:-

Hide IP Address on your Smartphone

  1. In Android Device

It’s easy to hide your IP address by downloading applications which are list below. You can go through these Best VPN tools.

  1. Hotspot Shield free VPN Proxy 
  2. Hideman VPN
  3. TunnelBear VPN
  4. Hola VPN

There is some application which helps you to hide your IP Address in your Android devices.


Hide IP Address in iPhone

There are some best VPN applications that you can use to hide IP Address in your iPhone. These also allow you to unblock the blocked websites and applications in your school/college wifi network.

  1. VPN Express
  2. SurfEasy VPN
  3. Spotflux
  4. Hotspot Shield
  5. Hola VPN
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Hide IP Address on your PC.

In Windows Pc, there are many ways to hiding IP address. You can use Proxy site also which are discussed below.

  1. Website based on proxy servers

    By using these sites you can easily hide your IP and get access to the internet. These proxy websites give you an alternative IP address. Which you want to browse. Despite these happen, there is a drawback of these proxies. They can get slow your browsing speed sometimes, sometimes some contents are not accessible and sometimes site won’t open.

List of proxy server based websites.

  1. Proxy.org (updated proxy list)
  2. Proxy Site
  3. New IP Now
  4. Anonymouse
  5. KProxy

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       2. Using VPN Proxy

These are some Applications which helps you to hide your IP Address. These applications can be installed in Android, IOS, Windows, Linux & Mac

  1. CyberGhost
  2. SecurityKiss
  3. TorVPN
  4. USA IP
  5. UltraVPN
  6. OpenVPN
  7. TunnelBear
  8. Hola VPN

Closing Words

Hope these all methods helps you to hide your IP Address in you devises PCs and Smartphones. Hope you like this, share with others and make them aware of these methods for Hiding IP Address. Share your view and comment below if you have other way or any other queries.

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