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How to Make Password Protect Folder or Files In Mac ||


Mac has many security and privacy features but they don’t allow you to make password protect folder or file. In this guide, I am going to discuss how to make password protect folder or file in mac. There are many ways to make password protect folder or files in your mac and they are less time taking and you don’t need any advance knowledge about that. Even there are many ways which help you to protect your folder with the password in your mac. This guide helps you to protect your folder in MacBook Air, Pro and iMac.

How to Make Password Protect Folder or Files In Mac

I am also going to mention some third-party application which helps you to make password protect folder or files. Most of them are paid so make sure you can go with them before downloading them. The good thing about those apps is they provide the trial version to use before buying. If you are not mac users and using windows and looking for how to make password folder in Windows 10 or other versions then be with me. I will give you the best ways for windows 10 password protected folder.

#1 Password Protect Folder in Mac Using Disk Utility

As you disk utility is an inbuilt feature of macOS where you can manage disk, drives and partitions. Luckily you have an app which helps you make password protect folder in your mac. Using Disk Utility for protecting your folders or files with the password has now become easy. Because it contains few steps and free to use. Whatever, let’s have a look at the steps.

Step 1 – Create New Folder

Now Create a new folder on the desktop and give the name as you want. Press Shift + Command + N. You can also go with your files folders.

Step 2 – Open Disk utility

There are many ways to open disk utility. So, it may be different for you.

Click On Launchpad then click on Utilities or Other and then click on Disk Utility. An alternative, Press Shift + Command + A then Utilities then Disk Utility.

Disk Utility

Step 3 – Choose the folder

Now time to select the folder before adding the password.

Open disk utility and then click File > New Image > Image from Folder Select folder Choose. You can also choose other folders as you want set the password.

Image From Folder

Step 4 -Encryption and Image Formate

Choose 128 bit AES

If you want to add tag then you can and after that click on Encryption option and choose 128-bit AES Encryption (recommended) and enter the password.

Encryption Password

There one more option Image Formates and for that, you can choose any of them from Compressed, read/write, hybrid image and read-only. But I recommend to choose read/write.

Choose Read/Write

After that click on Save.

Step 5 – Encryption Process and Open Folder

You have to wait for the process of encryption and it depends on your file size. Once the process will end now time to go for the location of the created image file. There you will see a folder with .dmg and now double-click on that folder and try to open it. It will ask you for the password and now enter the password and click on ok.

Enter Password

Now there you will see a virtual disk with the same name as your created folder. Double click on that to access your files on that folder.

Virtual Disk

Note:- Don’t delete yours .DMG file, otherwise you will lose your files. You can also add files in that folder before ejecting from the virtual disk.

#2 Encrypt Files via Terminal, using OpenSSL

The terminal is another best-inbuilt feature in mac and it works like cmd in the window. Here I am going to use this tool for encrypt folder in Mac. This method going to add some commands so it may it will be tricky for you. This command is used to encrypt and protect individual files. Whatever, let’s have a look at the steps.

Step 1 – Open Terminal and Type First Command

For that click on the search icon on top right. It is also called spotlight search. Then type terminal and hit enter.

Enter Command

When your terminal is open then type the following command and hit enter.

openssl aes-256-cbc -in ~/Desktop/pic.jpg -out ~/Desktop/lock.file

Understand the Command

openssl aes-256-cbc it shows the encryption type.

-in ~/Desktop/pic.jpg this is for the file which you want to encrypt at this location.

-out ~/Desktop/lock.file it shows the output of commands where your file will be saved.

Step 2 – Enter Password

Now it will ask you for the password. Enter the password and confirm the password. After that, you can see the lock.file document on your desktop.

How to remove the password via Terminal, using OpenSSL

You need to enter this command and hit the enter.

openssl aes-256-cbc –in -d ~/Desktop/lock.file -out ~/Desktop/pic.jpg

Now you have done. These commands help you to add and remove the password from an individual file.

#3 Password Protect Folder or Files Using Compression

Here is another terminal based method to make password protected folder. In this method, I am going to show you how to compress the folder or file with a password. But it will be a zip file which means you can transfer the file easily. Let’s move on the steps.

Step – Open Terminal and enter the command

Before starting I have some files on my desktop so make sure you have some files.

Enter Command

cd Desktop

After that enter following command

zip -e photo.zip pic.jpg

Time to enter a password and after that, you have to verify the previous password.

Now the process will be started and after some time you will see that the pic.jpg changed into pic.zip. Whenever someone tries to access that folder they need to enter the password.

#4 Using Third-party Applications

Now it’s time to have a look at the other alternatives for making password protect folder or file. If you don’t want to go through the steps and want to protect your folders or files in simple clicks then these third-party applications are helpful. But these applications are not available for free. If you are planning to use them then you have to buy the application.



The app has availability to encrypt and store files and folders. Using this application you can save your sensitive documents like personal notes, credit cards, website passwords and other. The interesting thing about this you can manage these things with one master password. Without your master password, no one will ever be able to find this encrypted data. You can easily drag and drop your files to them and make them secure. This encryption software not only hides your files but also protects them by putting them in a sparse bundle with AES-256 encryption. This one will be the best password protect folder or file application for macOS. You can buy this application at $19.

Hider 2

Hider 2

Another best-paid password protect folder or file application for macOS. You can buy this application at $19. Each and every file added in Hider 2 is automatically AES-256 encrypted upon hiding. It protects your files and folders with one master password. It also supports the external drives where you can also set the password. Even it is easy to use application and hide your files. This one will be the another best alternative to set the password to your folders and files.

Secret Folder

secret Folder

This one is another best-paid application to hide your files on your mac. You can buy this application at $23.95. Using this application you can only hide your folders and allow you to set the password. Files and folders can be added by means of a single click on a chosen dialog box or via drag and drop.  If this option is selected, at the opening of Secret Folder a password dialog box will be displayed. To gain access to the application it will be necessary to enter the correct password. Secret Folder is very useful to keep your information away from prying eyes, it conceals folders and files on your Mac with a click, it provides you with an easy and fast way to hide personal documents.

Closing Words

Here I have mentioned the best four methods to make password protect folder or file. The guide carries both free and paid methods to make password protect folder or file. Even I have also discussed the use of making password protected folder on your mac. The guide shows the best methods including some best password protect folder software.

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