How To Create a Website Based on UX or UI to Get Maximum Results

How you are planning your website design depends on many things. Sometimes you prioritize the user experience, and sometimes you prioritize the looks. And accordingly, the design of the website and its interface get a shape. But how you will proceed with the site depends on what product you have, or what purpose the site is for. Here you will get the answer on how to create a website based on ux or ui to get maximum website traffic or best results.

Create a Website Based on UX or UI

How To Create a Website Based on UX or UI to get maximum results

Designs based on UI or UX, both have their place and importance, and designs combining both also have to be sketched and implemented very carefully. And you must have a basic understanding of what to expect from the design and operations of the website while talking to your web developer. These how to create a website based on UX or UI is going to help you in many ways such as increasing website traffic or other.

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How To Create a Website Based on UX or UI

What is the importance of UI design?

UI design means User Interface Design. This implies a design, which is based on the graphics and looks. It deals with the interface. This means it deals with how the user will look at the website landing page at a glance, and then how the user will make the first impression of the website. It deals with how the users will analyze the site.

Which menu, which content, which button will be where, the overall theme of the site, the color scheme of the site, and all such things will make for the design. And hence the inclination of users of various age groups, sex, demography, and background are taken to decide such design.

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What is the importance of UX design?

UX design means User Experience Design. This designing deals with more complex factors. It’s all about how the user will experience while using the website, and how the experience of users can make them feel about the website. For making such designs, the prior experience of users, preference of users, their mindset and expectations, and finally the way the site interacts and gives experience to the users in every direction are gauged, planned, noted, and then the site is made accordingly. User experience has to be made the best to sell the product, concept, or cause of the site.

UI (User interface) or UX (User experience)

Which is more critical, UI or UX? Ask this to a designer and the person will answer UX. But this does not mean UI has no use or importance. On relevant fields, UI is also much essential and considered more important actually than anything else. But in general, the user experience has to be given the highest priority, and sites made as per the user experience, to provide users with an even better experience than they expect from the website is one of the best tips to kick and make the site a success.

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How to implement both on website design?

Whether to implement UI or UX is a tough question for the beginner. The beginner will say the site must look great for visitors to stay. And many web developers take advantage of such ignorance of the layman website owner. They would project the higher importance of UI so that they may skip working on the UX, which demands heavy work, planning, research and effort to make the website successful.

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But if you realize, that depending on the UX of the website, the user who likes the site will also stay, and probably becomes a member or customer, and hence would make the site’s purpose meaningful, then you will feel what you should stress on. It’s a combination of UI and UX, where the UX must be given enough importance so that users do not feel frustrated with using the site.

How your product matters?

The product or cause of the website matters highly in designing the type of web design. If the site is selling something flashy, then UI designs become more critical over UX. Website depending on pictures and graphics, and sites which are to see graphical items must have good UI implemented on them.

But then if it’s an e-commerce site, where the users will be clicking a few links to go through an entire process of choosing and picking a product from many and finally buying it, then the most important is UX. And also sites like social media platforms etc. which focuses on user interaction and complex operation needs high-quality UX integration, which again can be updated to more advanced models from time to time.

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A simple website for a historical monument, information, travel, and tourism, a church or religious concept, charitable institution, etc can be simple, uncomplicated, and not much UX oriented but rather nice looking and more UI oriented.

Planning it with your web designer

When you are talking to your web and graphic designer, tell them the purpose of the site, the expectations you have, how you want the users to feel on your website and all. This will help them develop a nice concept for the site. The idea UX designer would go through a strategic process to develop a UX site while not neglecting UI. And these steps are as follows:

  • Creation of content while keeping in focus competitors, customers, product structure and selling strategy.
  • Wireframing the site
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Planning the site development
  • Talking to the graphic designer for the UI planning and integration over the site
  • Coordinating with the site coder for support on all the UX and UI concepts and elements
  • Targeting the goals
  • Testing the site
  • Analyzing and launching
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And, in the whole process, the designer must also prepare a web design RFP.

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Closing Words

Designing a website is not a simple job. A lot of things must be kept in consideration to make a fully functional site which looks good and also impresses visitors with the functionality. And that is why you must contact a web designer who has an equipped team of UI and UX experts to give the site any style and function as you desire, and as the site purpose deserves. To start with making the website, you also must brush up your understanding and anticipate of the site design based on UI or UX.

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  1. Monidipa Dutta

    Nowadays, coming up with an outstanding first impression is an expectation that cannot be downplayed. This aspect should be captured in all fields and on a daily basis. The same case applies when you are developing a startup website.
    Under this, the site owner is tasked with ensuring that the users are satisfied with what is on display. Well, this leads to the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the website. Today we are going to have an insight into the merits of having a good UI and UX.

  2. Alayna

    I definitely think it’s important to do in-person testing with multiple users. Give them a typical “goal” and watch how they navigate intuitively.

  3. Kay

    Thanks for sharing about UI and UX web design. I am clueless when it comes to this kind of thing. I may need to hire a web designer to do this for me.

  4. Beth

    This is great information! Too many people design their sites based on what they like, instead with the user experience in mind. Hopefully this helps some of us get our sites back in order. Thanks for taking the time to pull all of this together.

  5. Jeferson

    After reading this, I think I have a clear idea of which design should go which will serve best to deliver my website’s purpose……

  6. Sheena Moncatar

    It’s always best to tell you website developer/graphic designer what you want to happen, what your expectations are and how you want your users to feel whenever they browse your website. After all your website reflects who you are and what you are selling or endorsing. Thanks for a whole lot of information in here.

  7. Kavri Iyer

    To me design is everything. These days good content can only stand out if you have a good design. I wish I had read this post before. It could’ve saved me so much time.


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