How to Create Free Posters with DesignCap | 2018

The poster is one of the most effective ways to spread your company events or advertisement campaigns. A well-designed poster can help draw more attention. Creating a poster can be a difficult task because it often requires a lot of time and effort, especially if you are not good at PS, AI or other professional and complicated program. Today we will introduce DesignCap, a free online poster creation tool that simplifies the design process.

How to Create Free Posters with DesignCap

How to Create Free Posters with DesignCap

With DesignCap, you will not have to be an expert to design an awesome poster, because all this is done smartly by the tool. So if you’ve always wanted to create your own posters, but never figured out how you could get your work organized in a professional way, this is your chance to innovate and impress the public with your creations.

DesignCap features a WYSIWYG editor that supports multiple objects – image, text, rectangle, circle, line and more. The service also gains support for rotating these objects, plus tools such as zoom, layer, and alignment. It has a clipart library where thousands of well-designed images are built in and integrates an online photo stock with more than 580,000 images.

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How to use DesignCap?

The interface is simple and easy to use even by the most inexperienced users. As soon as you open the tool, you click on the red button “Make a Free Poster”. Then you are allowed to choose whether to make a new poster with a blank page or from a template. There are hundreds of templates listed on the left sidebar and can be filtered by categories like promotion, holiday, events, business, motivation, movie and miscellaneous.

How to Create Free Posters

How to Create Free Posters

From a chosen template, you can use any image stored on your computer or uploaded from Facebook albums or online stock. Just enter the words that match your purposes and you will get numerous results. Choose the ones you need.

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You can change the text, font styles, colors, sizes, and formats. You can also choose a clipart image from the library to enhance your posters. These images are divided into eleven categories, such as shape, icon, funny, love, nature, travel, embellishment, lifestyle, and holiday.

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Once you have finished editing, you are going to print your posters quickly. You can print your posters from your own interface as it comes with an additional printing utility that allows you to make advanced page settings.

However, if you prefer, you can still save the results of your creation in JPG or PNG format, then print using your favorite print program or even email and distribute to friends.

How to Create Free Posters

How to Create Free Posters

Using DesignCap is totally free without the need of graphics knowledge. You can save your posters in different sizes, without a watermark. No need to download some additional software, you can directly use DesigCap in your web browsers like Firefox, Safari, IE, and Chrome.

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Closing words:

DesignCap was designed by PearlMountain technology, who has focused on the development of graphic design software and aimed to make professional graphic design capability accessible to everyone. Even if you are a novice, you can create top-notch posters without difficulty.The service does not present any kind of complicated configuration and is accompanied by a completely helpful tutorial, which allows users to know step by step the process of creation.

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Its customization tools are very easy to use and do not require special knowledge in the manipulation of objects.

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Design the online free poster from here.

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