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Are you Smartphone Addiction? I am providing you reason and time to think about you and ask a question why. Once considered boon smartphone devices are turning bane for human society. Here, people are leaning towards a virtual life where they don’t have time for their personal life. With the mass increase in smartphone devices around the world and top of that excess use of apps on devices has turned the things complicated than ever. Now people spend considerable time of their day on their smartphones checking notifications and updating status on social media networks. Here, people may enjoy the company of hundreds of virtual friends but in real-life they find it hard to cope with few close relations.

How to Deal with Smartphone Addiction? Stop Spending So Much Time

How to Deal with Smartphone Addiction? Stop Spending So Much Time

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Problems of Smartphone Addiction:

There is a range of issues that have recently popped-up due to over-dependence on smartphone devices. These are the issues why I am asking you should think about you:

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Virtual Dependency:

With increasing number of availability of useful apps on smartphone devices, people are becoming more dependent on their smartphone devices. Today, you can use apps on your device to do banking activities, pay bills, book flights, ask for a cab, connect with your social network, watch movies, listen to your favorite music and do almost anything. While these apps are useful to some extent but today you can’t think your life without these apps that shows your dependency on your smartphone device.

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Disconnect from Real-World:

As people are more inclined to the virtual life they are feeling less connected to real-life relations. Here, you share birthday wishes using some app instead of meeting in person to enjoy some good time. This is just an example further people find it easy to forward a message for someone’s special day instead of greeting him/her in person. Due to technological advancements, people are disconnecting from real-world. This is also the reason which means you should think about you.

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Health Issues:

Due to over-dependence on smartphone devices, people are becoming lazier and less active. Here, you can perform almost all your tasks using a single smart app on your device that reduces the need for physical activity. Due to less physical activity, people are facing a lot of physical issues. Further, using a smartphone for long hours also increases eye and ear health issues. This is the most important reason to think about you.

Less Time for Hobbies:

This is another side-effect of virtual dependency. Here, people get less time for their favorite activities as they spend most of their time glued to their smartphones.

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Now Time to Think About You Why You Are Addicted. & How to Deal With Smartphone Addiction?

Uninstall unnecessary apps on your device

To begin with, get rid of all unnecessary apps on your device. Here, you can disable bloatware or uninstall those apps that you rarely use. Once you clean such unnecessary apps, you will get fewer notifications and get less distracted. In addition, to uninstall unnecessary apps, you should also track app usage for optimized use.

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Use Smart Apps:

Using smart apps is the next best solution that helps you fix your smartphone addiction seamlessly. One such app is Social Fever that works on advanced techniques to help you manage your smartphone usage and reduce smartphone addiction. It allows you to monitor and reduce app and smartphone usage to save some valuable time for you. Using this smart solution, you not only manage to save valuable time for you but it also helps you monitor your health issues. You can use this futuristic app for instant and effective results. This application will give you the reason for think about you.

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Turn Off Notifications

Go to device Settings > Notifications to turn off notifications for all unnecessary apps. Here, you will get fewer notifications and you will get less distracted. Here, it will help you concentrate on more important things.

Take distracting widgets out of your home screen

Widgets are the first thing you see when you turn on your device screen, thus it is better to remove unnecessary widgets out of your home screen. It will help you reduce unnecessary distraction.

Set Network Free Zone

Don’t feel like glued to your smartphone device all the time. Try to set network free zones at your place to break smartphone addiction. Here, you can set meeting area or dining room as a network free zone to enjoy more important things in life. It will help you spend some quality time with your family and friends.

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Smartphone addiction is a real-time problem that must be fixed with smart solutions. Due to this smartphone addiction, people are getting less time for their personal life, social life and even for their health. Here, we have tried to discuss some basic issues people are facing due to smartphone addiction and how you can fix them. If you know more of these solutions, feel free to comment below.  I hope you will get helped in this guide why you should think about you.

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