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How to Enable Windows 10 Dark Theme Without Application. 2 Methods


Many of you have Windows 10 with fantastic theme packed but here we are going to discuss the Windows 10 dark theme. You will see the easy steps for enabling the Windows 10 dark theme. If you are looking for that how to enable  Windows 10 dark theme then you are on right place. Even you don’t need to install any application. If you want to use any application for customising your Windows 10 theme then you can go for that. Many questions are rising in your mind about the dark theme but don’t worry here is the answer. If you have any question despite these then feel free to comment your question.

How to Enable Windows 10 Dark Theme Without Application. 2 Methods

Don’t worry we are going to give the step by step guide on the dark theme in Windows 10. After that, you don’t need to search for Windows 10 file explorer dark theme and you can apply the theme everywhere you want. After using these steps, you don’t need Windows 10 dark theme to download. There are many windows theme but the dark theme is the new customising feature in Windows 10. You can enable the dark theme in many products of Microsoft like Edge or Office. But these carry different steps in Windows 10. You can say that the steps for enabling the dark theme are manual.

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Method 1 for Enabling Windows 10 dark theme

Before starting, I want to say something about the dark theme. Enabling steps for Windows 10 Dark theme with the help of Regedit.  If you don’t  know about the Regedit then previously we have mentioned about that in the List of Top Windows command. Here you don’t need a huge knowledge about the Regedit because we will describe each and everything which you need to know for changing or customising Windows 10 dark theme.

Steps for enabling Windows 10 dark theme

Step 1.

Search for Regedit in the search bar and hit Enter.

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Step 2.

When you hit Enter then it will ask for permission, Yes or No then click on Yes.

Step 3.

Regedit will open and now Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Themes\ Personalise by double-clicking on the folder.

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Step 4.

Here \ Personalize is missing so; I have to add this. If you already have that then don’t create that and go to next step 5.

  • Step 4.1

    Just right-click on \Themes and select New > Key and named it as Personalize.

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Step 5.

Right-click \Personalize and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value and now Name it as AppsUseLightTheme.

Step 6.

Now check the value of AppsUseLightTheme, If it’s value is already be then leave it.

Step 7.

Now, log out of Windows 10 Start menu > Select your photo > Choose ‘Sign out’. Now sign in again you will see that your windows 10 dark theme has been applied.

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How to restore or remove windows 10 dark theme?

Step 1.

It’s not tough to do that. For this, you have to go back to the step 6 and change the value 1. Here value 0 is Off, and 1 is On.

Method 2 for Enabling Windows 10 dark theme

New update of Windows 10 makes it easy to set the dark theme on your PC/Laptop. With the help of some easy step, you can enable the dark theme. Even you can customise the colour of your theme. This step also makes your task easy and don’t need to install any third-party application in your windows for changing in the dark theme. This method is too easy and helpful for all users, and you don’t need to change or add anything.

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Step 1.

Go to Setting >Personalize>Colour and now choose the dark or whatever you want to change.

This method changes your every Windows 10 system apps like file explorer setting etc. As previously we have mentioned that you don’t have to worried about Windows 10 file explorer dark theme then here is the answer.

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Closing Words

After reading this guide I think you don’t need to download windows 10 dark theme application. At the end of the topic, I would like to notify you that the above methods work some windows 10 system apps like setting. It doesn’t work in your file explorer or any other application. Whatever it’s effective it is a cool idea for applying the dark theme in Windows 10. Rather you have to decide you want it or not for your Windows 10. If you want more interesting customization for your windows 10 then you can install UxStyle and the Windows 10 – Dark Edition visual style application. You can also apply the dark theme in your windows phone also using 2nd method.

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