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Do you forget your mobile phone in your home and unable to find it? If you want to know how to find your iPhone without login into iCloud at home? Then here is the complete step by step guide for finding your iPhone without login into iCloud. Many times we forget our phones place after placing anywhere in our home. There are many ways of finding your iPhone, iPad and other Apple device using Apple’s own Find My iPhone in iCloud. But here We are going to discuss how to find your iPhone without logging into iCloud. iCloud is not a most convenient thing to do when you’ve got these other options to try out guide of another way to find your iPhone.

How to Find Your iPhone Without Logging into iCloud at Home

How to Find Your iPhone Without Logging into iCloud at Home

If you’re at your a friend’s house or somewhere else then it’s obviously not a safe for typing your password into an un-trusted device. With the alternative option below which help you to find your iPhone without login into iCloud. These options are not going to take so much long time and you can easily find your iPhone at your home or friend’s house. Even these methods are going to help you if you have lost your iPhone at other places. At the end of this article, I also mentioned the way to find your iPhone using iCloud.

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Methods for How to Find Your iPhone Without Logging into iCloud

Method 1:- Find iPhone using Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, it’s really easy to find your iPhone.  If they are still connected using Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi then you can find it easily.

Step:- 1

Swipe up from the bottom when you’re on your home screen to open the Control Center.

Step:- 2

Now, tap on the icon that looks like a ringing phone to ping your iPhone and make it beep loudly. You can also tap on the torch icon to make your iPhone’s LED flash brightly.

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That’s it, You have done and you can find your iPhone easily.

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Method 2:- Find Your iPhone Using Siri

If you have iPhone 6s or phones after it then you can find your iPhone using Siri. There is a phase “Hey Siri” which help you to find your phone.


After saying that phase you can active your phone either it is on low volume or in silent mode. Once your Siri has been activated there then you will listen semi-loudish tone once. if she can’t hear you right away, she might even say “Go ahead,” “Yes?” or something similar. She may ask you to repeat the words if she can’t hear you.

Siri is really, equals a good opportunity to find your iPhone under your bed or maybe even under your desk or other things. In our next article, we will discuss how to use “Hey Siri” hands-free on your iPhone.

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Method 3:- Find Your iPhone Using “Find My Friends”

If you are at your friends home or at other place and he/she is using find my friend app then you can find your iPhone with location. Well using this app you can’t ring, turn on flash or talking on the phone but it helps you determine what house your iPhone is currently in. But before using this feature you have to share your location indefinitely with whoever is using Find My Friends to help track you. You can share the location with your family, friend and relative. Using this application you can share the location with anyone.

‎Find My Friends
‎Find My Friends
Developer: Apple
Price: Free

Step:- 1

Open Find my Friend app and go to your profile by clicking on profile picture button. Now Enable “Share My Location.” Before that make sure that the location is being shared from “This Device” (under the “Share My Location From” setting), as there may be other devices (like an iPad) that are attached to the same iCloud account.

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Now, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to enable AirDrop from the Control Center. Time to make yourself discoverable to Everyone’, although the ‘Contacts Only’ option. It will show your contact information saved to it. From there you can send the request to them.


Tell them to click on “Add” or do it yourself (n FInd My Phone App) if you can get access to their phone.

Step:- 4

Now back to your phone and click on profile icon. Now choose “Share Indefinitely” to share your location to their iPhone for an unlimited amount of time.

Now you can access your friend phone location or your location. This one the best app for secretly track someone’s location using your iPhone. This app is already available for iOS 9 and earlier.

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Method 4:- Find Your iPhone using Flash Light

On your iPhone, there is an option for setup LED Flash Alerts on the notification. This is a good option when you love silence and want to know about the incoming alert. Even it is also good when you’re always misplacing your iPhone at your home. It’s probably a good idea to enable this feature unless you have an Apple Watch that can make the LED flash. ABout that previously I told you the step how to find your phone using Flashlight from Apple Watch.

How to set up LED flash alert on arrival of any notification

You can find this setting in the “Accessibility” options as “LED Flash for Alerts.” You just need to enable the option. Make sure it only works in Silent mode and for that, you have to enable “Flash on Silent” otherwise it will get flashes all time.

In the Method 1, I was discussed how it works. Here I have discussed how to enable it for working well and how it is beneficial for you.

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How to Find Your iPhone using iCloud

I am discussing this because, if the above options will not work well for you then it will help you to find your phone. Everyone should have an alternative option if you don’t have other Apple device or other things. You can use this method on any device which can access the internet connection.

Step:- 1

You have to visit and log in with your Apple ID and password, then click “Find iPhone.”

Step: 2

After that, a map will appear with all your online Apple devices. After appearing as green dots that you can click on that to see more details about the phone. If you want to see all apple devices locations then you can easily do this by clicking on “All Devices” at the top.

Step: 3

Now you have the list of your devices and from here you can see the location separately. You can also see the lost iPhone location by clicking on the green button (i button). After that just click on “Play Sound” (It work in the silent mode of your phone). If you have lost your phone then you can erase your data also.

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Closing Words

In this guide, I have mentioned the best methods for the finding your iPhone. If you have misplaced your iPhone at your home then these are going to help you. Now you don’t need to worry about anything which makes you fear about your phone. Apple Watch, Hey Siri, and LED alerts are the best option for finding your iPhone if you have misplaced your iPhone in the home. Well, remember these three (Apple Watch, Hey Siri, and LED alerts) are not going to help you in finding your iPhone if you have lost your phone other places like left in Bus, and another place. If you have lost your iPhone at other places then please use other methods like Find My Friends or using iCloud.

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