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Android P is the ninth upcoming major version of the Android operating system. Previously DP1 of Android Preview is limited for Google device only but after Google I/O 2018 they announced that the  Developer Preview 2 would be accessible to other devices, including the Essential Phone. Here you will get the list of phones, requirements and other, Android P Beta Devices. The Google focused on creating notch Android OS for notch phone but the truth is every phone is not coming with a notch and every app have to work perfectly on every phone (With Notch or Without Notch). So, they started developing and allowing developers to install, use and test the OS on the essential phone with notch and without notch. Here I am going discuss how to Install Android P Beta on your essential phone. But you should know many things before that.

How To Install Android P Beta on Your Phone

How To Install Android P Beta on Your Phone

Previously, Android P can be installed only on Google Pixel phones. In this guide, we will also discuss the features of Android P in new updates. After installing Android P beta on you essential phone. According to me, Google new operating system Android P is trying to make our phones less confusing and less stressful. In this guide, we are going to discuss how to install android P beta on your essential phones. Well, These steps are easy to install android P beta on your essential phone. Here is the instruction on their website for essential phone installation. Most interesting things about Android P is that the Android P was get named on many sweets in India. Whatever this guide helps you to install Android P beta on your essential phone.

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How to Install ADB & Fastboot on Your PC (Windows, Linux and MAC)

Before installing Android P you have to install two other things, ADB & Fastboot on Your PC. For installing ADB & Fastboot on Your PC there are multiples ways to install and here we are going to discuss one before installing. These steps are not going to heavy for because I will discuss the easy steps for that. Here I am going to discuss only one way to install ADB & Fastboot. Essential Developer also provides Flashing Instructions (link mentioned before).

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Step:- 1. Download Required files for (Windows, Mac & Linux)

In the first step, you have to download and install Android SDK Tools, which comes with ADB and Fastboot bundled.

1.1. Windows Installation

If you are using Windows then you don’t have to do so many things just double click on EXE file and follow the instructions. While installing when you see the Packages tools then make sure you have selected Android SDK Platform-tools and then click on Install Packaged.

Step:-1.1.2 File Location

Now go to the location where you have installed the setup such as the default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\ and make sure files have been installed.

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Step:- 1.1.2 ADB drivers

You need to download ADB drivers which helps you to interact new software to your device and you can download this from here.

1.2. Linux Installation

Step:-1.2.1 Extract .tgz file

Extract your downloaded file .tgz on your Linux system. Now open a terminal window and change directories to the /android-sdk-linux/tools/ folder that you just extracted.

Step:- 1.2.2 Launch SDK

Next, type android sdk to launch the SDK Manager, then make sure the Android SDK Platform-tools option is selected and click “Install.

Step:- 1.2.3 Download Driver

After that, you need to download driver can you can download it from here. After that make sure you are adding a slash (/) to the front of any ADB or Fastboot commands.

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1.3. Mac Installation

Step:- 1.3.1 ADB & Fastboot Commands

In mac, you also need to extract and open a command window whenever you want to send ADB or Fastboot commands.

Step:- 1.3.2 Launch SDK Installer

Now, open the android-sdk-macosx folder, then head to the tools folder inside of that. Next, double-click the android file to launch the SDK installer.

Step:- 1.3.3 Install

Android SDK Platform-tools will open and now click on Install. After that, just follow the prompts for installation, and click Accept when prompted about license agreements. After that make sure you are adding a slash (/) to the front of any ADB or Fastboot commands.

You have installed the ADB & Fastboot on Your PC easily. There are many other ways to install but this is simple and step by step guide with less required files.

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Step:- 2 Download the OTA File

Before downloading OTA File you have to fill the form and then they will allow you download the file. After filling and submitting the information you will get the 2 download links and you have to download first one Download (OTA). Now after that you need to move the ZIP file to the platform-tools folder inside of your ADB installation directory.


Step:- 3 Copy Downloaded file

If you are Windows users, this can usually be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools, it will vary if you are using a minimal ADB installer instead of the full Android SDK. After copied you need to keep open your windows explorer, because it will help you in next step.

Step:- 4 Open Command Prompt or Terminal Window

Before that copy the full location of the platform-tools folder which is still open. Then open a command prompt and terminal windows and type the command cd and paste the file location and hit the enter. Doesn’t matter which operating you are using because it works on every operating system.

Step:- 5 Enable Developer Mode for Enabling OEM Unlocking & USB Debugging

Now go to the Setting of your Android phone then About Phone and tap 4-5 times regular on Build number or MIUI Version. It helps you to enable developer mode. It will show you a message “You are now a developer.” Now again go to the setting then search for developer option or find the Developer Option your android phone and then enable OEM Unblocking and USB Debugging.

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Step:- 6 Connect Your Phone and Get ADB Up & Running

Using USB Cable connect your Essential PH-1 to your computer. Now type the following commands on your command prompt or terminal.

adb devices

After that, you will see a pop up on your Essential PH-1. Now tick the option Always allow from this computer on this message, then press OK.

If you are seeing any error then disconnect your phone and make sure you have enabled USB Debugging and OEM Unblocking. Then reconnect it again and do the task again.

Step:- 7 Unlock Bootloader

It allows you to manually flash the firmware of your device. But beware this step will automatically wipe your all data of your phone. If you have important data on your phone then backup it before that.

Now type the following command on your command prompt or terminal and hit the enter.

adb reboot bootloader

Your phone will restart, revealing a new screen with several lines of text. Now next again enter the following command.

fastboot flashing unlock

Using the volume rocker on your phone, navigate to “Yes,” then confirm using the power button.

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Step:- 8 Install Android P

Once your phone completes the task, restart it (if it didn’t automatically). Check to make sure ADB commands can be sent using the adb devices command again through typing following command.

adb reboot recovery

After that, you will see a new screen on your Android phone and using volume up and down button, you can go Apply update from ADB and then power button to confirm. Now go back on your computer, type adb sideload into the command prompt, then add a single space but don’t hit enter and drag and drop the OTA ZIP you downloaded in Step 2 into the command prompt window. And then it looks like following commands.

adb sideload <file location> <>

Now hit the enter button and wait until it shows you 100% and that just restart your phone and Android P will installed on your device.

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The Most Important Android P New Updates & Features

Google is updating many things in Android P and they recently added some new interesting updates. These are really awesome which makes users feel stressless. Even these updates are major updates you ever have been seen in your Android phone. I am going to add 4 new recent updates before you install Android P.

1.Fever Notification Irritation

If you keep swiping notifications of any app then it will show you a mute option for not showing notifications in the notification bar. But the biggest thing is how much it’s brawn up Do Not Disturb. Where DND allows you to set notifications don’t appear on-screen at all.

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2.App Usage Time Limit

If you are using any application for a long time and don’t know how much time you are going to spend on that app. Then, now Google is going to show you the how much time you spend on every app and even allows you to set time limits on how long you use them.

3.Screenshot Editing

In Android P, you’ll be able to edit and mark up screenshots after taking them, instead of having to jump over to another app. If you are MI user then they also allowing you to edit your screenshots without going to other applications.

4.Gesture Navigation

In Android P, Google will begin to transition over to a gesture-based control scheme. At first, you’ll just see the home button. You’ll swipe up to multitask. But you’ll also be able to swipe right to multitask. There’ll be a back button, but only when an app can actually use it.

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Closing Words

Here is the complete guide how to install Android P Beta on our Essential Phone. Even I also discuss the upcoming features of Android P. If you want to know the things How to install Android P, What you will get After installing Android P then here is a complete guide. Even I also discussed the requirements for installing Android P Beta on your essential Phones. With Android P Beta, you are going to enjoy many features which are mentioned here, but you to wait for the final build of this version.

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