How to Install Backtrack In Your Android Phone

As we discussed best OS previously for Ethical hacking, penetration and security research then there we also discussed Backtrack. Backtrack is specially designed for penetration testing and Ethical hacking. Backtrack is also famous for wifi hacking. Personally, I realize that it works in wifi hacking. Backtrack contains many tools for these kinds of tasks. Here we are discussing step by step guide on how to install backtrack in your Android phone.

Backtrack in Android

How to Install Backtrack In Your Android Phone

In this article, you are going to learn about the installation process of backtrack in your android device. Backtrack available with ARM Architecture which makes it possible to run backtrack on an ARM machine. As we know, Backtrack is higher rated and acclaimed Linux security distribution to date.

BackTrack is being used from few previous years and now best known the Operating system for network cracking and Penetration Testing. It is also known as the best operating system that can perform various network hacks with privacy. Backtrack mainly used for WIFI hacking, and you can use this operating in your Android phone also.

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This a big reason for becoming famous operating in the hacking world. It is superseded by Kali Linux. It provides user to easy access to a comprehensive and large collection of security-related tools ranging from the port scanner to security audit.

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Requirements for installing Backtrack on your Android Phone.

  1. A rooted Android device.[Root your Android device]
  2. Backtrack ARM [Download]
  3. BusyBox [Download]
  4. Android VNC [Download]
  5. Android terminal [Download]
  6. If you are using PC for extract file then use 7Zip or if you are using Zarachiever on your Android device.

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Steps for installing Backtrack in your Android Devices.

Before starting your task Extract, you BT5-GNOME-ARM.7z and copy BT5 from the folder and then past in your android device in the rooted directory. I am using SDCARD, and my directory is /sdcard if you are using phone space for this then your directory will change.

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Install Busybox, Android Terminal and Android VNC in your device.


Open first Busybox and wait until finish loading and then tap on Smart Install.

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Open Android Terminal and type the following commands

Sh bootbl

NOTE: – when you type Su command then it will ask you to grant superuser request then tap on the grant. If cd/sdcard/BT5 will not work then try cd/mnt/sdcard/BT5.


After these all type following commands:-

export USER=root

Now it will ask you to enter the password, enter your choice and press enter.


Now type these commands.

tightvncserver -geometry 1280×720

The terminal will create the localhost to connect to the VNC server. Now note the localhost postmarked red below and minimized the application.


Open Android VNC and type the following setting.

Nickname: BT5
Password: same password as entered in the terminal
Address: localhost
Port: 5906

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NOTE: – Before proceeding your task complete make sure about your Port no. It might be changed. So look carefully at your details before proceeding.

Closing Words

This is just a simple way to use Backtrack on your Android device. Here we used BT5-GENOME ARM for Android and these tasks you can also use another version of that OS or other OS like Kali Linux.

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