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How to iPhone & Android Screen Mirroring To PC via USB & WIFI


These days many android users want to do Android screen mirroring to PC with Android apps or without android apps. Creating a mirror of the android screen to PC helps you in many ways such as sharing files, photos, documents and other. Android screen mirroring to PC can be used using free android apps and paid android apps. But, In this article, we are going to mirroring the android screen to PC via USB. Using these methods you can easily project android screen on PC. Using this method you can also play PUBG Mobile on PC.

How to iPhone & Android Screen Mirroring To PC via USB & WIFI

However, the Android phone screen gets smaller for many peoples to view many things. Android screen mirroring To PC is one of the best solutions for many things such as for playing android games on PC and for many other purposes. Whatever the reason there is a common thing in all methods that the lag. There was a significant delay in the Android screen mirroring. In this article, we are going to read two methods which help us in android screen mirroring to PC via USB.

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Methods for Android Screen Mirroring To PC via USB

In these two methods, we are going to use some PC applications. Even there are many applications which screen mirroring to PC easily. But these android screen mirroring to PC via USB has some special features such as you can easily handle the things using keyboard and mouse, without touching your android phone. And you can cast android screen to PC via USB easily.

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Method 1. Android Screen Mirroring To PC via USB Using ADB and Scrcpy

Before going through the steps checkout some points for better understanding the things because we are going to use these tools.

ADB:- The Android Debug Bridge is a command line tool used by Android developers. It is used to communicate with an Android device from their PC. If you are not a developer then you can use this application to control your android phone. Even you can use this for testing application, copying files etc.

Scrcpy:- This open source application has been developed by Genymobile. It uses to emulate the mobile screen on the computer desktop. It creates the java server on a device to work easily. After running the server it broadcast the android screen on using ADB. It transmits the video in H.264 encoding.

Now let’s move to the steps for how to android screen mirroring to PC via USB.

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Step 1. Download and Install ADB

First, you need to download and extract the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) for windows. Extract the files where you can easily access the files such as in C Drive (C:\). For that first create a folder name adb (c:\adb\) and then extract.

Step 2. Download and install Scrcpy

Now time to download scrcpy and export it in ADB folder (c:\adb\). While downloading you will see there are the separate files for 36bit and 64 bit operating. You can download that if you want.

Step 3. Use Command Prompt

Open the command prompt and go to c:\adb\ directory. After that go to your phone.

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Step 4. Enable USB Debugging

Open setting on your phone then About Phone and after that tap 7 times on build number. After that, you will see a message that “You are now the developer“.

Now again go to the setting then find Developer options and after that tap on Developer options > Scroll to USB debugging > Turn USB Debugging ON.

Step 5. ‘adb devices’ CMD Command

After turning ON USB Debugging connect your android phone with USB and tap on ‘Allow USB debugging’. It will grant the permission because ADB required it to remotely run an application on the mobile device.

Now move to the command prompt and after c:\adb\ type adb devices. If the every worked perfectly then command prompt will so you the list of devices connected with serial no of the devices.

Again move to the Command Prompt and type scrcpy and hit the enter.

After that, you will get the high-resolution feed to your PC of the android screen and you can use it as your android screen. This one is best ways to Android screen mirroring To PC via USB. But the video part can be watched on PC, not the audio. Means while playing the video you can only watch the video and for audio, you have to move to your phone.

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Scrcpy For Mac and Linux

Yes, scrcpy is available for Mac and Linux but you have basic knowledge of terminal commands in Mac and Linux. If you want to use it on your Linux and mac then here is the link to download it. For installing and using it you can follow the steps which mentioned.

This one is the best method for Android screen mirroring To PC via USB. Now have a look at the next method which carries some third-party applications.

Method 2. Android Screen Mirroring To PC via USB Using Third Party Application.

In this method, you can not only connect your android phone screen using USB. You can also connect your android screen to PC via WIFI and after scanning QR Code. Well, in this method you can easily connect your android phone screen to PC but the applications which we are going to use not come with the full feature for free. You have to pay for somethings but they are really good for Android screen mirroring To PC.

Using these applications you can also do iPhone Screen Mirroring To PC via USB or wireless ways. These applications are capable with all devices but only used in Windows and Mac. Even using these applications you don’t need to touch your phone. You can use the mouse and keyboard for everything. If you want to do the live stream and your phone is not capable then these applications are best alternatives.

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1. ApowerMirror

This application helps you in iPhone and Android screen mirroring to PC via USB and WIFI. ApowerMirror allows you to take screenshots, screen recording, and other. you can absolutely employ keyboard and mouse to control your Android phone screen from PC. IT really works perfectly works while playing android games on PC without touching your phone. It has also best features than any other android emulators for Mac and Windows.

Step:- First install the ApowerMirror on your PC and after that install the same app on your Android phone or iPhone. Installing Android and iPhone apps is not required but if you face any problem in connecting through USB debugging then you can use it.



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2.  ApowerManager

This one is another best iPhone and Android screen mirroring to PC via USB and WIFI. ApowerManager has many advanced tools including files managers including music, videos, photos, contacts, messages and more. After you display your screen in full screen, you can freely play/pause, rotate left/right, save to local drive or copy to clipboard. Since this software is perfectly compatible with both Android and iOS systems.

The steps are almost the same as the previous one. Download ApowerManager from here.



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Closing Words of iPhone & Android Screen Mirroring To PC via USB & WIFI

These are the best and easy iPhone & Android Screen Mirroring To PC via USB & WIFI methods. There are many other ways to cast android screen to PC but these are the easy steps and best free apps to screen mirroring android to pc. You can use these methods in various ways such as debugging, app testing, playing games and others. If you have any issue regarding the steps, feel to ask us in the comment box. We will happy to help you. Even these are the best methods for playing PUBG Mobile on PC.

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