How to Market Your Video Game If Don’t Have Budget

There are plenty of video gaming titles and companies that produce them. Most of them have been around for years and know their way around games. This makes it extremely difficult for indie developers to put their games out in the open. Their games can be good but because of the marketing strategies of triple-A companies, those games wouldn’t even appear in the mainstream.

How to Market Your Video Game

How to Market Your Video Game If Don’t Have Budget

However, this doesn’t mean that indie developers should despair. This means that they should give their best when it comes to the promotion of their games. Naturally, there are other marketing strategies they can try out. In that regard here are a few suggestions:

Blogging as a Means of Marketing the Next Version of Blackjack Online, Hollow Knight or Another Indie Masterpiece

Each game marketing campaign starts with a website. This is something all game developers know. SO if you’re new in the business make sure your game has a website people can visit. What you should also add on your website is a blog so potential players can talk about your game. Having a blog on your site is good because you can attract new players and press, and increase your site’s traffic through SEO. Also, it will help you build out a fan base well before the game is released.

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Online casinos are masters at marketing and that’s evident from their popularity. If you visit one sight you’ll see that they’re offering one game in many variants. This means that there’s more than one version of blackjack online players can enjoy. Each version is explained in the beginner’s guide on the site. Moreover, players can talk about these versions at online casino forums and they can check out reviews of the versions on casino blogs.

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YouTube – The Ultimate Game Marketing Platform

The number of gaming channels on YouTube is growing every day. Famous YouTubers are playing all sorts of games online. These games aren’t always produced by a bigshot game developer. Markiplier is a YouTube star and he frequently plays indie games that his fans recommend. If you have a good game on offer then this might be the way to market it.

Another thing you can do is make a killer video of your game footage. Make sure to include amazing footage from your game, and an interesting soundtrack to make it even more amazing. After making your channel you can post this video. This will get the attention of some people and they might be your new fans. As time passes, the number of viewers will grow. You can also add that video on your social media channels so your marketing can have a better effect.

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Finally, you can always use YouTube’s advertising services to promote your game. By doing so, your promo video will be turned into an ad that people will watch before the video they clicked. This will increase the exposure your game gets and it might interest some people. The Game of Thrones browser game did the exact same thing.

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Video Game Marketing via EMail

Email marketing campaigns have proven successful for others and they can prove successful for indie developers. You can always go online and seek advice on making it more effective while you’re doing it. What you do is pick out some of the people on your website and contact them via email. You can offer them an early version of the game in exchange for their support. Some will decline your offer, but others might accept it. Also, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work out on the first try. Keep on trying and you’ll have a small number of supporters.

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Market Your Game on Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are your best bets when it comes to marketing your game. Your potential players are already on these platforms chatting to their friends or browsing aimlessly through posts. You can create an Instagram or Facebook page for your game and get their attention. Post the promo video and some pictures of character development to keep things interesting. With a little bit of luck, you’ll have a small fan base before the game’s official release.

Closing Words

These are the best and effective ways to market any product. Video games are really awesome thing these days. Whenever people get time then they want to play a match. So, if you have created a video game then don’t worry about how to market that and make it popular.

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