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PC gaming is an ever-evolving hobby. There are many new games coming out each month, and some of those push the limits of contemporary hardware, forcing computer manufacturers to create better and more efficient components. So, here I am going to discuss the how to Optimize PC for Gaming. This is also why PCs are better gaming platforms than consoles, because the former sees new improvements every year, while the latter are just static machines that eventually get replaced by their next-generation counterparts.

How to Optimize PC for Gaming

How to Optimize PC for Gaming

If you’re new to PC gaming or are considering getting into it, you may want to learn a few tips on optimizing your computer for gaming. Here are some of them. Well, this guide is really going to help you to optimize PC for gaming. In this guide, I am going to discuss some points which helps you to optimize any PC for gaming. These changes for optimizing your PC for gaming will make your PC better for gaming. These changes to optimize your PC for gaming also increase the performance of your PC.

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List of Things to Optimize PC for Gaming

#1. Build from Scratch to Optimize PC for Gaming

Gaming PCs are obviously better for gaming than non-gaming PCs. However, they’re also more expensive. A high-end gaming PC can easily amount to over two thousand bucks. If you already feel the pain in your pockets just by knowing that, one way you can mitigate the expense is by building your own gaming PC.

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Gaming packages cost more than the sum of their parts. Thus, buying individual components will be a more economical option. You also have the freedom to choose hardware components depending on your needs and preferences.

However, one common challenge preventing many gamers from creating their own PCs is the assembly. Components need to be compatible with the motherboard; otherwise, they won’t run at all. That’s why it’s always a must to do some research first before buying. If that seems daunting to you, you can also ask experts to help you build a gaming PC.

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#2 GPU Upgrade to Optimize PC for Gaming

If you only have a regular PC and can’t afford a gaming rig yet, you may just want to get a better GPU (graphics processing unit or simply known as a graphics card). Non-gaming PCs only have an integrated GPU, which, usually, is only powerful enough for low- to mid-spec video games.

A lot of games require a dedicated graphics card. Even if you have a decent machine with a powerful processor, your choices are limited to the type of GPU in your system. Adding a dedicated GPU to your PC can be a huge upgrade and can significantly expand your library of playable games.

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If you’re savvy enough, you can install two identical graphics cards on your motherboard if it supports them. It can require a bit of tweaking and some knowledge on Nvidia’s SLI or AMD’s Crossfire features, but two mid-range GPUs can be cheaper yet just as powerful as one high-end card.

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#3 Graphics Driver Update for Optimize PC for Gaming

Each PC hardware needs a device driver to operate. These are software that controls how their respective components act within the entire system. Most device drivers, like for the audio and the network cards, don’t need to be updated regularly. All except for graphics drivers.

It’s highly recommended that you update your graphics drivers to the latest, stable versions. Unlike other device drivers where updates are just simple bug fixes, graphics driver updates improve how your GPU runs games. Most updates even have a tweak specific to certain games, and manufacturers itemize those affected titles in their changelogs.

You can get updates for free from your GPU’s manufacturer’s website. They regularly release updates that are applicable even to older GPU models.

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#4 Maintenance of PC to Optimize PC for Gaming

Optimizing doesn’t end when you reach your performance goal. It also includes keeping your PC running at your targeted level for as long as possible.

PC performance degrades the longer you use it, especially when it’s overclocked (i.e., tweaking your PC to function beyond its factory settings). But if you keep your PC well-maintained, you can extend its peak performance past its normal lifespan.

In computer maintenance, there are two aspects: software and hardware. For the former, it’s basically cleaning your PC of viruses, clearing out unnecessary files, and updating programs to their stable and secure versions. (Emphasis on stable as some updates may introduce new bugs or open vulnerabilities in your system.)

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Hardware maintenance is more important as you can’t have a properly functioning PC if your components are faulty. Thus, get an air blower and, every month or two, blast away the dust in and on your machine to keep it clean and healthy.

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Closing Words

PC gaming is a hobby that requires dedication. But because it’s dynamic and constantly changing, you, as a gamer, will also grow with your passion. For example, optimizing a PC always needs research; thus, if you keep doing it, you’ll get to learn much and become more technical and capable. If you see it in a different perspective, optimizing your PC will also optimize your brain toward technology. You’ll have a sharper mind because of it.

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