How to remove shortcut virus from your PC?

Today the problem of shortcut virus increasing day by day and by that many problems rising for the users. They get the problem in using HDD, flash player, USB and many of us don’t know what to do with it, and underestimate it. Because it just a shortcut virus, but it may become worst because it multiple itself and turn your documents in shortcut files.

Remove shortcut virus

What is shortcut virus?

It is not a tough virus that delete your files and folder instantly, it slowly delete or hide your document it may come from your native system or by the secondary system.

When your insert flash drive, HDD, USB to infected device then it directly affect your device and then on when you connect it to your own pc it instantly install in your pc. Or the shortcut virus might be already present in the somewhere hidden in your pc, and while connecting messed up with the Flash drive or other secondary devices. May you download any executable application file from un-trusted third-party software and it already has contained that shortcut virus.

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Types of shortcut virus according to their effect.
  • Drive shortcut virus
  • Folder shortcut virus
  • File shortcut virus

We take you deeper that what are these and how much effect they can make with your Device.

1.Drive shortcut virus

As the name given drive shortcut virus, it creates a shortcut virus and it deletes the drive document. It not only affects secondary drive and external drive too. It is a virus that purely Trojan. When it affects your device it starts grouping your file and finally make shortcut in your drive. After the virus make the group and get affected the flash Drive than when you click it, a new window will open will may contain types of documents which you have before the shortcut virus, and that time malware execute which can do anything like looking on your pc, password and many more.

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2. Folder shortcut Virus

By the name it is said that it makes folder shortcut, so this is virus creates a shortcut of folder and files too. It doesn’t have too much efficiency but can still spread the executing to number of other folder where it can spy over your activities.

3. File shortcut virus

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This virus can make the program files these are least effective when it messed with the executable file. This virus do everything inside the device, it also rapidly multiplies itself once it executed.

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Here are some methods to remove shortcut virus:-

  1. Remove shortcut virus using CMD (command prompt).

Once your device get infected with the shortcut virus then you never get out of it easily, when even you create a document it directly convert it into shortcut virus.

You may remove it from your device for temporary period but it comes again and again. It is sort of compiler which command giving you the output.

Steps for removing shortcut virus using CMD .

  1. Plug your affected device
  2. Open start>Run (you can open by the hitting button win+r) in the run dialogue box type “cmd”.
  3. Copy below code & paste in cmd.


NOTE-  Takes it as a point that G letter code to your pen drive, G letter just as an example.

Here are some attribute you can use as cmd.

-H to unhide the entire file on flash drive.

-R to create the file in your pendrive

-S makes the entire file on your USB drive not to be part of system again.

-G is assumed USB drive letter. (You can change it according to your pendrive/external drive letter.)

Removing shortcut viruses from Registry.

Shortcut virus is just like a worm virus it multiplies quickly.

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This method is especially to identify the virus in registry, if it will be there remove it.

Steps to remove shortcut virus by registry.

  1. Open Task manager by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+ESC.
  2. Click on the process tab, find executable software if you find it. Select it and then click End process.
  3. Open Run dialogue box (win+R key) type regedit, this will open the registry editor.



Named “odwacamszas” right click on it and delete.


Note- it doesn’t matter that you will be get it every time, but when you find in between your registry is effect. Follow the steps if not found then skip the steps.

  1. Shortcut virus remover Application.

This is another powerful and effective application to remove your shortcut virus. Using the software is too easy to use. Follow the instruction and you have done all.

  1. Antivirus to remove shortcut virus.

Antivirus is best and easy option to removing the shortcut virus from your device, it is easy and safe of doing it.  An you won’t getting result of above method just download avast and set it as Boot scan, you can remove it malware in boot time.

  1. Fix folder and Trojorm Removal software that’s make it easy.

It is applications which automatically run and fixes the problem according to the needs. It also helps to fix the problem of external disks. Fix folder is simple visual Basic program the consist of single loop that find the entire problem and fix it, but the original file will be the same and name. Trojorm removal tool work of recovering also. Form the virus while Fix folder fixes work on actual shortcut of the device and turn into normal one.


Steps for removing shortcut virus using Trojorm Removal tools and Fix folder steps together.

  1. Copy the Trojorm Removal tools inside the infected drive and run it.
  2. Copy the Fix folder script of the infected drive, right click on it. Open the Notepad change letter to the infected driver’s letter save file and run it.

Note- if there is any problem after this process you can download any other antivirus that help you to delete the shortcut virus.

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