How to root your android device?

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How to root your device?

Many of people think that Rooting is just for the hardcore coders and hackers but this is not true, Millions of people are running rooted android devices. You can do many changes in your android device after rooting. Rooting is also helping you to improve your battery life. Rooting your android device many affect various things and they are:-

  1. Voiding your warranty:- There is most important thing for new android device buyers. Because when we talk like a human being, when never take risk in our new device. But the fact is, some manufacture or carries will use to rooting as an excuse to void warranty. So this you can avoid rooting your device. And unroot your device and manufacture won’t be able to tell if it’s rooted.
  2. Bricking:- you should do this work at your own risk. Generally rooting be a very safe process. Here you have to follow the instruction carefully. After this you can’t expect free warranty services for fix it. If you think it may be helpful for you then do a bit research first and see if others reported successful rooting your device. It also varies or depends on the way of rooting your device.
  3. Security:- Rooting breaks your normal security sandbox. Due to this Google refuses to support the Google wallet service for rooted device. It also varies or depends on the way of rooting your device.
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What is rooting?

As android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an android device gives access to administrator or supper user permission as on Linux sometimes root access compare to jailbreaking device running the Apple operating system. But there is fairly difference between rooting and jailberating. Rooting will allow you to access entire operating system and customize just about anything on your android device. Root will remove your entire restriction which is given by manufacture. Rooting helps you to remove boot ware, run a firewall and many more thing which are blocked by your carrier.

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Requirements for rooting:-

  1. Android device
  2. At least 50% of battery level.
  3. Fast wifi network.
  4. Download and install KingoRoot follow the steps for rooting.
  5. Download and install Purify



Launch “Kingoroot” and click on your click on “one click root”.


One click root


Wait for a few second. 100% result will appear on your screen or any other issue. I recommend you to use high speed internet connection.


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Rooting in process


Now your android is rooted. You will see a message on screen “Root succeeded”.


Device is rooted

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Now enjoy your rooted Device. Despite of all thing i recommended you to install one more application and that is Purify.


Download and install this app.


Boost your Device and it will show your running application and close it with force when it don’t need.


Boost your apps.

purifing your apps for unnecessary running in your device.


Purify your app

These tools are very helpful and more easiest tools for rooting your android device. There tools are not more time taking, easy to work, and also protect your device from unwanted or un-necessary behaviors of your device.

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How to unroot your device?

There is many ways to unroot your android device. One of them is using an application and other is manual unrooting. These steps are varying on your device. But generally using an application is for all. Otherwise you can research on unrooting of your device. Sometimes apps are not work properly then manual unrooting is helpful for you. Here is an application for unrooting your device. And that is SuperSu. This application is very helpful for rooting or unrooting android device. Here we how to unroot your device using this application. Let’s move to the steps of unrooting.


Download and install SuperSu application in your android device.


Go to clean up section and then press on full unroot.


Press on full unroot


A dialog box will appear with some instructions and with two options Cancel and Continue. Here you have to press on Continue to unroot and then your device will need to reboot to finish the process.


Press on Continue for unrooting your device

Now your unrooting process is completed. Sometimes rooting and unrooting process show some error then don’t get worried about that. Sometimes some application not allows rooting then you have to remove that application. This application works well so you don’t need to get worried or fear about that. Before uninstall that application do some research on that application. So rooting or unrooting your device is completed.

image source kingoroot
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