How to Run Lollipop Android OS in Windows 7,8 or 10

As we know Android is the most common and most used mobile operating system. Lollipop android is one of most common for all of us. Here is the good news for all android user, you can use your Android lollipop mobile operating system on your desktop or laptop. Use this operating in your PC with the help of some application. Not only lollipop you can use all version of Android operating on your PC also, above or similar 4.4.

Here is step by step guide available for installing lollipop android mobile OS in your windows PC. After installing lollipop you can do all things, which you can do on your android phone. You can ask the question here, why we use a mobile operating on my PC? So, the answer is you can do many of things like if you are a developer or become a developer then it will help or for testing your projects on android, so many of thing which you want in developing in android.

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Step for installing Lollipop android in your Windows PC

Look on requirements for Install Android lollipop 5.1  in your windows PC.

  • Oracle Virtual Box Installed in your windows PC or get here.
  • Android 5.1 x86 iso file get here.
  • Pre-installed windows operating on your PC.


Make sure you have all these things.
Open Oracle VM Virtual Box click on new –> next.
Enter Name “lollipop” type of operating chooses “Linux version” in next “Other Linux” then click Next.


Select memory size and click “next”–> ”next”.


Virtual Disk Wizard.
Click on next–> next–> next–> finish–> finish again.

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Click on Start–> then next and now browse the Android 5.1 ISO file from the drive and click next–> finish.


Select Installation – Install Android –x86 to hard disk.


Here need “create/modify partition” for continue installation.
In next step there is an option to choose yes or no, for do you want to use GPT? Basically, we need 2TB Hard disk, since we have a very small disk for Android 5.1 Lollipop installation. So we don’t need here.


Create Partition.
Go to “new” hit enter–> select Primary disc and hit enter.
Primary selections press enter two times.


Make a bootable disk.
Go to bootable and hit enter then write and press enter and type yes and press enter.
After finishing the task go to quit.


Now once again select the partition.
Select “sda1…” and press enter.


In file system select “ext3” and press enter.
Go to Skip by pressing and press enter, d the same thing in 2 times.


Next screen select “yes” and press enter and wait for completing the task.


At the next screen, you will see Android –x86 is installed successfully. Go to, Run Android –x86 and press OK.


Your lollipop Android OS will boot without any issue. Start mouse control inside, just click on mouse integration mouse icon VM and you should disable.

Closing Words

Here you see like the normal android phone you will start using your lollipop operating in PC easily. You should connect to the internet for registering your Google account in play store inside VM. Hope this guide will help you for installing lollipop Android on Virtual Box with windows 7,8 or 10. This method is also answered two important questions and that is “how to use apk files on PC?” and “how to play android games on PC?” and that is the good thing.

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