How to Unlock and access file with a cracked or broken screen of any android phone

Many peoples are using an android phone with touch screen and sometimes accidentally our touch phone screen broken or cracked after falling or and other reason. When it was damaged, then your phone is locked and you can’t access your files also. Many parts of the phone like the hardest part of our phone is not getting damaged, but the soft part of our phone is getting damaged like our screen. Sometimes a touch of our smartphone does not work properly also and then we can’t access your files and apps. We are not able to unlock our phone sometimes if touch is not working properly or screen will break. You can also unlock your android if you have forgotten lock. Here we mention the method for unlocking and access file with cracked or broken screen android phones.

After breaking the screen many people think that their phone is useless and they never access their files again through that phone. But it’s not true for forever. You can access your files and apps of your installed in your damaged phones with this guide in easy steps.How to Unlock and access file with a cracked or broken screen of any android phone

Note:-Many of these methods required some already installed app or USB debugging enabled before damaged.Whatever, these things are not possible so we have both methods. Because no body knows that what happen in the next hour.

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Unlock and Access files from cracked or broken screen of Android Phones.

Method 1. Using Android Device Manager

We all are using google account on our Android phones and our android phone is manage by the best online tool to get access to your phone. If your phone will lose, then it is also helpful and that is “Android device manager”. It will locate your phone if your location GPS is turned on.

Step 1.

First, visit Android Device Manager Website from your computer and Login with registered E-mail Id.

Step 2.

Here you will see the connected devices with your E-mail Id. If your GPS is on then you will also see your location.

How to Unlock and access file with a cracked or broken screen of any android phone

Android Device Manager

Step 3.

How to Unlock and access file with a cracked or broken screen of any android phone

New Lock Screen

You will see there is a button named as ‘Lock’. Click on that button and create your password with replacing locked password.

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If you want to make a call then you can give a massage as name and enter the Mobile No. on which you want to make a call.


Method 2. Using OTG Cable

Regarding this method, you need an OTG Cable and a Mouse. This method is easier than others. If you fulfil the requirement.How to Unlock and access file with a cracked or broken screen of any android phone


Connect OTG Cable with your phone and then connect Mouse with OTG Cable. Now drag and click using the left button of the mouse.

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Method 3. Using: – ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

This process is not familiar with Many Android Users so it is going to be complicated. In this Process, we are going to Command Prompt. If you are not familiar with its commands, then follow me with useful commands Commands will be highlighted in step by step process.

Note:-As told before some steps required special permission like USB Debugging should be enabled before the accident happened. Otherwise, you will not get success in this process.

Step 1.

First, download latest version android studio from here to get an SDK tool which you need for android debug bridge.

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Step 2.

Download necessary driver for your device which you need and you can download required drivers from the manufacture’s website. If your USB Drive Don’t deduct for next process.

Step 3.

Now, after installing go to ‘platform-tool’ path and press Shift+Right Click to open the menu and select open command prompt from anywhere and type this command. Sometimes you will have to find this path if ADB is not well configured.

cd c:/android/platform-tool

Step 4.

Connect your damaged device via USB Cable. Now type this command in the command prompt.

  • adb devices

Before entering the command make sure the device is powered on and if your device is not recognised properly then make sure for your phone drivers. Proper working of command will show you numbers in command prompt.

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Step 5.

In next step, you need to type these commands immediately after first.

  • adb shell input text 123456
  • shell input keyevent66

This command helps if your phone is locked with a pin and now next in the pattern and the command is

  • adb shell
  • cd /data/data/
  • sqlite3 settings.db
  • update system set value=0 where name='lock_pattern_autolock';
  • update system set value=0 where name='lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';
  • .quit
  • Exit
  • adb reboot

Sometimes this command does not work properly. But don’t worry, we have another option for that, and then use this command

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

In the both cases, your android phone will unlock and you will get access to your files and transfer them.

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Method 4. Using Android Control Program

This is also an amazing tool for unlocking the device and accessing the files. It’s easy to use, without any codes. Through this application, you can get access full access.

Step 1.

To start your task first download Android Control Program. And Install then connect your phone through the USB Cable.

How to Unlock and access file with a cracked or broken screen of any android phone

Android Control Program

Step 2.

This program will enable full control of your damaged phone with the keyboard and mouse of your computer. You can use this application for unlocking or accessing data.

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Method 5. Using Vysor

It is also an amazing extension which will allow you to access your screen damaged the android phone. You can be used in chrome as an extension. It is a simple view and control extension for your Android phone. You can visit its own website from here for knowing more about its function.

Video For Vysor

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Closing Word

These are the ways of unlocking your screen broken an android phone. These tools also allow you to access your files and application of your phone. An easy way to use your broken screen android is by using OTG with mouse and doesn’t carry any coding and don’t need to other system and downloading tools. The other methods need to enable debugging and need to follow the commands. Whatever these are the best ways of using your damaged screen phones. You can also use HDMI Cable to connect your phone with TV Or Monitor. These methods are going to help you in unlock the broken screen mobile phones.

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