IGTV – Revive Your Instagram Appeal With Vertical Videos


The vertical video fantasia ceases to stop. As people continue consuming content is a speedy, breezy and fragmented manner, the way to hold phones while watching a video has also changed. People mostly hold their phones vertically. What started due to people forgetting to switch on their tabs before filming, is now grossing billions and billions of views.

With over 25% higher click n pay for a vertical video, it’s mobile video’s future. Instagram joined the bandwagon with its Stories in 2016. IGTV followed suit in 2018 and it now allows brands and users to make long and permanent vertical videos on their channels. With its massive and expanding user base, IGTV is here to grow.

  • Fitting the vertical aspect ratio is your first step. If your video is larger than 9:16, you can still match the ratio to make sure your video features fully on mobiles.
  • Focus on leaving some space around the borders, which will retain texts and visuals.
  • The span of attention is also important. IGTV allows 1-hour videos. Upcoming uploads will have endless lengths. But it doesn’t mean you can make tedious videos. Try to make it short.
  • Graphic animations and leveraging Instagram stories are other viable ways.

Shooting vertical videos

You’ve limited options when you are shooting vertical videos. The first option is shooting it on your Smartphone. Most phones have 16:9 as screen aspect ratio, which is the same in Vimeo and YouTube.

  • So, the easiest way here is to hold your phone vertically and record a video. It will then have the same aspect ratio, blending perfectly with IGTV.
  • The second option is using your camera and rotating it at 90 degrees, creating a vertical angle. Although it produces a vertical video, you may need to some post-production to edit its aspect ratio.
  • You can also shoot a horizontal IGTV video on your camera or smartphone, and edit the same in post-production. You can software like iMovie, Filmora, or Premiere Pro.

Editing your vertical videos

A lot many people post videos consistently for stormlikes. If you’re in the race but don’t have the money to purchase the cutting-edge camera, there are cheaper alternatives.

  • You can edit a vertical video on the desktop. Start by downloading iMovie onto your Macintosh. Create an iMovie project and upload your video.
  • Make the 90 degrees rotation. Click the features crop button before rotating it either right or left.
  • Next, you can edit the video. It could be transitions, backgrounds, adding effects, titles, or other things.
  • You can also make and edit these videos on mobile.

Downloading and sharing

The first stage is to post a vertical image or video on IG without cropping.

  • Start by adding a clean background to form a square.  You can then post your video sans changing or cropping out anything.
  • You start by uploading a resizer tool. Then you have to download and share it.

After resizing your stuff, you download it and post it on IG. For those using a mobile phone, you’ll have to download the Kapwing mobile app.

Aashirvad Kumar: Aashirvad Kumar is Founder of Tele Trick Mania and SEO Executive at Optimize For SEO. He is blogging since 2016 on technology niche. He has experience of more than 5+ years in Digital Marketing. Specialization In SEO, SEM, SMM & Web Development.
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