Increase your RAM in android device with SD card.

As we all know that android is a mobile operating system. This is most famous operating system among us. Some of us don’t know about some features that can be modified as we want and as our device support. If our android device is rooted than we are able to do many changes in our android device. And increasing RAM in your android device is one of them. This task can be done without any hardware changes in your device. When I post How to increase ram in windows? Then believe me many of our readers personally message me how to increase RAM in android? There is good news for them, because time is up for wandering any where, it’s here.

Increase you Android Device RAM.

Increase you Android Device RAM.

Sometimes we need to increase RAM in our android device for increasing  work processing of our device which make faster. When we play high graphics games or running several apps at a time then it get slow down and we need to restart our phone. Increasing your RAM in android device mainly helpful for developers and game lovers.


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Increasing your RAM in android device

Requirements are:-

  1. Rooted android phone
  2. Sd card must be of 4 gb or higher ( Sd card should be of class 4 or higher)
  3. Sd card reader
  4. Mini tool partition or Easus partition master
  5. Link2SD android app installed in your phone

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Follow the steps for increasing your RAM in android phone


Download and install Mini tool partition in your windows pc. This will help you to create partition in your SD card.

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Open Mini tool partition and Right click on SD card or choose from menu and choose Create a partition (when you have space more than 4GB) or choose delete partition.


Delete your Partition

Warning:- At time of choosing delete option be careful! Because it will delete your entire data just like formatting your SD card.


After SD card formatting. Again Right click on it and select Create partition. It will create a new partition and file system should be FAT32.

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Create your Partition

Note:- If your SD card is less than 4GB then your file system should be FAT.


Set size for your partition as Primary. You must leave 1000 MB unallocated space and rest of these for partition and click OK.


Size For Create Partition


The 100 MB unallocated space which we left now time to locate, Again Right click on SD card and click on Create, Create as primary. Here file system should be Ext2. In this you don’t need to give space for unallocated size and click on OK.

1000 mb create

Create New Partition

Allocate size and Format of partition and click on OK.


Allocate size and File system


When all tasks are completed than click on Apply top right corner of Application. It will take time for completing this task.


Apply When Tasks are Completed

Tasks are completed in windows pc now moves to your android phone.



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Task in your Android Phone.


As previously told in requirement we need a application to install in your android device, and that is Link2sd. Download and install this application first. Its latest version is available but its cost is 99.9 rupees.




When you open that application it will ask to root your device. if your device will rooted than go ahead or if not than read how to root your android device?

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When you launch that application it will ask for the file system then here you have to select Ext2 as unallocated space been created in previous step than click on OK.

Select Ext2

Select Ext2



Link your Application to take Partition space.

Go to setting >> Apps >> chose an app then click on create link and ok.


General option with no root or no app required.


Don’t use live wallpaper apps, always use your normal wallpaper. It also affect our battery. When you start avoiding use of these kind of apps then you will see there is huge change in your android device performance.


Remove or uninstall unnecessary apps that you have been installing for single time and don’t use at all. If you don’t want to uninstall these apps then you will choose force to close, setting >> app >> click on app like Market live >> then force to close.

Note:- there should be some app which are boot ware. Then you should disable them.


These are two methods which helps you to increase your RAM in android device. These process are not time taking, it will complete in few minutes.

Personally i am telling you that, you should choose method 2 for increasing your RAM. Because, in this method you don’t need to follow long step or wandering any where.

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