Indian Government launched free AntiVirus for PCs & Mobile, Know the features

Now India is moving on digitalization (Digital India) and this the biggest turn in the IT sector. Previously India Govt. launched an app named BHIM for making the online payment and this app makes history with 7 million downloads in a few months. Now the Indian govt. launched free Antivirus application for securing our PCs and mobile phones. One of the most useful missions ever launched by the Govt. of India under the Digital India and Swach Bharat. Indian govt. has launched a specialized web called Bot Cleaning & Malware Analysis Center which is named as Cyber Swachata Kendra in India. This Project consumes RS 90 Crore over the period of five years to make sure that Indians are protected online. As of now 58 IPSs (Internet Service Provider) and 13 banks named come on board to use this system.

Indian Government launched free AntiVirus for PCs & Mobile, Know the features

Govt. of India Launched App

At the time of the inauguration of this center, IT Minister of India Ravi Shankar Prasad said “I would like ISPs to encourage their consumers to come on board, there is a free service available. Come and use it in the event some malware has sneaked into the system.”

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If we look back the previous two years then the cybersecurity incidents are increased in India and many attacks are happened or warned by attackers. The previous year’s news more than 1.1 crore web apps were hacked in India.

We can say that the Indian govt. has taken a good step on the cyber crime and making safe the people of India against cyber attacks. India govt. has approved to establish the NCCC (National Cyber Coordination Centre) with the budgets of 900 crores to monitor and handle the cyber attack in India.


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List of antivirus tools launched by Indian Govt.

  • USB Pratirodh

This application design for USB Protection. It will protect you from viruses which are come from the external devices like using External Hard Disk, Memory Cards and Pen drive. It Supportable in only Windows 7 and Windows 10.

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Indian Government launched free AntiVirus for PCs & Mobile, Know the features 1

USB Pratirodh

  • Features of USB Pratirodh

    1. Device Control:
      USB devices are uniquely identified. The user can add or remove the devices to the database. The user can bind one or more USB devices to be accessed using the enabled username. Any unauthorized new USB device cannot be accessed unless it is registered.
    2. User Authentication:
      If USB device gets plugged in, the user is asked to authenticate with username and password. An only authenticated user can access the device. If the user fails to authenticate, the user gets access denied message.
    3. Secure Storage:
      Data on the USB storage devices can be encrypted.
    4. Malware Detection:
      USB Pratirodh scans the plugged USB device for malware.

    Benefits of USB Pratirodh

    • USB device control with password protection
    • Data Encryption on USB devices
    • Autorun Protection and Malware Detection
    • Configurable read/write privilege protection
  • Download

    Windows 32-bit

    Windows 64-bit

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  • AppSamvid 

AppSamvid helps the user’s PC and laptop while installing the application. It uses for identifying genuine application at the time of installation. It supportable in only Windows 7,8 & 10 operating system.

Indian Government launched free AntiVirus for PCs & Mobile, Know the features 2


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  • Features AppSamvid

    1. Whitelists executable and Java files (.exe, .class, .war, .jar)
    2. Has Installation Mode:
      1. To allow updating of software
      2. To allow installation and/or uninstallation of software
    3. Folder Scan and File Scan option to add executable files to the database
    4. Password-based access to user interface
    5. Supports operating system updating via Microsoft Updates
    6. Bundled with heuristic malware engine to gain confidence on which files to whitelist
    7. Allows files to made as Trusted Updater
    8. Can identify potential update files to help the user find which files can be made as trusted updater(s)
  • Download AppSamvid

    • Windows-8 64-bit  Windows-7 32-bit  Windows-7 64-bit  Windows-10 32-bit  Windows-10 64-bit 

  • M-Kavach

It can use in mobile phones to protect from viruses which are harmful to our phones. It supportable in only Android Version 4.4, 5.0,5.1 and 6.x. This is the best tool launched by the Indian govt. to protect your mobile phones.

Indian Government launched free AntiVirus for PCs & Mobile, Know the features 3


  • Features M Kavach

    1. Restricted access to critical applications
    2. Hardware resource control in terms of access to WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera and MobileData
    3. Intimates unauthorized SIM changes to trusted mobile number through SMS
    4. Remote wipe of Contacts & Call-Logs using SMS
    5. Option to Factory Reset the device remotely using SMS
    6. Blocks unwanted Calls & SMS
    7. Easy backup & restore
    8. Protects against JavaScript Malware
  • Download M Kavach

    • Click here to download M-Kavach App

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  • Browser JSguard

It helps you in your browser Firefox and Chrome. It is specialized in detecting and cleaning malicious HTML & JAVA file in these two browsers.

  • For Firefox Web Browser here
  • For Google Chrome Web Browser here

Source: – Cyber Swachhta Kendra, The Economics Times

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Closing Words

These all apps are free and the biggest turn in the cyber crime. Because we are now talking about digitalization (making India digital) and we must focus on the security features of the digitalization. If you are investing your money and you are not safe then why you do that after all, it’s about money. Use these apps and fell free while doing your online job. These are the free government antivirus tools which help you in your phone and PC. Go for the best mobile and PC antivirus tools launched by the Indian govt.

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