How to install Windows in MAC using boot camp?

Many years ago Mac is just a different PC and Now we can use Windows and Linux also in Mac Osx. Here we can use two ways to install Windows 10 on Mac Osx. The First method is making a dual boot with boot camp and second using virtualization software such as VMware. Before installing another operating system you should know if you ever install Linux along with Windows, then you will see you can use only one operating system at a time. You don’t need to download boot camp for Mac, its inbuilt feature on MacBook. Installing windows without boot camp is not easy tasks you have to use VMWare for that. Why we don’t use boot camp when it is for free and easy to use. Here we are going to install WIndows in MAC using Boot Camp.

How to install windows in MAC using boot camp?

Windows OS in MacBook

What is a boot camp?

It is a Multiboot utility included with Apple’s Mac Osx that assists users in installing Microsoft Windows operating system on Intel-based Macintosh computer.

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This utility also installs Windows operating system control panel applet for selecting the Boot Camp helps users to create partitions of the disk if they have currently HFS+ primary partition and EFI system partition, and Mac Osx recovery partition. It doesn’t help users to install Linux and doesn’t provide the drive for it. Dual Boot with Linux possible only by creating a new disk partition. This is a simple definition of boot camp.


An Intel-Based MacBook (Not older than 2012).

Windows installation media (bootable CD or USB disk) image file (ISO) containing a 64-bit version of Windows 10 or later.

Make sure Osx your Mac Firewall and Boot Camp Assistant are up to date.

At least 30GB of free disk space on your startup drive to give Windows partition.

Note:- If you are using USB Drive Containing windows 10 ISO file then you will ask to format the partition, then you have to select Boot Camp partition then click on format.

In other cases, the correct partition will select and automatically formatted for you.

Install Windows In Mac Osx with these some easy steps.

Step 1

First, Make sure you have fulfilled your all requirements and then open the boot camp assistant from the utility folder in the application folder. Tick the following boxes: Create a Windows 10 install disk and install Windows 10.

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If You have already created a partition for your windows, then you can uncheck this option to speed up the process.

Step 2

In the next step, select your ISO file or USB drive and now insert your USB Drive and select file from download/stored place. Be sure before proceeding to the next step that you have backup your important data stored on it.

Step 3

Boot Camp will copy the Windows 10 ISO file via the Boot Camp assistant with all drives needed to run Windows to the USB stick. This process will take some time and it depends on the speed of your drive and your drive will become a Windows 10 boot disk.

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Step 4

The Next step is crucial here you need to partition your hard disk. This means how much space you want for your windows system. Minimum space required 30GB (I recommend). Here you need to use a third-party application for resizing your partition.

Step 5

After creating a partition of your drive Select the drive and click on the install button.

Your Mac will restart and boot the windows install from the USB drive. Go through the installer and install Windows on your Mac like installing Windows on another PC.

Step 6

When you will ask for where you want to install windows then select boot camp and click on format option and then click on continue. Now install Windows OS as you install on your other system.

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Warning: – please make sure that you are formatting right partition for installing Windows OS. You will wipe your Mac OSx system if you format the wrong partition. Don’t worry, you will reinstall your Mac OS. Read manual for installing or any error occurs while installing.

After finishing the installation normally the boot camp will appear for installing the hardware drivers and utilities which you will need in your windows system. You are free to remove the USB drive. Now you can format your USB drive if you don’t want to install Windows 10 in other Mac OS

How to Remove Windows OS from Mac?

If you decided not to continue with Windows OS in your MacBook then you can easily remove your from your MacBook with some easy steps.


Open Boot Camp Assistant again and there you will see the “Remove Windows 7 or later version” option. The Boot Camp Assistant will automatically remove Windows and expand the Mac Osx partition for you.

Warning:- During this task your all file will deleted from windows partition, so make a back copy of your all important files before starting the task.

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Closing Words

These are the way of installing windows on MacBook. While installing we should follow the precaution. When you installed windows then it will work fine, because the Hardware Provided by Apple is the same as you get on a typical Windows PC. Don’t get confused while installing you can contact the vendor for additional information. Because Apple doesn’t cover the risk of inherent the use of the Internet. Here we have discussed the use of Boot Camp including Steps to install WIndows in MAC.

If you have any issue regarding any steps in install WIndows in MAC using boot camp feel free to share with us.

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