Checkout – Another Interesting Feature From Instagram To Learn About

The e-commerce entrepreneurs will have now time to rejoice. Instagram is all set to open a whole new revenue stream, designed for your businesses in here. Well, for most of you out there, this development was not that big of a surprise.

In recent times, Instagram has just made various moves right towards becoming one ecommerce friendly platform. You can actually consider its product tagging feature along with the shop-able update designed for the IG Stories.

Feature From Instagram

Another Interesting Feature From Instagram To Learn About

There are so many ways in which this platform is already generating sales on social media, much easier and in leaps and bounds. Right now, things have changed and IG has its own way of approaching work now.

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It is not just helping the entrepreneurs to sell some more products by driving traffic to websites but also testing out new feature to help in becoming it fully fledged sales channel for the current e-commerce center. Within few days back, Instagram came up with its feature called Checkout. To learn a tad bit more about this feature, it is mandatory to log online at and get some impressive help now.

More about Checkout that you need to know:

Checkout will help IG users to procure from some of the selected brands without leaving the app ever again. Whenever users are actually tapping on product in brand’s shopping post, they are likely to come across a button called “Checkout.” You can log online to check out some of the best examples in this regard for your use.

  • Once you have tapped out on this button, users are likely to specify multiple options like size and color, based on the product you are working on.
  • After that, you can easily check out right from Instagram by just entering email, name, payment information, billing address and shipping address as well.
  • Here, the users are asked to just enter some of the information as asked for, only for the first time while making one purchase. The information will be saved in a secure manner, so that the next ever shopping experience will prove to be rather convenient in nature.
  • Another major benefit for you to consider in here will be that users can easily keep track of purchases they have already made. It will come up with the delivery notifications and shipping options, right inside IG app.
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These are some of the basic points that people will come across in terms of Instagram and its Checkout feature. However, there are some other features that you might care to address here. For those details, logging online will serve you right.

Advanced features to get in touch:

There are some of the advanced features you are likely to come across with Checkout feature. You can get along with the app first and learn its basics, before addressing its Checkout feature and aiming for the right help now.

Boost sales and more:

Through this Checkout option, you can boost the sales and then make shopping rather convenient for the customers out there. If you can satisfy customers, things will work out well for you. 

  • Even before Instagram announced its Checkout feature, FB released one major report on ways IG might boost brands and drive up sales. This report mainly stated that around 87% of people ha said that they have taken action after seeing the product information on IG.
  • Around 46% of those people actually made one purchase either offline or online. With the right introduction of IG checkout, you can see that around 46% of the figure rose higher. People are likely to be more inclined these days to purchase when they can do so right from IG, in place of having to navigate to a website.


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Checkout is further going beta testing:

Even to this date, Instagram Checkout is going some beta testing, right outside the USA. At present, this feature is in closed beta, which is collected with some of the selected businesses only and made available to people in the USA.

  • It means that the e-commerce business that you run will not be able to take any advantage of the IG checkout yet and that only the USA based IG users can purchase products straight from platform within short term.
  • Around 23 brands have been chosen by IG to be first to check out this all-new Checkout feature from IG. Some of the major brands invited to try it out are Burberry, Adidas, H&M, and Dior, MAC and Kylie Cosmetics and so much more.
  • Right over the next few weeks, some of the other brands apart from the names mentioned will just start to roll out the IG posts with the present Checkout feature. And then the USA IG users can start to purchase the items they want.
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Understanding if there is any limitation:

IG Checkout will prove to be one major tool for driving in some more sales. But just like with any other ecommerce tools, there are some factors that you might have to consider before diving right into this Checkout feature from Instagram first.

  • Right at first, Instagram is likely to take one cut from every sale that you get to make through Checkout feature. As this feature has just been announced, it is really hard to know how much that cut is going to be. So, whenever the IG is made available to all e-commerce businesses, you might want to find this answer first.
  • On the other hand, you cannot use the IG Checkout with IG ads. You just have the liberty to use the Checkout feature within posts on newsfeed and even in the IG Stories.

Privacy at your service:

As the privacy of IG and FB is coming into question, the owner of the company announced that the privacy will be shifting towards “privacy focused model.” Some customers might consider Checkout having some concerns over privacy and data issues. Right now, IG is assuring customers and their data and information will not be misused. It won’t share any information with brands using Checkout for selling products.

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