List of 5 Best Android Emulators for Windows & MAC.

Emulators are easiest and simple way to play Android games on PC or run the Android application on PC. After my previous post about how to play Android game in PC. Many peoples have still question that “Which are the best Android Emulators or Is they help to install all kind of games and applications.” If you still have questions like this then yes, you can play all kind of games and run all kind of applications. Most gamers want these kinds of emulators and these emulators are very helpful for playing games. There are lots of reasons to use the best Android emulators (Android Virtual Machine) in PC. We have mentioned one of them and mostly preferred reasons for using Android emulators.

List of 5 Best Android Emulators for Windows & MAC

List of 5 Best Android Emulators for Windows & MAC

In many cases, these best android emulators (Android Virtual Machine) are helpful so have a look on these best android emulators. Using these best android emulators, you don’t need any technical knowledge, and you can work quickly with these. Here we are also not saying that you have to choose your useful emulators which will work well for you. You will get here best Android emulators (Android Virtual Machine), and you can use anyone of them for your task. The reviews of these Android emulators are described well with their features. We don’t promise that you should read lots of line for deciding your best android emulator. Just read the reviews in some line with features and install in you PC with easy steps.

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List of Best Android Emulators for Windows & MAC

Let’s start with these Android emulators and get Android in PC. These all are the best Android emulators (Android Virtual Machine) for Windows 7, 8, & 10 and free to download. If you have MacBook and you want to run the Android emulators on Mac, then these are helpful for installing the Android application. If you want to run the Android application in your Windows PC or Macbook, here is the guide for that. This guide helps you to install the emulators in you PC easily and enjoys the Android games. If you have a question that how to run Android on Windows and MAC then here is the solution for that.

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Bluestacks 3

Bluestack is one of the best Android emulators (Android Virtual Machine) for installing Android applications. In our previous post How to play android games on PC?” We also discussed this best android emulator. Bluestack is also known as mainstream as all Android emulators. If you want to know how and why then there are several reasons for that. Some them I am going to explain Because this is first best android emulator which works well on Windows and MAC.

List of 5 Best Android Emulators for Windows & MAC


Many peoples are installing Emulators for playing Android games, and it works well. In 2017 Bluestack updated his Version with Bluestack 3, and it works well, and boots fast then previous. Even now it helps you to play several games at a single time or single game at several times. Overall now Bluestack is too good than previous, and it comes with new features. New Bluestack 3 is designed for gaming purpose and the performance of the application which is running. Some features are available in paid version.

Features of Bluestack 3

  • Designed for The Best Gaming Experience
  • Adjusts the resolution Automatically
  • Open multiple games and apps at the same time
  • BlueStacks 3’s built-in chat app for interact with friends
  • BlueStacks Select for developers
  • App Center for newest and popular app selection

Download Bluestack 3 from Here.

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Remix OS Player

Remix OS player is developed by Jide, and this is the only one emulator which works on the Marshmallow. This emulator is a new and fresh Android emulator with Marshmellow for free. Remix OS makes its platform for run Android applications. It makes a different environment like Windows or Linux operating which is too good for running any application and games. The previous year in 2016, We also reviewed about Remix OS and shows step by step guide on how to dual-boot Remix OS.

List of 5 Best Android Emulators for Windows & MAC

Remix OS Player

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If you don’t want to make dual them, you can install this android emulator as others. On remix or you can run many applications or at a single time and it works well. This OS player designed for gaming in PC with advance and new Android version Marshmallow. If you are the developer, then you can join their community on XDA, GitHub, and Google Group. Remix OS is a simple and easy way to play Android games or run Android app on your Windows or MAC. The demerit of this Android emulator is, it doesn’t work in AMD CPUs.

Features of Remix OS Player

  • Working on Marshmellow Android OS
  • Designed for Gamming purpose
  • Run multiple application at a single time or single application at several times
  • Features like and design like an OS
  • Completely free with developer space

Download Remix OS Player from Here.

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Andy is free and best android emulator (Android Virtual Machine) for PC which breaks the distance of using Android Phones apps on PC. The Andy is the simple and easy way to play Android games on PC without any barriers. It gives unlimited storage space for their users in MAC and Windows. In a short Andy is full Android UI application which helps you to run Android apps on your Windows & MAC. Andy Charges for only developer supports which helps the developers to customize Andy. The best thing in this emulator which I like most is, Andy gives you root access if you need. It doesn’t carry bugs, and the app is not heavy.

List of 5 Best Android Emulators for Windows & MAC


Features of Andy

  • Run Multiple apps in single time
  • Remote control facility while playing games
  • Give access to local File System
  • Multi-Touch support
  • Rung single game multiple times
  • Allows Desktop Push Notifications

Download Andy from Here.

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If you want to work on Jelly Beans, Kitkat, and lollipop then here is the emulator which supports these Android operating. If you want to download and use the MEmu emulator, then it is free and easy to download and work. Personally, we recommend this emulator for productivity apps it quite good for gaming. The MEmu have tons of apps and games which make it different from others. The best thing in this emulator which we like most is, It can run on both Chipsets AMD & Intel. If you are looking for these kinds of emulators which work good on both chipsets, then go for it.

List of 5 Best Android Emulators for Windows & MAC


Features of MEmu

  • Support various hardware configurations
  • Highest Performance
  • Multiples app in single time or single app multiple time
  • Best Experience while playing game with mouse keyboard and joystick
  • New release with fixing the bugs

Download MEmu from here.

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It mainly designs for playing android games which you want to run on your PC. While playing games, you can record the games and upload wherever you want. If you want to run much application in single time, then it doesn’t show you the error or work slowing. Only the bad side is buggy, and it still has an issue. Installing KoPlayer is so tough, and you can use this easily in your windows. KOPLAYER Android Emulator for PC support multiple accounts, video recording, gamepad & keyboard, and internal integrated Google Play store to compatible with all apps. Many apps & games are Running perfectly on KOPLAYER. If you want to use this android virtual emulator, then go for it. It is available for free for Windows.

List of 5 Best Android Emulators for Windows & MAC


Features of KoPlayer

  • Support multiple accounts, video recording, gamepad & keyboard, and internal integrated Google Play store
  • Supports in both CPUs Intel and AMD
  • Play multiple games single time

Download KoPlayer From Here.

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Closing Words

There are many other Best Android emulators (Android Virtual Machine), but we mentioned only a few of them. Because many peoples are get confused, and they start using one by one for finding the best one. So now start with few one and best Android emulators (Android Virtual Machine). We also talked about the best Android emulators for Mac. If you have Mac and want to use Android emulators, then go for that. However, we also discussed how they help you.

Now have a look on personal recommendation, If you are a game lover then I recommend to use Andy first, second Remix OS then others like Bluestack. If you want to install application for your task or messaging, then I recommend using Bluestack, MEmu & Droid4x Emulators. If you are on Mac then First I recommend using Andy, Droid4x, Bluestack then others. These are the best Android Emulators.

Feel free to tell us in the comment, which is your Favorite one or which is useful for you and how they are useful.

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