Lost Data Recovery From Memory Card with Stellar Data Recovery Service |

Lost your valuable data from memory card? Do not worry! With the help of Stellar SD card recovery Service, you can recover photos, music and video files lost from accidental deletion, corrupted, or formatting data from memory cards, SD cards, flash drives and digital cameras. The blog presents effective ways of data recovery please read on to know more. Memory card, as you know, is a compact data storage device generally used in mobile phone, digital camera, drone, and other gizmos that need a lightweight, compact, and sufficient memory.

Lost Data Recovery From Memory Card with Stellar Data Recovery Service |

Lost Data Recovery From Memory Card with Stellar Data Recovery Service |

The card can be connected to a computer using a card reader to transfer data, which can then be used for viewing, editing, or storing. Also, memory card needs emptying once it is full to give room to save further data because of its finite storage capacity.  In the process of transferring, formatting, or deleting, you might end up losing data from memory card. Even the card can fail without warning due to logical or physical damage, which leaves you in a panicky situation. Don’t worry, just try the effective troubleshooting methods and tips.

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The reasons for Memory Card Failure

The memory card is an electronic device can fail due to several reasons. Cognizance of these reasons can help you to prevent the chances of failure proactively. Few common ones are jotted below:

Logical Damage

  • Removing the memory card from the device or card reader when it is in use.
  • Directly removing the battery from the device (with attached memory card) without a proper shutdown.
  • Low or no battery power can result in the incomplete writing of data on to the memory card resulting in data loss.
  • Presence of malicious software such as the virus, which can corrupt file system and make memory card’s data inaccessible.
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Physical Damage

  • Accidental dropping of the memory card on to the fire, water, or ground can cause damage to its storage cells and internal circuitry.
  • Mishandling of memory card ensues in breaking, etching, or other physical damage.

Data recovery from physical damage to the memory card is rather difficult and beyond normal troubleshooting means. Few cases of physical damage can be tackled by data recovery experts for memory card recovery. But for the case of logical damage, basic troubleshooting action can be very helpful in memory SD card recovery.

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Troubleshooting Methods for Memory Card Data Recovery 

Try the following troubleshooting methods:

  1. If the card does not allow editing or saving of data then it must be write protected. Unlock the switch present on the side of the card to remove write protection.
  2. If the device is not reading the card then reconnect the card to check whether it is readable. If it fails then try connecting the card to another device or a computer via card reader; there is a chance that the card can be read.
  3. If the card is unreadable in a computer or needs formatting, then do not format the card instead use check disk command (chkdsk drive-letter: /f where “f” is the drive letter) to fix the issue.
  4. If the card has no drive letter assigned then assign a drive letter using the Disk Management utility.
  5. Use a data recovery software in case of formatting/corruption of memory card or accidental deletion of files and folders from the card as the best & easiest method to recover data from the logical damage of memory card.
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Tips for Memory Card Data Recovery 

Tip 1:

The foremost tip in the data recovery process is to stop using the card immediately after the data loss to avoid overwriting. The reason is old data cannot be recovered from the overwritten storage cells of the memory card by any means software or otherwise, so be cautious.

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Tip 2:

The second important tip to recover data from your memory card is to look for help from a professional data recovery service provider/ centre. The reason is inadequate know-how and experience for troubleshooting and recovery can exacerbate the recovery process.

Tip 3:

Always backup data from memory card to a computer as well as external backup drive to ensure guaranteed SD card recovery. Backup is the surest means for memory card recovery in all adverse data loss situation.

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Recovering lost data from memory card is easy via the methods presented in the blog. If the troubleshooting idea is not working in your case, beyond your level, or needs special treatment, then you, of course, can reach out to Stellar Data Recovery—the top-ranked data recovery service provider of India. They can recover data from all devices and their data loss situation.

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Stellar Data Recovery is an ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified organization specializing in services & software for data recovery, data migration & data erasure. Since 1993, Stellar has served more than 2 Million + customers globally across 190 countries. And have 15 branches across India. They have Class 100 Clean Room facility to recover data for physically damaged devices.

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At Stellar they assure you for accurate, timely, & confidential data recovery and works on “No Recovery, No Charge*” principle.

Stellar Data Recovery services are available to recover data from all types of storage devices. For more information about Stellar Data Recovery visit their official website or dial on their toll-free number 1800-102-3232

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