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Do you want to merge PDF file? Do you question about PDF files merging? Such as how to merge pdf files in MAC, Windows and other. Most of the time you heard that need to convert PDF file into Word file, merge jpg file to PDF, PDF to Word, PDF to Image, PDF to Jpg etc. Here I am going to induce you a best online tool to merge PDF files into various file formats. Using this online PDF merging tool you can easily edit PDF files. Using this PDF split and merge free online tools you can do lots of things. Visit for PDF splitting, PDF to Image, PDF to JPG, PDF to Word, Word to PDF, Image To PDF etc.

Merge PDF files

Free Online Tool to Merge PDF files

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Why do we need to merge PDF files?

Nowadays, PDF is increasingly becoming a popular file format for personal and business documents. Among a variety of features, PDF split and merge is probably one of the most significant functions which makes it helpful. Basically, there are two main reasons why we need to merge PDF files. These include:

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Archived documents

Those places like libraries might have a lot of electrically saved documents and files. This large number of separate components makes it difficult for them to manage and store. The best way to reduce the work and allow for easy searching is to merge related documents in groups. The same can also be true for personal purposes.

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Projects with many people involved

When you take part in a project with many people, there will be many documents that are submitted from different sources. For example, a new housing development proposal might include reports from builders, environmental agencies, architects, and engineers. By merging these PDF files, you will have a complete report to finish the project.

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What is PDF Merge Free?

As the name suggests, PDF Merge Free is a simple online service which is specially designed to allow you to merge your PDF files for free. Since it is a cloud-based platform, all you need to do is the internet connection to perform necessary tasks. With a simple and intuitive interface, everyone can use it easily without any issues. Just drag and drop your PDF documents and everything will be done as you expect. More importantly, it is a completely free tool so you do not have to worry about paying or registering for service.

Key features of This Free Online Tool to Merge PDF files

Here are some distinctive features that make PDF Merge Free a popular option for many people

Free online tool

Unlike many other tools that you find on the Internet which might cost you a lot of money to use, PDF Merge Free is a completely free tool. All you need is the internet connection to use this service.

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Handy and easy to use

This platform comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can perform every task just by dragging and dropping your files. With a few simple clicks, you can merge a large number of PDF documents.

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Safety service for your PDF

It is completely safe to use this service. When you upload your PDF documents, the platform will transform them through a securely encrypted process to ensure security. Also, all uploaded or processed files will be deleted after 15 minutes.

No need to register or download

You don’t have to register for an account or download into your computer to use. Instead, just visit the main page and use the service directly.

All-in-one PDF manager tool

In addition to merging, you can perform a variety of other tasks with your PDF files such as splitting, transforming from PDF to image, word, excel, and epub.

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How to merge PDF online with PDF Merge Free?

As said earlier, it is extremely simple to merge PDF online free with this platform even when you are not tech savvy. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

Step 1:- Drops files here or click to upload

Drag and your PDF document onto the main interface. Alternatively, you could select “Drops files here or click to upload” in the box and select your PDF document. Keep in mind that you can choose many files at the same time.

Step 2:- Order of PDF Document

Change the order of these PDF documents as you want in the merged file. All you need to do is hovering one PDF document and hold the left button of your mouse to move it down or up.

Step 3:- Upload and Merge

The next step is to select “Upload and Merge” and the platform will do the files uploading and the process of combining PDF documents.

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Step 4: Download Merge PDF File For Free

Wait for a couple of seconds until you get the download link on the main display. Just click on the link and you will get your merged PDF file.

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Overall, PDF Merge Free is a useful and simple application which can make it quicker and easier for you to merge your PDF files for free. With this great tool, you would easily combine a large number of documents at the same time within a few minutes. Just give PDF Merge Free a shot and we believe that you will be surprised at how much effort and time you would save when merging your PDF files.

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