Most Common CyberCrimes With Infographics, You Should Know

When it comes to the dark world of cybercrime, only a few major ones make the news. We are all aware of the downloading of images, music, and movies illegally, and most of us are guilty of doing this at some point, but what else is going on? It gets a lot worse than these relatively minor crimes. There are cybercrimes landing people in prison for a very long time.

Most Common CyberCrimes With Infographics, You should Know |

Most Common CyberCrimes With Infographics, You Should Know |

People all across the globe are using the internet to commit a whole host of serious crimes, some of which the public is not aware of.  You’ll be surprised when you learn about some cybercrimes, as you would never think that they existed!

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The Most Common CyberCrimes

Here are some of the world’s most common cybercrimes and the possible penalties which go right along with them.

  • Phishing Scams

Accessing a computer without prior authorization, or sending emails designed to steal people’s information is known as phishing. Commonly, these emails come from convincing looking addresses and look legitimate, fooling even the most internet savvy users into giving away personal information.

The practice of phishing scams can carry a long prison sentence, up to five years, depending on whether or not you are phishing for commercial gain. If you are spamming with the intent of stealing information, you could face a long time behind bars.

  • Blackmail & Extortion

Using the internet to make threats and cause damage with blackmail or the intent to extort somebody is a widely used tactic. There are plenty of horror stories where private images have been used to blackmail somebody with the threat of them being made public if the person does not do as asked.

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Intending to expose damaging information or images in exchange for money can lead to serious jail time or a huge fine.

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  • Virus Dissemination

This is a sneaky cybercrime which takes a piece of malware and places it on a user’s system, spreading it across other forms of software. A computer targeted by one of these attacks without proper virus protection or a quarantine process will very quickly be infected by a serious virus. Some viruses are smart enough even to bypass sophisticated anti-virus software, but luckily most of them can be detected even by a freeware anti-malware solution such as Avast. To make things worse, sometimes the virus is hard to get rid of since it hides ‘undisturbed’ in other pieces of software until you open them, and it takes hold of your computer again.

  • Non-Delivery of Goods

Most eBay sellers are honest, but some sell products with the intention of never delivering them. Devising schemes to defraud people of money by not delivering property which they have purchased is a huge crime which is more widespread than you think.

This is taken very seriously; if you are caught you can face up to 20 years in prison. Despite this, it is still something which happens from time to time, so it is always best to exercise caution when making purchases online and make sure you’re always following eBay’s guidelines to protect yourself.

  • Copyright Infringement

Infringing copyright for financial gain (such as torrenting movies and uploading them to your own website and earning ad revenue) falls under copyright infringement. This comes with more than a mere telling off, and the internet makes it so easy for people to become criminally liable for copyright infringement. By sharing as little as ten copies of a television show or movie can trigger five years in prison.

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Most of the time, social media hacking is intended as a joke, but it is not always perceived this way. We’ve all heard about the British man who went to prison for hacking Selena Gomez’s Facebook page and posting on it about hating Justin Bieber; he served some serious time for what was meant to be a harmless joke.

By hacking social media accounts, though, you can cause some serious harm by spreading malicious links, mislead social media users, or cause serious distress to the account owner. Also, with social commerce making social media a place to buy goods from brands, financial information is at risk when people start breaking into social media accounts.

Want to learn more about cybercrimes? Check out our infographic below, which is packed full of interesting facts and information.Most Common CyberCrimes With Infographics, You Should Know 1

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Closing Words

In this guide of the most common cybercrime, I try to give you the better and easily understandable things. Even if you want to know about the cybercrime and the things which are illegal to do then you should read this guide. I have also provided you examples and other things which make you understand easily. These are the best facts of cybercrime and the infographics help you to understand the thing. The infographics carry many things such as facts, history, recent news, types of cyber crimes and other.

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Warning: – This article is only for educational purpose. So, don’t try to harm another and don’t break the rules or laws and perform your tasks under your knowledge otherwise you breach the Cyber Law and you will have to face many problems. Tele Trick Mania doesn’t promote malicious and unethical practices.

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