5 Best List of Online Video Compressor Tools to Reduce Video Size For Free

In this tutorial of online video compressor, we are going to resize video online. You can also say that going to use video size converter online for compressing our video size without losing quality. In our previous article, I also described the best free video compressor software for Mac and Window. Compressing video online and offline have many differences. Using these compressors you can compress the videos on all platforms. These are also best online compressor for Android, Ios Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Reduce Video Size Online

Online Video Compressor Tools to Reduce Video Size

These compressors don’t need to install which helps you to compress video on every device. Video compressor software can compress your video offline where the online compressor needs an internet connection. But online video compressors are helpful for those who don’t have to compress video more than 10 minute or using website link. Many of them are the most used website and some of them are new websites which help you in compressing video online.

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List of Best Online Video Compressor For Free

Listed online video compressors are going to provide you free service which allows you to reduce video file size online and compress video file size without losing their quality. Listed online video compressor websites are accepts a wide range of video resolutions as input, including: 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K and other. They also accept the many formats, including AVI, MOV, DIVX, FLV, 3GP, MP4, and other.


This website converts and compresses your almost all file formats. Which mean you can compress your video files easily. You just need to select the file from your computer or you can also use the URL. It allows you to select the file format on which you have to convert the file.



The most interesting thing about this zamzar video compressor or converter is speed. You don’t have to spend too much time on converting videos. While converting the video it asks you for submitting email id where they will send you the email of converted video or other files.

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Videosmaller.com – Reduce Video File Size Online

VideoSmaller is a free web-based service that permits you to reduce video file size online, compress video file size while not losing the quality of the video. You will able to reduce video file size and build video file smaller. You can easily reduce the size of MP4 videos captured along with your Android phone or iPhone. Just need to choose the video file and click on the button “Upload Video”.


Videosmaller.com – Reduce Video File Size Online

it’s going to take some time depending on the video length. You can also compress the size of the video using video URL. Videosmaller also allows you to use low compression level, Scale video width and the removing audio from video features. Using this online video compressor you can also do so many things such as Increase MP3 Volume, Compress Videos, Online Audio Converter, Online Video Downloader, and Compress Images.


Clipchamp is another best online video compressor tool. But it’s not available for free in all way. If you going with its free version of service then it has some condition. While free using you can compress unlimited videos but with the watermark.



Well, after compressing the video you will get the real quality of the video with the watermark. Before compressing video you need to login to that platform. That one is the best platform as an online video compressor but you need to pay for many things. Whatever, this website also allows you to edit the video.

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Ezgif.com – Online Video Resizer

This tool has many advanced features including online video compressor. It will compress your video easily using URL or through uploading from your computer. This online video compressor tool can resize various video formats, including, WebM, mp4, MOV, Flv, and others.

Ezgif.com - Online Video Resizer

Ezgif.com – Online Video Resizer

Using this tool you can also convert video to gif, gif to mp4, rotate video, cut & crop video, and many other things. There are many things which can be done with your video. If you are looking for GIF Maker, GIF Optimizer, Image converter then this one is the best tool for you.

ACConvert – Convert Video Online

This online video compressor tool is a free and easy tool for converting video. This online video converter supports vast conversions include AVI to MP4, WMV to MP4, MOV to MP4, WebM to MP4, MP4 to GIF or MP4 to MKV etc.

Convert Video Online

ACConvert – Convert Video Online

For compressing video you have to select your video and then choose your format after that choose option and then click on convert. Using this tool you are not going to lose the quality of your video.

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Closing Words

These are one of the best tools for compressing video online. But all of them have some limitations and there is a reason. Even if you want to send WhatsApp video and that is large in size then these tools are going to help you with that. These online video compressor or video size reducing are the best answer for how to send large video file size through WhatsApp.

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