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How to open DMG File in Windows Operating?


If you find file DMG extension in your windows system and you don’t know what to do then this article is going to help you. Some people think that these files contain viruses but this is not true this is a disk image file which is mostly used in MAC OS. These files are not helpful for windows users. Now let’s move to next step and know more about that file extension and its uses. Here is step by step guide how to open DMG file in windows operating.

How to open DMG File in Windows Operating?

What is .dmg extension file?

Many of us are unknown about this file extension and we look this type of a virus or malware. But the truth is the .dmg file is not a virus or any type of malware. DMG file is a disk image which is mostly used in MAC OS and it works as an ISO file for windows. DMG files can mount in Apple MacBook as ISO file in windows operating. We can say DMG file is a disk image file which can use an Apple MacBook.

This disk image contains program installation file for Apple application but this can be used to compress files. As we can also use ISO file to compress our file. DMG and ISO both are the different files which can be used in their own environment.

NOTE:- DMG file is supported by newer version MAC OS X version 9.0 and older MAC OS support IMG file extension.

How to open DMG File in windows?

Despite all these things you can extract the .dmg file in your windows operating and you can use these if you need it.

There are many tools for extracting DMG files. But here we use 7-Zip and DMG Extractor. Both of these are free to download and use.

  1. DMG Extractor

It is free to use but up to 4 Gb of the file. To extract the bigger file you need to buy its professional version of this application. Using this application is very easy and free version allows 5 file to extract at a time.


Download and install an application and double click on the .dmg file.

Double click


And wait until the application is open and then click on extract and choose one of them which you want.  Here I choose first option to extract the file.

Extract file

  1. 7-zip

7-Zip is one of the amazing compressor tools and it is free to use with user-friendly tools.


Download and install in your windows pc and right click on the .dmg file.

Right click on .dmg file


Now go to 7-Zip and then extract the file and your task will start. Now you can see the files there which are compressed in your .dmg file.

file Extracting


These two are the best application and easy to use these tools. If you don’t want to download and want to compress it into an iso file then try this how to compress it into iso file and here you will see easy and you will get it easily in your hand.

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