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How to Set Your Privacy in Google Chrome & Choose The Data to Share with Google


How to Set Your Privacy in Google Chrome & Choose The Data to Share with Google.

Chrome is most uses and an inbuilt web browser for Android. In this guide, you are going read about the privacy in Google Chrome & choose the data which you want to share with Google.As you Chrome is available for all most all OS such as for iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. Google always tracks you when you are searching for something for showing interest-based ads and collecting data for user experience. But in this guide, I am going to explain how you can stop Google for getting your data from your android phone and iPhone. Even you are going to read the things how to set your privacy in google chrome and choose the data which you want to share with Google.

How to Set Your Privacy in Google Chrome & Choose The Data to Share with Google

Luckily, Google Chome is allowing you to control your data flow. You can easily set the privacy in Google Chrome setting and You can protect yourself from the Google’s watchful eyes. In this guide, I am going to share the step for Android and iPhone. If you have iPhone then you don’t need to worried about that how to set privacy in google chrome on an iPhone. This guide helps you to resolve Google Chrome privacy issue easily on your android phone and iPhone. Even it also helps you in removing privacy error in google chrome.

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Set Your Privacy in Google Chrome. (Android)

Step:- 1 Menu Button & Settings

Open Google Chrome and Tap on the Menu Button to the right of the address bar then select Settings.


Step:- 2 Choose to save

Here, you can set both Autofill and payments and Save passwords on or off if you do not want to Chrome will sync this data with Google. On the top of your setting, you will also see the name and Gmail address. If you can’t then log in to your Gmail account.

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Step:- 3 Sync

After login into your Gmail account click on your account and tap Sync at the top of Chrome’s settings. There You will see the Google Activity Control and after tapping on that, you will access your Web & App Activity such as web search, Google assistant etc.


Google Activity Control 

Step:- 4 Control Sync

Now for managing your Autofill, Bookmark and other data sync with Google can be controlled by Tapping on Sync Just under your Gmail account name and email. After Tapping on Sync you can easily manage your Data Type and choose which you want to Sync with Google.

Sync Setting

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Don’t Track in Google Chrome

Step:- 1 Settings

When you’re done in the Sync menu, tap your back button twice to head to the main Settings menu again and from here, select Privacy.

Setting & Privacy


These settings are mostly for optimizing your web surfing experience, but you can enable or disable options like Web page error suggestion and prediction, Security reports, Page pre-loading, and usage statistics. Even It’s not worth that Google states any information they gather here can’t be used to identify specific individuals.

Step:- 2 Do Not Track

Now you can choose Do Not Track option that, if enabled, prevents websites from collecting private data. This feature is far from perfect, however, as sites aren’t required to comply with Google, and can simply refuse to respond to your Do Not Track requests and continue tracking.

Do Not Track

Do Not Track On Off

Clear Browsing Data in Android

After setup, all things now time to clear browsing data from your browser including cookies. If you are doing this then it is the great idea to clean up your browsing history from time to time and it also helps you to protect your privacy and free up extra space.

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Step:- 1 Privacy

Go back and tap on Privacy then tap on Clear Browsing Data and you will see the two menus Basic and Advance.

Step:- 2 Basic & Advance option for Clear Browsing Data

In Basic, you can’t choose then things for clearing cookies and other. You are going to clear only Browsing History, Cookies and site data, and Chached image and file. You can choose the time duration for clear Data.

Clear Browsing Data- Basic

In Advance option, you can choose the things which you want to clear such as Saved passwords, Autofill data, Browsing History, Cookies and site data etc.

Clear Browsing Data -Advance

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Additional Privacy Settings in Google Chrome

In Android Google Chrome you will get additional settings that help you to get access to help keep your data more private.

Step:- 1 Site Settings

Tap on Site Settings within Chrome’s settings on Android & lets you configure various permissions like camera, microphone, and location access, in addition to managing cookies, popups, and ads for individual sites.

Site Setting

There is other feature Incognito mode which disables Chrome’s ability to track your data. You will get the access by tapping on the three-dot menu button and choosing New Incognito Tab from the menu. Keep in mind, however, that going to any site that requires you to log in with your credentials will blow your cover, so this method is only really recommended for general browsing.

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Set Your Privacy in Google Chrome. (iPhone)

If you are using iPhone then here are the steps for setup privacy in google chrome.

Step:- 1 Settings & Privacy

Open Chrome and tap on the three-dot menu button at the top-right, then select Settings. In Advance tab, you will find the Privacy option. According to the Android setting, iPhone chrome setting is simple and easy to handle. If you want to disable something such as autofill then you can disable both “Save Passwords” and “Autofill Forms” from the main page of setting.

Step:- 2 Choose Option for Sending Data

Now you will get the to several options such as Handoff that lets you easily switch between your Mac and iPhone, and toggle Search and Site Suggestions on or off. You can also set Send Usage Data to Never, Always, or Only on Wi-Fi, depending on your preference.

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Clear Browsing Data in iPhone

Step:- 1 Privacy & Browsing Data

You can Clear Browsing Data from Privacy or the History page within the main menu gives you the option to delete your browsing history, along with saved cookies, media files, passwords and autofill data as detailed in the Android section. But you can delete files delete files from specific timeframes as Android.  Well, Choose the things which you want to clear and tap on clear browsing data.

Closing Words

If you want to set up Set Your Privacy in Google Chrome & want to send data which you want to send to the google. If you have Android then here is the guide how you set up your privacy in google chrome. Even if you have iPhone then you don’t need to wander. Here is the step by step guide which helps you to set up your privacy in google chrome web browser. In this guide of setup privacy in google chrome on your Android and iPhone then this guide has step by step solution for you.

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