Reasons Not To Ignore SMS Marketing In This Modern World

There is probably no significant answer to irrelevant questions such as whether or not SMS marketing will work in this modern world but there are lots of reasons why you cannot afford to ignore SMS marketing in today’s business world.

SMS Marketing

Reasons Not To Ignore SMS Marketing

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Reason For Bulk SMS Marketing

Given the fact that everything in this modern world has gone digital, these are the basic reasons why you should take on and invest in free bulk SMS marketing.

    • This is supposed to be the most responsive and highly effective direct marketing channel available in these days that will provide you with the highest ROI. If you use bulk SMS as your way of communicating with your customers about an offer, you will be astonished at its positive results. According to the Mobile Marketing Association, in fact, SMS is found to be five times more responsive than the traditional direct mail campaigns. This is because the open rate to an e-mail is collapsing and the businesses are on the lookout for a newer, better and more innovative way of communicating.
    • It will not cost you too much and will fit in well within your budget for business marketing. The fact that the entire campaign is more cost effective as bulk SMS messages cost just a few pence for each text and the response rates of each is up to 15%, the return on your marketing investment will always be high.
    • It will also save a lot of your precious time that you can devote to other important areas of your business ensuring better service and more growth. Just take into account the time you spend on your phone while communicating with your clients or colleagues simply to get a simple piece of information across. The time lost is money lost apart from that fact that it is incredibly frustrating. When you use bulk SMS it will take only a fraction of that time of a phone call. This will cost you considerably less and add to your business profit as well.
    • When you use bulk SMS, you will also gain a lot of competitive edges if you adopt a proactive and positive SMS strategy and use a reliable SMS gateway. According to studies it is found that the number of companies using SMS service for their communication needs is still very low. Reports show that it is about 32% of businesses that use text in a meaningful way and 7 out of 10 retailers are still about to implement this feature in their marketing efforts. That means, If you start using it now there is a good chance that you will be doing something that your competitors are yet to do providing you with that extra edge.
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  • Lastly and perhaps most importantly, you will be saving the planet if you use bulk SMS. This is considered to be the green way of communicating as it is paperless and you must know how many trees are needed to make a single sheet of paper. You will save about 2.5 mature and fully grown trees if you save 10,000 pieces of A4 paper that your company may use to communicate with your customers. Therefore, SMS marketing is virtually carbon-free.

With all these benefits and reasons to use SMS for your marketing efforts, it will be nothing less than foolishness not to use it. If you are unsure about the ways to go about it, you can always take the help of a professional SMS marketing service.

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Features of SMS marketing

SMS has been around now for more than 25 years and it is due to its versatile and useful nature it has proved to be an integral part of all types of business marketing and sales plans. It has stood well to the test of time and it’s the most effective marketing tool in this modern world.

  • However, the story behind its success is very interesting. Back in the 1990s, SMS was considered to be a brand-new technology that was chiefly used by people to communicate with each other through their mobile phones. It did not need anyone to utter a single word but say thousands through SMS.
  • As the technology advanced rapidly in the next 25 years it has become an even more powerful tool and the most favorite one at it for the modern businesses. It has an exceptionally high use rate, open rate and response rate in comparison to email marketing making it more preferred by smart business owners.
  • These stats show that when you send a text message to your customer you can rest assured that it will read and there is an equally high chance of replying through the text to get in touch with you. The stats say that at least half of the recipients will, if not all, within the first three minutes after the text message is delivered to them.
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If you are wondering whether you as a business will get exactly what you want from them, the answer is s resounding yes. There are lots of customer stories that will tell you about the power of SMS marketing and how it helped the customers find a product or a service easily. On the other hand, the businesses will tell you how SMS marketing helped them to obtain more website traffic, clicks on the URL links, reviews, and how it affected their sales in a positive way.

Effective in today’s world

Now you may wonder how SMS works today. The stats will do the talking once again.

  • More than 97% of businesses use SMS marketing and says it works
  • It can be used for external communication for updates, surveys, sales
  • It can be used internally with employees or contractors
  • 6% of all retail sectors use SMS marketing and 12.2% of Healthcare and 9.8% of Marketing agencies use it as well.

Closing Words

Why does it work so well? It is because it has a great response rate, high open rate, it is customer-centric and an easy way to communicate. It will keep all your customers informed and it does cost you anything in terms of your direct marketing campaigns.

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