Tech Tricks for Saving Money as a Student

These days, technology is everywhere. You need it for school, you need it for social interaction, you need it for work. There is no escaping technology’s vice-tight grip on society. Yet, if you work smarter, not harder, you can put your tech to good use and save yourself some money. Students struggle to find the time and energy to get everything they need to get done, so save yourself some of that stress and save money using your beloved technology!

Saving Money

Tech Tricks for Saving Money as a Student

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Tip No. 1: Online Test Prep

If you are currently a college student, you might be looking ahead to graduate school. If so, you are likely one of the lucky individuals that get to take a test such as the MCAT, LSAT, GRE, or GMAT. These tests are notoriously expensive and have ridiculously high registration fees. Additionally, preparation materials can be quite pricey as well. Instead of dropping a large sum on printed prep materials, look to see what you can find for free on the internet. There are hundreds of GRE study guides, LSAT prep materials, and online MCAT practice tests available for free or for on the internet.

Tip No. 2: Skip the Bookstore for Books Next Semester

As if paying tuition doesn’t hurt your wallet enough, campus bookstores squeeze you out of hundreds of dollars for textbooks. This semester consider using Chegg. Chegg is a textbook-selling company where textbooks are listed for up to ninety percent off the retail price! Instead of shelling out $200 for your biology book next semester, use Chegg to save your hard-earned money.

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Tip No. 3: Apps covering the 3G’s: Gas, Groceries, and Groupon


If you commute to school or you travel a lot with your friends or with work, GasBuddy is an app that helps you find the cheapest gas around. GasBuddy is free on both the Apple and Android app stores. Even a few cents per gallon starts to add up over time!


Even if you have a meal plan, you cannot escape the need for groceries from time to time. There are several apps that you can download that will help you save money on groceries. Some apps help you find coupons while others give you cash back on your purchases. Additionally, many of these apps are free to download and use. Take a look at this list of apps before your next grocery shopping trip:


Groupon is the stuff of legends among moms, but how can it help the student population? Well, believe it or not, Groupon has a student discount program as well! Students get an additional 25% off local sales and deals for the first six months and then an extra 15% off for as long as you have a valid student email address. The student life is stressful enough, why not make treating yourself a bit more affordable?

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Tip No. 4: Posters, Photos, and Prime, oh my!


Whether you are holding an event for an extracurricular organization or you are presenting at an academic symposium, you will find yourself needing a professional looking poster at some point in your academic career. Instead of paying for a custom design or using paid software, use DesignCap

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As you go through college, you will make so many memories. For the important ones, using apps such as Shutterfly allows you to print large numbers of prints for your room, scrapbook, or bulletin board at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, Shutterfly has regular deals and sales on custom merchandise that would make perfect gifts for holidays or birthdays.


Amazon Prime can be an extremely helpful tool for college students. If your bookstore does not offer the supplies you need, you find yourself in search of a particular book that went out of stock in other venues, or you just want to treat yourself, Amazon Prime offers free two-day shipping as well as regular deals on eligible items.

Closing Words

One of the best kept secrets of the college world, however, is that student prime is 50% cheaper than regular prime and it comes with all the same benefits! Next time you find yourself window shopping online, consider getting Amazon Prime.

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