10 Things about Android Oreo vs Android Nougat

As we previously discussed the feature and the tricks of Android 8.0 Oreo. Now You are going to read the discussion about the Difference between Android Oreo vs Android Nougat. In this guide, we will tell you about many things which help you to know about the updates in Android Oreo.

In our previous article, we received the request to give more details about Android Oreo. So, we have decided to give you an update of the article by comparing the things Android Oreo vs Android Nougat. As you know Nougat gives us many interesting features which make our Android device completely different from the other versions of Android operating.

Android Oreo vs Android Nougat

Android Oreo vs Android Nougat

If we talk about the Nougat then it provides many things like dual screen, Easy notification panel, Navigation Bar etc. Here you will get the answer of various question like “What is Android O?”, “What’s new in Android O?”, and “What are the features of Android Oreo?“.

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One more important question will be rise there and I also received the messages regarding that “How to get Android O?”. The Google has launched now the developer version of the Android Oreo. The list of devices which received the latest Update for Android O has been mentioned in our previous article about Android 8.0 Oreo.

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Android Oreo vs Android Nougat

In Android Oreo, many things are simplified which help the users to work easily with notification, applications etc. In the previous version of Android operating, Android also simplify the many things but here you will see the updated and new features of Android Oreo. I would like to tell you that, the users who don’t have Google phones they are not able to receive the Developer version of Android Oreo. But if you want to test the Android Oreo then you can test them Via Android Studio. Android Studio allows you to install this Developer version.

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Android nougat comes with the Quick Reply of notifications. The Bundles of notifications comes from an app appear in one group. Where Android Oreo give you the notification from particular selected categories. For Eg:- if you have news application and you want to receive the notification from the Sports categories only then you can turn off the notification from other categories. We also discussed that in our previous Article.

2. Autofill

If you talk about the autofill then it means the things will be filled automatically in application or browsers. But when you look on the Android Nougat then there is not any alternative or direct method which will do that. Now, in Android Oreo, there are alternatives or default ways to auto fill. Have a look at our previous post regarding how autofill works.

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3. Connectivity features or Audio Quality

In Android Nougat you connect and play with Bluetooth easily. WiFi connectivity allows you to enter the password at the same place. Now Android Oreo carries fast and easy connectivity with Bluetooth audio codecs with L-DAC technology from Sony. Even you find the WIFI connectivity easily and connect them easily.

4. Easy Setting Page

In Android Nougat there things are categorized with many different tasks. When you look at the setting on Nougat then you will get the set menus are alone with their own task. But in Android Oreo, their settings are topic based like a Windows phone. Even here you can search the things which you can get it. In Android Oreo, you will get the things are in organized ways with the frequent searching tab.

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5. Picture in Picture

This feature is previously announced Android Nougat but only for Android TV and Now Android Oreo gives this opportunity for their Android Device user. This is an amazing feature which provided in Android O. Because this feature allows you to use many many apps at the same time. Looking forward to many more apps allowing Picture in Picture mode.

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6. Navigation Bar

In the previous version of Android operating you can customize the Navigation bar only through the Custom ROMs. But Android Oreo gives you the opportunity to customize your Navigation Bar easily. For using this you need to enable System UI tuner. Android O allows users to add Button in Navigation Bar. Even they can choose the place Right or left.

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7. Installing Apps from External Sources

This is the biggest change in Android Oreo because you have given permission to each and every application from where you want to install the application. This feature has not announced previously in any Any Android operating. Things are so simple, if you want to install any APK file from browser chrome then you have to allow that for installing the from the external source. According to me, this is the good thing as the purpose of security reasons. Users have to take one more little step for installing the application from external sources.

8. Battery Optimization

This is the most important step taken from the Google in Android o. Because many android users are complaining that apps and other things are dragging their battery backup. In Android Nougat, Google has also focused in that and introduced the Doze feature in their previous operating Marshmellow. It restricts the background app but we are not sure about the that. Because we are on developer preview and we hope it works well as Google is telling.

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9. Adaptive Icons

Using this feature develops can make different shapes of icons for different types of devices. This feature is not available for Android Nougat. Suppose if any users need an icon of Samsung Galaxy in his Pixel phone then he can change the looks but it based on a mask selected by the device. Basically, any app that supports Adaptive Icons will be able to adapt it’s icon to the theme selected by the user. Suppose if you’re using a theme with rounded icons than all the icons on your device will be displayed as round icons.

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10. Built- in File explorer and cleaner

In the Android Oreo, you will get its own built-in file manager feature. Android O has its own icon in the App Drawer. Android nougat has simply the every thing in his file manager tool. If you have downloaded any thing then there is a tab named download where you can get your things easily. We can Android Nougat has categories based file manager with its built in junk cleaner tool.

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Closing Words

As previously we promised that we will come back with some other details of Android O. Now we have completed our work. Many peoples are messages us and comment us to give the details of this Android Operating. Now here are the features by comparing from the Android Nougat. As you can see there are many major changes happens in this Android operating. Even Google has added many security features and tries to remove the many demerits of Android operating which has been received from previous Android Operating. We try to cover many things by compression of Android Nougat.

This is not the end there are many other things which are different from other Android Operating. If you have any queries feel free to ask in the comment.

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