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Tips to Boost Your Android Battery life |


Many of the smart phone’s batteries were not last for even some of them shows too bad effect because of having those large up screen and that application, leads to drains of your battery but there are too many hidden features you can use to make your battery longer, See how you can. First, we see how you battery work let’s start with background every smartphone have lithium-ion and lithium polymer battery and they don’t have any memory if you charge 100 or less it doesn’t matter. Try these methods for increasing your battery life.

Tips to boost your Android Battery life

These batteries were suffering from low voltage so it’s better to charge partially at 20% fully charge or drain your battery. It good to do that for doing that you can increase your battery life.

To our chagrin, most flagship device which was released in 2016 and they don’t have removable batteries. Else you have 3000 mAH of battery but still, you know some tips to take the advantage. These are some tricks below you must know.

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Black wallpaper can increase battery life.

Many of the phones use the dark background colour. Black wallpaper can increases battery life, so you can set dark wallpaper because black wallpaper illuminates the colour pixels. So if the more dark pixels you have less power to light them.

You can get the dark wallpaper picture from Google and follow the steps.


  1. Save the picture
  2. Go to the setting
  3. Then display
  4. From there you find wallpaper option, tap chooses wallpaper what you want.
  5. Hit to set wallpaper for the lock screen.



[appbox googleplay com.doze.app]

The awesome feature comes popularly know doze. Which help out for your battery, it has the different type of the feature that was so helpful. It automatically allows your device to go into the Hibernate mode when there was no use of the device.

This means when there was no need o your phone sleep. May loose of your battery, except the simple one without DOZE.  It also helps you to get the managing of application and exit them.

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TURN off the Google hot words.

Sometimes the Google listing application is good but every time its activation can give bad effect on the battery, you must shut down it when not or use.

For doing that follow the steps:-

  1. Go into Google setting from application Drawn and hit on voice leading.
  2. Then select OK Google detection.

Yu got the best option for battery life, to unpack all boxes, click on Google application to increases when you are using Google application.

Don’t let your application get out of date.

You must update your application before it gets out of time so that’s why you get daily update for getting the new feature and phone many of this help to optimise your battery, you must delete the unused application because they also chew your RAM and battery.

When you are confirmed that your update you can go with optimises battery this can be done easily.

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For that follow the steps

  1. Go to the setting and tap battery.
  2. Hit menu button.
  3. Go to the battery optimizer.
  4. You see which is optimised or not.

Never use Auto-Brightness.

You never use auto-brightness because the brightness which is reflected by phone is more than that what you need. It’s better to set the brightness manually what you like to. It is also the best way to save your battery life because the screen itself a greater battery taking things.

To do that works with brightness follow the steps.

  1. Go to the quick setting.
  2. There you see the Auto with a box check and uncheck.
  3. Uncheck the box and your auto will be off.

Many of the device you also follow these steps.

  1. Go to the setting.
  2. Tap on display.
  3. There you can see Brightness levels.
  4. There you find the auto setting.

Turn off the vibrate.

Shutdown the vibrate mode, until you need it for getting alerts. It takes a higher power to vibrate your phone but at that place it takes less in ring sometimes it effect the hardware of phone.

Set your ‘sleep’ sechudle.

Sleep mode is important for blocking mode to switch of wireless connection, it also help you to close the vibration mod and other unused things. You must set you device to Airplane mode when there is no use work till many have can use the application for the following things prescribe to use IFTT.

Never get on these widgets.

Quit widgets which you never need to do when they were connected to the internet many are there if you kept many of the widgets on screen the merits or say demerit. They are updating, you are just creating your battery just do a favour just hit application when you need.
When you kept a loaded of unless widgets in your device. Then you not to do more just long press and drag to the trash bin at the top upper of the screen.

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Less get on the auto-sync trap.

must turn off the sync for every application which are on your smartphones you must close sync for all the application. Because it chews your battery level too much and there.

For doing that follow these steps

  1. Go to setting.
  2. Google account.
  3. Turn off the auto-sync for all the application.

There are many tricks you can use to speed up your battery life these are some simple but effective tricks you can get more and if you want to share more about the trick you can hit comment with that.

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