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Top 10 Best Application For Every Android User Must Have


When you new user of any device then you look for where to start. When it comes to Android user things get very difficult in selecting the Android application. If you are old Google fan then you know it has all things in it same for the Android. For downloading any application for your Android device GOOGLE PLAY is one of the best choices. Here we are providing you list application for every Android user which every Android user should use.

In this article, I have wish list some top and best application for the Android user to start with. If you visit GOOGLE PLAY, then you get millions of application and looking for each and everyone is impossible. But for your comfort, I share some of the top application with you using.

Best Application For Every Android User Must Have

You do not get all the application in the list which you want because as I already admit that there are thousands of the application and not any can explain each and every one of the application. When you install all the application which I wish list then you get all the similar application for your Android device.
Downloading this application and working with them is just starting. You get more application when you search for more application according to your needs. If you are comics fan then you go for ComiXology similar if you are fitness freak go for fitness application.

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Whenever the user selecting their application there must go for the application security. While downloading you must watch for the review given to that application. Like you go for photo editing application then the Picsart is one of the best ever application in the editing industries.

As you know Android is becoming more powerful day by day so you can even stream TV and movies and make your life entertain. Netflix helps you to deal with the original application it’s a wide range of exciting selection. What many of the users left is the security of their device you must go for the antivirus.

For your comfort, I wish to list these applications for newly android users.

List of Best Application For Every Android User.

AVG is one of the best antiviruses for your Android device websites totally free and user-friendly so you can easily use it. It gives lots of more feature and secures your data from malware and other threats.


If you enable your location service then you get the all location of the maps in your application and it directly connects to the Google. It includes the many of the other protection like protection while surfing, clear cache, free up memory, clear and wipe out your application and even lock screen.


This is one of the best application liked by every user, it helps to recover your data. You can backup message, contacts, call logs. If you have installed the application having the SD card in your device. You can get all the data by selecting the restore manually function.

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Facebook is one of the official websites of an android device which helps you get to connect with the friends all over the world. Through this application, you can message, real-time chat and even do video chat with your friends over the globe. This application allows you to get update status and photos, it syncs you all Phones contacts with Facebook data. Like Tele Trick Mania


Twitter is one of the best Android application for the updating status instantly and you can even have the update of the other people easily while following them. There are many options in the application like Tweet, Retweet, Photo and link sharing. Follow Tele Trick Mania.



Little photo is the android application in which you can add film and effect too. This is the application in which all the effect is much more which you can customise the photo. In this application, you can add your own filter and name those.

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Little Photo

This is also one of the popular application in the Android which allows you to take the picture and edit with the filter feature and other different effect and leads to you share the picture with Instagram users. The Tilt and shift effect of this application has liked by many of the users all over the globe.


Zedge is an Android application mainly use for downloading Photo, Wallpaper, Ringtones, Notification sound, Live wallpaper and much more. From TELE TRICK MANIA  experience this is one of the best application for this stuff. There are 8 million free items were available in this application. You can take review before downloading the items. You can upload your application in this while signing into the edge.


GO Launcher is one of the best launchers in all above. You can optimise and customise your device with this. There is thousands of paid and free theme, similar plugin, widget available in this.

Go Launcher

The application used to extend your battery life it is one of the best effective application.similar to the other battery saver but it has other best function. It is user-friendly which make it like by more user. The battery saving function can be enabled and disable by this application, It helps in disabling unwanted and can close the background data uses.

Battery Defender

    This is one of the applications which allow surfing the stuff all over the internet. It is so fast that it can download the things very easily, browser even can add other downloading speed to the downloading list. You need to install the voice controller to control voice control. It also allows you to cloud acceleration to load your web page immediately.

    Uc Browser

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    Closing Words

    If you are wandering for application for your android phone then here is the list of application which can be used. These applications are also helpful for iPhone user or we can must application of iPhone. Many of these are also important for students. Amazing things about that application is these are the most famous application among Android users. Without spending time get to install these applications on your Android phone which are going to help you from many things. Android user who wants to protect them from threads and continue enjoying other application then you should go for the first antivirus tools.

    Ritik Sharma: Ritik Sharma is tech lover and he enjoys writing about latest gadgets, apps, software and various useful interesting tips & tricks and many more about technology. He loves to describes about useful tools which make your task easy.

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    • no need to have antivirus apps in android because android is based on linux and there is no viruses in linux ! and there is no need to have applications like batery saver or memory/cache cleaners etc. because modern smartphones have built-in quality of these managements !

      • First of all thanks for your valuable comment.
        Yes, you are right there is no need of antivirus in Android phone. But few of us are using rooted android phone and there might be the possibility of attacking by threads, by malware or for web protection. So we need to use antivirus tools.

    • 1st There is no need for antivirus on Android.

      2nd Snapchat Nikal de bhai is list se.................

      • First,
        Yes, you are right there is no need of antivirus in Android phone because it is based on Linux. But few of us are using rooted android phone and there might be the possibility of attacking by threads, by malware or for web protection. So we need to use antivirus tools.

        Second, We don't mention about Snapchat.

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