Top 11 Best camera application to make your Photo better

The camera is one of the important devices in the smartphones which give the another level to the phone. Nowadays people were getting the smartphones on the basis of the camera that how good it is. Because each user wants to feel like a photographer while snapping the picture.

Many of the users want to take the best camera smartphone rather than the Digital camera. List of applications which have different tools and has another level of snapping the picture. The experience will enhance and snapping of the picture at night. Types of application have the types of filters, emoji, stickers which allow you to enjoy it. So, here we are with best camera application to make your photo better.

Best Camera Application -tele trick mania

Best Camera Application

Some of the camera application is too good that it works same as the DSLR which help you to get the better photo snap. But if you are looking for the DSLR feature your device also have the hardware feature in your device. Some of the camera applications need to purchase their additional features.

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These Best Camera applications to make your photo better is easily available in android, windows phone, and iPhone. Camera applications help you to make your picture like a picture is clicked by the DSLR. Here I explain some of the camera application which helps you to feel like a professional photographer. If you are looking for more feature then you have to pay for that.

If you are looking for best camera application for android, best camera application for iPhone and best camera application for windows phone then here is the list of camera applications. Many time your comparison about the camera quality with other but no one look at these best camera applications for making their picture best.

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List of the best camera application to make your photo better.

BestMeSelfie Camera is the camera application which is made for the those who love to take selfies and photos. This software has the 125 filters, emoji, stickers and much more to make the user feel like a pro. This is the application which makes your photos to look good if you a lover of sharing the pics on social media. The developer was upgrading the for the stickers and filters for the videos too, which makes the things more attractive. The things were getting in the market soon keep the eyes on the updates. The best part of this camera application is its free of cost and user-friendly which makes it’s all good for the users.

Top 11 Best camera application to make your Photo better 1

Best Selfie Camera

For Android here

For iPhone here

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Retrica is one of the simple and good applications in all of the camera application anyone can work with it. The filter was added in the real time to your pics. There are 100 of the filters available in this camera application you can choose any of them. It also gives you the blur effect to your photo and the borders to your picture. Retrica even allows you to take the picture in collage form, there is the sharing option in the software which allows you to share the taken pics to the social media. Users those who want the instant sharing of the photos the application were best for them. You can even see the live edit your pics, and there were 10000 of download and have the 4.5 stars in the play store.

Retrica -tele trick mania


  • Google camera Application

Google camera application is the best of all them. it offers clean and convenient interfaces. It comes with some of the best settings and has the Panorama setting with it. which follow the dot set in and work on it. It is the lens which allows you to blur the photo and have the autofocus which allows you to get the user to feel like professional. If you like the DSLR photo and want to make your photo look like that you must go for this camera application for that.

Google Camera -tele trick mania

Google Camera

Camera 360 camera application is one of the leading application which comes with lots of new features filter and much more, The best part of this camera application is that it uses camera lens to enhance the photo. you can fill filter after and before of taking the picture. This camera application gives you some of the top filter and best filter to apply in photos. Filters make the photo more attractive and more good for the users.

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Camera 360 -tele trick mania

Camera 360


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For Android here

Here iPhone here

  • A Better Camera

This is the camera which name describe all thing. This is the standard application which is pre-installed in the Vanilla devices. The better the camera the better the feature which has the sequence shots, group portrait. The best part of the camera which liked by many of the use is that you can remove unwanted object from the camera at the time of taking a picture. focus point is also different in this you can focus in a different position and get the better picture.

A better Camera -tele trick mania

A Better Camera

This camera application comes with different high functions and even you can record the video in the HDR functions. But if you want some of the features is work good you must purchase the application. If you are getting all things in an application then it’s the best camera application. If you want to apply the filters and stickers you can use A Better Editor.

Pixlr is camera application one of the best image editors, it has the manual camera in it which have the granular level of control. If you choose this camera application it has the good balance of tools inside it which and has the set of visual effect. The photos were shown in a form of thumbnails.

Pixler -tele trick mania


Pixlr has the different types of auto correction in it like Splash, focus, heal. The level of the application is just similar to photoshop. Some of the features are such unique that no application has to compare with. Even you can add text to your photo and can put the blur effect where you want to put.

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  • Camera Zoom X plus

This is the camera application comes with the beautiful and better quality of the function and tools. Camera zoom x plus allow the user to edit the photo also with the tilt the photo and focus and lighting and adding colour and much more.

This application also has the voice recognition and have timer feature in it. This has the feature of the HDR and Iso function and over  1 million of the satisfied user are there.

Camera Zoom X Plus -tele trick mania

Camera Zoom X Plus

Beauty plus is one of the popular camera application available for android 100 million of the satisfied user are there. You can set the filter to your photo when you are snapping it, in this focus auto filter available. Use the feature and enjoy with your friends and make as much as the college. it’s not about only the making beauty you can make the video and photo and enhance them with this application.

Beauty Plus -tele trick mania

Beauty Plus

If you have taken the picture and even the editors get confused but the application is user-friendly but the result which beauty plus give is adorable and can out of imagining. Beauty plus also help in making your skin glow in a form of radiant the skin, by retouching the pic you can change the skin tone of the picture. This camera application not only hit on the skin colour. It effects on eyes smile it depends on you what you want. you can enlarge your eyes increases smile size and much more.

  • Camera MX – Photo, Video, GIF

Camera MX provides you with a picture with all ratio and full resolution. In the editing option, you can improve your brightness, contrast, colour and clipping. Using this application you can improve make a Gif of live shoots and share then social media. If you using this application for video shoot then this application provides you with a rewind system where you never miss the right moment. The color balance of this-this camera is too good and that is the good thing.

Camera Mx -tele trick mania

Camera Mx

In the Candy Selfie Camera, you can auto smart beauty which looks like a natural beauty. Blur, Vignette and Retro feature. is most amazing which make your selfie look more glamorous or gorgeous. Candy Selfie Camera provides you photo filter with 100+ of filter and striker tools. The most amazing thing about this application is you can make mirror image at the real time and insert emoji and tag stickers. If you want to edit pictures at the same time then you can use its tools no need edit picture after clicking.

Candy Camera -tele trick mania

Candy Selfie

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DSLR Zoom Camera makes your picture like a real DSLR like the camera which makes feel like a real photographer. This application provides you not zoom but higher zoom camera. This application offers you to click the picture with HDR effect which improves your picture in low-light and backlit scenes. The good thing about this camera is you can blur your picture by enabling Tilt-Shift. For using and editing you don’t need to get the internet connection, you can use this application without the internet connection. This application also offers you to share your picture on social media.

DSLR Zoom Camera -tele trick mania

DSLR Zoom Camera

Closing Words

These are best camera application to make your Photo better. This application can be used in Android phone, windows phone, and iPhone. If you are wondering for best camera application for android, best camera application for windows phone or best camera application for iPhone then here is the list. Listed best camera application also use for video recording and photo editing. You don’t want to wander here and there for a best video recording application. These camera applications are completely free and easy to use.

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