Top 7 Best Free VPN Software in 2018

Many people ask me that why we should use free VPN Software and what about free VPN software. Well, there are many reasons to use Free VPN software on your PC or Laptops. Best free VPN software helps you in many ways, and the best VPN for PC allows you to protect your online identity and data en route. Where Firewalls only protect your data on your computer and anti-virus software protects you from viruses only. Many of you use best free VPN for torrenting or free VPN for downloading something. There may be the many other reasons for using free VPN software. Mentioned best VPN software is the best-reviewed VPN software which helps the user for completing their task. When you go through the list, then you will see the best VPN for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Top 7 Best Free VPN Software in 2017

Top 7 Best Free VPN Software in 2017

It’s not about to use VPN Software, it’s about your security and privacy. VPN software provides you protected internet access by adding security to your public or private networks. It doesn’t matter from you are getting the internet connection or a Wi-Fi Hotspot connection. So here is the list of best free VPN for Windows, Linux, & Mac. If you have Android and you want VPN for Android then some of them free VPN for Android is available to download. Before using free VPN software you should know that some of them don’t provide all feature and then you have to go for the best-paid VPN client software. Basically, these free VPN software sniff your traffic and change your location and there are some limitations of using these service.

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List of The Best Free VPN software

There is an amazing list of free VPN service but there is might be the issue of free VPN for Mac, Linux, & Windows. Sometimes most of the free VPN services are work as a security nightmare. Because free VPNs usually sells the user data to third parties, and that’s why you get targeted ads. So we suggest you that never depend on VPNs for your work or any purpose. That might be the reason experts choosing a trusted VPN provider to avoid the serious security issue. Here you will get best-reviewed VPN software.

Cyber Ghost

Top 7 Best Free VPN Software in 2018 1

Cyber Ghost VPN

The Cyber Ghost is one of the best free proxy VPN software and you will get many good reviews about the Cyber Ghost. You can use this everywhere anytime for free. Cyber Ghost available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iPhone and you can download Cyber Ghost form here. Cyber Ghost doesn’t have too many servers that are mean speeds are quite slow. Speed will slow especially when your location is far from the server you connecting. It is an easy-to-use personal VPN service, and it hides your all common internet activities and your identity from the hackers. CyberGhost is the Secure VPN and it also lets you spoof your IP address and stay safe.

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Top 7 Best Free VPN Software in 2018 2


This is a simple VPN software with no complex to the installation process and user-friendly VPN software. It also creates the virtual network for you to connect and it blocks all tracking website for you to browse freely without the fear of getting tracked or hacked. If you were ever getting any issue in connection then feel free talk with them even through E-mail ticking system. TunnelBear provides support 24/7, and you will be able to get a response from them relatively quickly. The amazing thing about that is TunnelBear can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone. If you don’t want to install then, TunnelBear Extensions are available for browsers (Chrome & Firefox).

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Top 7 Best Free VPN Software in 2018 3


The SurfEasy security is available on all your devices Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, & iPhone. You can also use this free VPN software as browsers extension on Opera & Chrome. SurfEasy free VPN software easily to download for all platform and secure your identity from the hackers. The free version of the SurfEasy allow you only 500 MB free data with five device connectivity, and it blocks all tracking website. Its bank-grade encryption technology hides your device activity and personal information from hackers, network monitoring tools, and Internet service providers. SurfEasy changes your location and provide access to the other country and gain unlimited access to geo-restricted content.

Hotspot Shield

Top 7 Best Free VPN Software in 2017

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is another best free VPN software because they don’t restrict your speed. One more thing they provide for their users and that is there are no download limits for one thing. This is another VPN For Windows I like to use. I am not telling you that Hotspot Shield is fastest and more bandwidth VPN tool but it is pretty good and useful. Hotspot Shield service is provided by Anchorfree which is a California-based company, and that is responsible for a handful of privacy-based services. Hotspot Shield VPN has servers in 20 countries including the US, Hong Kong, and Germany.

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Hide Me

Top 7 Best Free VPN Software in 2018 4

Hide Me

This is the best free VPN software that you can feel free to use. Hide Me provides service from 28 servers which spread across 22 countries. Hide Me offer a free web proxy to access blocked websites and Surf the web anonymously easily. You don’t need to install this application if you have the web address. If you want to encrypt the whole internet connection and enjoy all the advantages of our VPN then you have to sign up or sign. You can use and download Hide me VPN for Windows, MAC, and Android. In Windows Phone you have to manually set up the Hide Me VPN and here is the guide for setup.

Express VPN

Top 7 Best Free VPN Software in 2018 5

Express VPN

The Express VPN is best free trial VPN software because it has the excellent reputation of customer service. It is available in 87 different countries around the world. The Express VNP have currently servers in 94 countries which beating the competitor with the wide margin. If you are getting any issue, then you can do the live chat with them for shootout your issue. It is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Linux and best VPN for Router. They also provide 30 days money back guaranty if you are not satisfied with their product.

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Top 7 Best Free VPN Software in 2018 6


This is also best free VPN software which can be used to Unblock geo-restricted content, stop tracking, Stop leaking personal information and many other things. Windscribe helps you to encrypts your browsing activity, blocks additional ads, and unblocks the contents. Users of Windscribe VPN can get the 10GB every month data, which is a helps users for browsing and watching geo-restricted videos. But In free subscription, you may not get the huge amount of data for your work. You can use this VPN in your Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone and for routers. If you want to use this in your browsers as extension and add-on, then you can use in Opera, Mozilla and Chrome browser.

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Closing words

Mainly these tools are used for accessing the contents which are not available in your country. Many peoples are these free VPN software for torrenting and hiding their identity from hackers and get access to the web. In this list of best free VPN, you will get useful and well reviewed free VPN software for Windows and other platforms. These free VPN proxy software are free to download and use but not free version will not provide all facility. Personally, I like to use and suggest to use Cyber Ghost, TunnelBear & Hotspot Shield.

These all are fast and secure VPN service software or extensions for your browser. One more thing I recommend to do and that is use paid VPN service software because they take care of all things about your security and privacy. There are also many free VPNs software are available in the market named Free VPN, Private Tunnel, etc.

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21 thoughts on “Top 7 Best Free VPN Software in 2018

  1. Roch

    Which one of them is the most user-friendly? I think Cyber Ghost is worth a try, if and when the time comes that we’ll be needing a VPN.

    1. Aashirvad Kumar Post author

      Nice Questions.
      “Which one of them is the most user-friendly?”
      Ans-Depend on your use but you can use TunnelBear, Hide Me, Hotspot Shield and others.

      “when the time comes that we’ll be needing a VPN”
      I have mentioned some tasks in the 3rd line of 1st para. If you need to now about more tasks then be with us we will answer these question on our next article.

      Thank You

  2. Franc Ramon

    I remember not being able to access some sites in China. These VPN softwares can surely come in handy.

  3. Prateek Goel

    I’m not into too many technical aspects. I always remain unclear even after reading 4-5 times. But you have explained these things brilliantly. I had read it twice to understood. Thanks for sharing. Cyber ghost attracts me the most.

  4. Kobby

    Cyber Ghost Is still my favourite but I’m yet to try the others. Cyber Ghost was recommended to me by a friend and I’ve used it ever since.

  5. Mcvanilla

    There are plenty quality providers with seasonal discounts or coupons that give additional few bucks off. Let’s say my current provider Surfshark already had 64% off for their 1 year plan but I found SURFSHARK1Y coupon online which gave me additional 10% off and I got a high quality VPN subscription paying just 26% of the real price. Definitely worth it and better option than risky free providers.

  6. Eve Hunt

    Just moved to hma to nordvpn. There service is superb so is there support. Getting awesome speed while browsing and surfing. Highly recommended provider.

  7. Alisha Ross

    Well I aggree with the downside of the but all in all the security and torrent allowance is a great value. I have been using netflix through US server and downloading torrents through Netherlands server, it is really a fast service. The torrents were downloading on 7 mb/s for me.. and not mentioning unlimited data…


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