Top 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins.

Make your website safe by creating the backup of your website on WordPress. Creating a regular backup of any website is essential for every WordPress admin. If you have a question that, “How to create the backup of WordPress website?“. Now, I have to say that you are in right place to solve this question. Because We are going to suggest you the best WordPress Backup Plugins for your website. The viewer is most important things for the website and if some errors will get down your website and you haven’t created the backup then it may harmful for your relationship between you and your visitors.

Top 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins.

Top 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins.

Creating Backup of everything is important means WordPress login backup, WordPress photo backup, content backup etc. So, we are providing you with the best WordPress backup plugins for you. Creating the backup of any website is essential it makes you safe from any harmful elements. These all are the best plugins to create the backup of your WordPress database. Many users get confused that, is they can create WordPress multisite backup, then here is the solution. They can create WordPress multisite backup using some backup plugins on their WordPress website.

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List of Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Here we can also say that these are the best WordPress Security Plugins but not abjectly. Creating Backup of your website with best WordPress backup plugins is also in the security of your website. These WordPress backup plugins help you to backup WordPress site easily with customising some setup. Creating Website backup is helps you to save your work and time which you spent on it. One more thing I would like to say many peoples are searching best WordPress backup plugins for “How to backup WordPress database“. These all backup plugins are amazing and well reviewed for these kinds of tasks.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

1. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is most popular plugin is the list of premium backup plugins. You can set the schedule for backup your data whenever you want. BackupBuddy allows users to backup their website data on daily, weekly, or monthly backups schedule. Using BackupBuddy you can also automatically store your backups in Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, Stash, and even email your backup data. If you want to use real-time backups then you should use their Stash service. There are no subscription methods for per month you have to choose your plan on the yearly subscription. Most Important thing about that backup plugin is you can duplicate, migrate and restore your websites.

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2. iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

This Plugin is personally used by me and it has lots of tools to secure your WordPress website and create a regular backup. iTheme Security is one of the best free in the list of Security and Backup Plugins. When you go through the plugin then you will get many tools to protect your website and making some changes on your website. This plugin allows you to create the backup on daily, weekly, or monthly backups schedule. Most interesting thing about this tool is you can get the backup files on your email daily. According to me, this is the best free plugin which gives you many things to secure your website.

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3. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus offers you scheduled and on-demand backups for your WordPress websites. It also offers you many cloud service to create the backup of your website. UpdraftPlus can automatically upload your backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace, FTP, email, and several other cloud storage services. Its premium version has also amazing tools which allow you protect your website. We can say that this is the best free WordPress plugin for backup your WordPress websites.

[appbox wordpress updraftplus]

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4. VaultPress

If you have multiple websites on WordPress then it is the good tool for creating the backup. VaultPress is founded by Matt Mullenweg who is also known as WordPress co-founder and his team at Automattic. If you want to use this tool then you need to use Jetpack plugin with any subscription plan. There are some demerits with this plugins but it is a good plugin for creating the backup. If you many websites then each site needs its own subscription to run this plugin. According to this VaultPass is too expensive than other backup plugins. Whatever it is easy to use with one click restore point and it’s dashboard easy to navigate.

[appbox wordpress vaultpress]

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5. BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin

If you want to save your complete files then BackWPup is best backup plugins. It saves you data on much more could service and others like Dropbox, S3, FTP and many others. When you need to restore your files then you can easily go through the .zip file to restore your website. Mainly it backups your files in many extensions which can be easily accessed and they are zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 formats. BackWPup also backups your files and optimise database easily.

[appbox wordpress backwpup]

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6. BackUpWordPress

Many of you have the question How to backup WordPress database, then here are the plugins. The BackUp WordPress plugin is easy to use and no setup required. Using this tool gives you the freedom to set the scheduled time for creating the backup. You can get the email with your backup files and it can create zip and MySQL files for faster backups. The good thing about this plugin is it supports many languages like Spanish, German, Chinese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Italian, Czech, Dutch, French, and Basque.

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7. Backup & Restore Dropbox

As we know Dropbox is one of the best cloud-based data storage places. But now you can backup your website data on Dropbox and it doesn’t take large file place to create the backup. Dropbox also helps you to create the Full Backup of Web Page (Files + Database). Even you set the scheduled backup of your website files and database. This Plugin is also going to helps you in creating the backup of WordPress database. If you have more than one website or if you want to make the clone of your website then this plugin is best for that.

[appbox wordpress dropbox-backup]

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8. Jetpack by

I think every WordPress users are familiar with this tool. Jetpack is most useful plugins in the list of best security backup plugins and others. Many of you don’t know that this plugin also offers you to create the backup of WordPress website. But here you have to subscribe the paid plans of Jetpack plugins. There are many features which are useful for the every WordPress users which will blow your mind. When you go through this plugins then you will many interesting things for your website security and others.

[appbox wordpress jetpack]

9. BackupGuard – WordPress Backup and Migrate Plugin

BackupGuard allows you to create time to time backup of your website files and database. Even you can download your backup to migrate or your personal use. At a time of creating the backup, you can cancel the backup process or you can manage the backup. Mail notification is also available in this plugin but it can’t use unless you don’t have pro version. Despite these, it is an user-friendly tool for creating the backup of your website. You can also migrate your website from web hosting or domain to others.

[appbox wordpress backup]

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10. WordPress Backup & Restore Plugin – WPBackItUp

Using WPBackItUp just forget about the complex process for creating backup & Restoring. If you are a fresher on WordPress and want to create the backup with additional security then this plugin is amazing. There is no need of complex configuration, advanced knowledge of WordPress, FTP, cPanel, MySQL, and even any PHPMyAdmin. Just forget about these and start using the simple and easy plugin for creating the backup and restoring your files.

[appbox wordpress wp-backitup]

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Closing Words

Choosing best and easy WordPress backup plugins can be challenging. But here we explained most reliable, easy and free backup plugins for creating the backup of your WordPress files and database. Here we also explained about two questions and they are the – 1. How to create the backup of WordPress website?  2.How to backup WordPress database? Creating the backup of your website is the most important thing which means you are saving your work and time. So, let’s focus on the best backup Plugins which are easy and reliable for your work.

Share your views on these best backup plugins and don’t forget to tell us which is most useful and easy to use for you. If You Love this article, Please Like, Share and Subscribe our Blog For Future Updates.

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