Use Android as Professionals

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Use Android as Professionals

Use Android as Professionals

Today android is commonly and most used phone instead of other, because it contain lots of features and the user can understand it easily. In this article, I will show you as for how to fell like a pro while using your android device, or instead of that I good to say I remind you how to use those function which is available on your device.

Here we start from a simple way with some easy tips.

  1. OK GOOGLE: touch less, more Talk

The oldest to oldest Smartphone can get this feature totally free. It just like an assistant or we can say that this feature converts your device into the assistant, but the drawback of this software is that it wants an internet connection, Google voice search can be activated by just a word saying ‘OK GOOGLE’ and you will get listen to your request. You can ask anything you want about songs, videos, games etc, but all these you know about the policy of Google.

  1. Response to emails automatically.

Intelligent of this application is that you get the message were in the proper usages it can automatically organise your emails. You can get reminder and appointment as tasks, and have loads of much more stuff. You can easily respond to any emails.

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  1. Use the power saver mode for keep your battery last long.

When you were out all day and you won’t have the charger or any power bank for charging of it. Don’t worry from the version of android 5.1 onward you got the option of power saving mode. There are many applications and manufacture included some way to extend your battery life for any critical moment. Battery saving mode help you to get away from charging. It does this by making your phone standby mode, you should know that you will receive email and WhatsApp message when the screen is turn ON. However these are many tricks for saving battery power you know.

  1. Limit your Data: save your data plan for your other work.

Many of you using chrome in the higher level to browse the web. There were many ways to save data from your plan. For doing this it go to the setting menu, look n data service and activate it. After a week day you will get the change in percentage. Those are the data you save for using the chrome.

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  1. Android Beam: Transfer files easily.

This application is unrated feature on android. Every manufacture gives different name to this application. But none of the matter it do the same things it allow you to transfer data. But for using android team both devices need to have NFC.

For doing this follow the steps to activate android beam on both device. Got to setting > wireless & network > more > Android Beam. If there is the grey blink then your NFC is activated. Now you have interesting feature which many of don’t have.

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If  you have two Smartphone set it to back with activate NFC you can share data with other phones once you allow then quickly share what you decide. Through this you can share Links, songs, Files.

  1. Data limit: never – ever go without data again.

Many people use to browse over a month but they don’t have that MB or GB to do that. You will get over with huge bill at end of month; the easy way must disconnect data when there is no use.

  • For doing that follow these steps.

Go to the setting and wireless network and click on data usages. If you data active you get a option to set mobile data limit, once you go over the limit your data will deactivated.

  1. Use Phone as a Modem.

If some of your friends want the internet connection and for that you want to help her, you use your mobile as a modem.

In form to activate USB tethering connect your smart phones to your computer, Go to setting > more > Link and Laptop WI-FI and change a option for USB connection. Instead of using your data you can use the WI-FI connection and there is no need just turnoff.

  1. Smart lock: Magically lock your phone

One of the less use features which comes with android Smartphone’s is smart lock. TO avoid the unlock your phone by the help of button, pattern and password is smart lock. To avoid the unlock your phone by the help button; pattern and password you say phone some like open it’s easy. It is a thing which you set according to your location at you place about it change the pattern and password to simply Unlock.

  1. Pin your Application.

If you have given your phone to any of the person and he use your phone as for itself and you pinned the some important software for your alternative but for god backbone you have safeguard against unwanted activity.

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It best that you set guest or child mode. For doing that go to setting> security’s. at the bottom of the scroll down page, you will find screen pining . Select it from there, in previous menu at end of menu, a pin will appear select it now you screen will pinned.

  1. Manage your Application.

Sometimes application were not run as over needs and we can’t run as we want it won’t open, close, or close instantly then you think to uninstall the app it’s better to clear application data and it will get  your application to next level. For doing this go to setting > Application > then application manager by clicking you will find the application by hitting in them you will find the clear data, uninstall etc. If you decide to clear data then the application is in newly look and you have to setup all new.

You can give more professional tricks with hitting comment in comment box.

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