Video Marketing : How YouTube Leverage Small Business Marketing


Video marketing is the new wave for businesses around the world. According to figures from the American Psychological Association (APA), 92% of online Americans watch digital videos on a daily basis. That’s a lot of eyeballs.

And when it comes to the younger generation, they prefer video over any other form of marketing. Younger people will check out your video on YouTube first before clicking on a link or being served the ad in their social media feeds.

This is the most prominent reason for using video marketing: A video provides more information in less time than an ad.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of video marketing for small businesses and how to use it to market your business.

How to Leverage YouTube for Your Business : Video Marketing

What are some things you can do to use YouTube to increase your small business’s success effectively? Here are 2 ways to leverage the content sharing platform to get more traffic, convert more visitors, and ultimately increase your revenue.

  1. Rebrand and Engage on YouTube

As you can imagine, being a small business means your video should be readily recognizable to viewers. But many small business owners neglect branding their content and instead post a generic introduction. By using video to convey your brand message effectively, you’ll immediately convey your message and gain a viewer’s attention.

  1. Measure and Track Results

With a smaller budget, it’s important that you use creative video production techniques to maintain quality.

Create a Compelling Video

One of the top ways that businesses can really stand out is by creating compelling video. If your video doesn’t grab the viewer, they won’t come back for more. Be sure to embed a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the video, to encourage viewers to click through to your website or to share your content with friends and family. Your video can be an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise, offer up a product demonstration, or explain a process that is new and useful to customers.

Choose the best time to publish your video. When it comes to YouTube, you can’t avoid the fact that everyone is in the middle of their day or at work at the same time. You have to learn to create a strategy that works for you.

Edit videos expertly

The first thing that many businesses do when creating their YouTube channel is to create a short video that has a product for sale on it. While it might be smart, YouTube doesn’t allow this. In fact, in a report by a UK company called 3Egenie, it was found that 45% of all YouTube videos were disliked by viewers, with a very high number being abandoned. However, it is possible to use YouTube video editor as a free video editing tool in order to create videos that make an impact. And if done well, it will convert potential customers.

To create YouTube video that people actually want to watch, you will need to make your video entertaining and interesting to watch. To make it more enjoyable to watch, you can make it funny, or you can use your unique voice and way of talking that makes you special to the viewer.

Harness the Power of Influencers

The beauty of the influencer marketing model is that businesses can promote their brands to the many people with a large following on YouTube, but without the investment in getting paid to be featured in their videos. To gain the best results, choose influencers who are already renowned on YouTube. Pay particular attention to the variety of topics they speak on, as that will give the right balance to get the most out of their talents.

You may also want to look at those people who are particularly popular in your niche – perhaps fitness coach, an entrepreneur, or a lifestyle guru will have a broad audience and can reach them through the sort of videos you wish to create. Another method for using videos to build a presence is to use social media hashtags. Also, find out and use important tags for each YouTube video to cater to your audience.

Use the right keywords

This may seem obvious, but a lot of business owners don’t make the most of this powerful resource. You should be looking at where your customers are searching on the site and using that to identify which keywords are most likely to bring in traffic.

Create separate channels. Because YouTube is such a massive resource, the content that’s posted can often be quite varied. It’s therefore important to create multiple channels, so you can stay focused on a particular topic and channel.

Share your content with audiences. When you have a business on YouTube, it’s important to ensure that you are sharing the content with the right audience.

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