5 Best Free Virtualization Software for Windows ||

Using dual operating in one PC is now an essential part of many users. Many modern computers now also have enough power to run two operating system. So, here I am going to discuss some free Virtualization Software for your Windows 7, 8 & 10 PC. Using these softwares you don’t need to create a dual boot of any operating such as dual boot Kali Linux in Mac or dual boot Kali Linux with windows. Most of the IT department’s person from network and system administration are really getting help from these free virtualization software. These free virtualization software are also available for Mac and Linux.

5 Best Free Virtualization Software for Windows

5 Best Free Virtualization Software for Windows

Even if you are a developer and app tester, app review blogger or Vblogger, student then these free Virtualization Software are helpful for you. If you are not in these categories then these free Virtualization Software help you run two operating if you don’t want to buy other computer or laptop. In this guide, I am also going to discuss what is the use of Virtualization Software and how they are helpful for us. Previously, I was also discussed android virtual machine where you can use the android apps on your windows.

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“Short Mania:- If you want to run Linux in your Windows 10 then you should use Windows Subsystem for Linux. WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) makes it easy to any Linux Distro on windows.”

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What is Virtualization?

Creating the virtual resource such as computer hardware, desktop, operating system, file, storage devices, and computer network resources.

Let’s make it easy and start with an example. You have a PC full of data in your HDD and you have created a partition of your HDD. The partitions are created in one single physical HDD and we created the partition and the partitions are called virtualization. Creating dual boot means copying and compressing operating system using the third-party application means creating a virtual PC and this term is related to virtualization.

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Virtualization can be categorized into different layers: desktop, server, file, storage, and network. Each layer of virtualization has its own set of advantages and difficulties.

Why we need virtualization software? or Why we use virtualization software?

Many times we want to use two operating systems for the testing application or maybe for other reasons. If you want to use two different operating on one PC then these two are helpful. Even many virtual machines are helpful for using apps for different OS. These free virtualization software can be used without disturbing your primary operating system and it doesn’t take more space on your PC HDD.

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These are also best for testing an operating system that is available in a beta version for testing. Many peoples want to use the same application from different versions for making their work better and attractive. Which means you can use the same application of different version on your same PC. Virtual machines are really helpful and using this software you don’t need to do so many things just download for free and start using.

List of Best Free Virtualization Software for Windows

Microsoft Hyper-V

5 Best Free Virtualization Software for Windows

Microsoft Hyper-V

The Microsoft Hyper-V comes after the Microsoft VirtualPC and Microsoft VirtualServer and now it is the built-in feature in Windows 8 and Windows 10. Using this built-in feature you can create a virtualized computing environment where you can create and manage virtual machines. It helps you to use multiple operating systems on one physical computer and isolate the operating systems from each other. Using this inbuilt feature in Windows 8 and 10 you’ll need Pro or Enterprise edition. Because it doesn’t available in Home editions of Windows.

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Download Microsoft Hyper-V

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5 Best Free Virtualization Software for Windows


The Virtual Box is best free Virtualization Software from Oracle available for free and Open-Source. You can use this virtual PC software on all major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. It also comes with an extension pack that has additional functionality like USB device support, remote desktop connection and PXE (network) booting capability.

You can also resize the windows according to your use and for that, you have to enable “Scale Mode”. Using this tool you will get the full-featured guest operating system that works seamlessly. It has lots of features which are really impressive to work with other guest operating. You can also download this for your server computer. This one is the best Free Virtualization Software for creating the guest operating system. You can install and run more than two operating systems.

Download VirtualBox

VMware Player

5 Best Free Virtualization Software for Windows

VMware Player

Other best virtual machine tool for your Windows PC. It was released in 2005 with limited functionality and it continues but many things have been changed. Whatever it previously does but it now supports fully integrated guests operating system of Windows and Linux. It supports virtual machines from all VMware products, Windows Virtual PC, Virtual Server, and Symantec backup and recovery images.

It supports many guests operating systems such as Windows 95 and newer, DOS, Solaris, FreeBSD, and most current editions of Linux. VMware Player is simple to install and use but it has limited functionality and no folder sharing feature. It has the Unity mode function which helps you to launch the program from your standard Windows start menu. VMware Player supports all USB, Parallel, and Serial port devices connected to the host system.

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Download VMware Player

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Windows Virtual PC

5 Best Free Virtualization Software for Windows

Microsoft Virtual PC

The application for people who are working in a strictly Windows environment. Windows Virtual PC can run on all editions of Windows 7. But users of the Home edition will have to create their own virtual machines from an original Windows installation disk or from old Windows installation. It may not supports the Linux operating for creating the guest operating system. The Programs installed in the virtual operating system will show up in the host computer’s Start menu. You can set them as the default program for handling a particular file type.

Download Windows Virtual PC

VMLite Workstation

5 Best Free Virtualization Software for Windows

VMLite Workstation

Another best open source free virtualization software and this one will be the best alternative of Windows Virtual PC. VMLite supports most of the Virtualization formats used in the industry like VMDK (VMWare), VHD (Microsoft), VDI (Sun) and HDD (Parallel). If you using 32bit windows 7 operating and want to use 64 bit at the same time them this one will be helpful for you and you can use 64 bit Windows XP.

Download VMLite Workstation

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Closing Words

These are one of the best free virtualization software for your Windows PC. Some of them are open source and all of them are free to use. Even if you want to know the VMware Player vs VirtualBox vs VMLite Workstation then this guide is helpful for you. As you can see all things are defined why, how and what about these free virtualization software. These are also the best Virtual machine for your windows and they are available on all major operating systems.

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