10 Best Watch Free TV application On Your Android and iPhones

Many of you haven’t much time to have the episode on Tv because we are busy in our daily life. But some of the show liked by us. We never miss the single episode of that show. But due to your daily work and other work you can’t be able to watch your shows. Even when we are free we have some of the work which makes us busy in that time too. Here is the list of free TV application for your mobile phones.

But the time change this is the time of the internet where everything can possible in short time interval. We need a good and quality of internet connection for watching TV online.

You can watch it where you want while the travelling or free time in office you can save it for a later too. It is good to watch in your Tab because it has given better resolution, battery and much more to enjoy. You never get interrupted in between your some and watch TV shows freely.

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Watch TV on Android & iPhone

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On the internet, there were thousand of the TV application available but here I am discussing some of them. These applications were available for both android and iPhones. These applications not only allow you to watch tv, it helps you to save them and pause play feature also available in this you can save it later and watch the shows lists which are coming next. you can watch the uncut seen.

The things you want is good internet which allows you to watch TV freely and have not any type of problem while watching TV like buffering and much more.

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Here I am explaining some of the Free TV application through you watch it online. Here are some of the application which I explain with you.

  • Youtube

All we know that Youtube is the best platform for watching videos and saving the videos. You can use it for watching the videos online and offline. You can easily use it for watching your shows. There are many benefits of watching TV shows online because first it is user-friendly and anythings you can easily found.

Youtube -tele trick mania


It enlists all videos which you want to watch. It shows the videos which related or you have subscribed to that channel.

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For Android and iPhones.

  • Fox Now.

If you fed up with the daily routine and want to get some joy in your life with watching some top episodes online.

Fox Now is one of the best application for that without any cable connection and other things. You can easily use this application for watching TV online. You get different types comedy, serials and much more. some of the best episodes you can watch are Gotham, Scream queens, The Simpsons and much more.

Fox Now -tele trick mania

Fox Now

If you interested in that show you can subscribe to the TV channel. after that, you can never miss the shows and even you get the notification bell to inform you about the update. For that, you have to do the setting in your Fox NOW Tv application.

For Android and iPhone.

  • Crackle Movies and TV

This is Tv application is freely available and user-friendly means anyone can use it easily. you can watch some of the top shows in that and those are Joe Dirt, Sports jeopardy. These episodes are freely available` you won’t have to pay for those. There is no registration process in this application and if you want to play the videos lastly you have played and lastly where you left you to have to log into the account.

Crackle -tele trickmania


It automatically creates the list of the movies and videos which you have watched and have set them to watch later.

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For Android and iPhones.

  • The CW Network

CW Network is one of the most tops application for watching tv online. You can watch the favourite movies, videos and other episodes easily. By the help of CW Network application, you can watch movies very fastly through you mobile data. The best things of this application are that there is no any type of the passcode or identification problem.

The CW Network -tele trick mania

The CW Network

You can easily watch the top videos like The 100, iZombie, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and more.you can watch them upcoming videos and interview of them

For Android and iPhones.

  • ABC

If you are looking for the free watching TV application than ABC is one of the best TV application. It is one of the big application that allows you to give the best show quality and quantity too. This application you to watch top shows and those are General hospitals, How to get away from the murder. It is freely available in iOs and some of the selected Android devices so check out yours.

ABC Live -tele trick mania

ABC Live

For Android and iPhone.

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  • A&E

This is the one of the best online watching tv application which you can’t leave while making the list of the TV application. You can watch your shows and their deleted scene it is too easy that anyone can get the application easily. The best part which I like the more is that you can watch deleted part of your favourite shows.

A&E -tele trick mania


A&E care about you and help you to get the list of the video which is watched by you and where you have lastly left it to have all the information. This is the freely available application which you can get anywhere but if you want to unlock more feature than you have to log in and paid for other feature.

For Android and iPhones.

  • NBC

This is the newly available application which is use to interface between users. By adding the different feature it became one of the good and effective applications in all of this list. You can watch all season of the episode form by login in into the account. watch the full season of your favourite shows you can CHROMECAST your Tv.

NBC -tele trick mania


NBC allow you to watch many of the top shows like America got talent, Blacklisted and about a boy. You can watch the night shows to the next morning. It also has that feature of that when you last left the videos by this you haven’t got any problem.

For Android & iPhone.

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  • LifeTime

There is also an amazing application come from the A&E television market mobile. Lifetime gives you the full season of the Drop dead diva, Dance moms and much more. You can watch your favourite movie shows whatever the episode is maybe` that where the previous or coming one.

Lifetime -tele trick mania


It saves the list of your watched shows and also maintains your show which was related to your account. it also provides the information of the shows when it is coming and what is coming date, time and other things. Through this, you can watch the new shows.

For Android & iPhone.

  • Ellen

Many of you know about the ellen TV application which provides you with the best clips of episodes, interview and much more. Through the application you can go to the blog of that application can have the blog of ellen. The best part which was liked by many of the users is that it is freely available and there is no need to login to the application. But you can watch only on the apple devices because on the play store the application isn’t available.

Ellen -tele trick mania


Get Ellen

  • History

The history is the TV application use to watch TV online. This is the project started by the A&E application it provides the reality shows. The top episodes are Ice Round Tracker, I Love the 1880s and top gear and many other. It not free but for trails, it’s free for a week to watch your favourite shows. For more, you need to subscribe this only for $4.99.

History -tele trick mania


It lists out the shows you have watched and also help in getting the last left section where we have left the shows.

For Android and iPhone.

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Closing Words

If you are looking for TV on the mobile application then here is the list of application. You can use these applications on your phone anytime and anywhere. These applications come with best picture quality and sound. And If you are looking for best TV application with pause and play feature then here is the best applications. You can use these applications for watching live tv, shows and easy to download on your android phone.

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