What is firewall? And, why we should use?

Many of us don’t know about firewall and its use. There is a simple thought about fire and that is; whenever you are going out your home then you don’t forget to lock. Of course not, because we don’t want to enter unknown person in our property and we protect them as we preferred the security. Here is also same logic, whenever we are using internet then some unnecessary things are trying to access in our system and some hackers or thieves are try to access our system without our authentication with the mentality of harm our personal,  financial and any other information. Some they send malicious and worm viruses to attack on our system for sending information to others.

What is firewall? and why?

What is firewall? and why?

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However, firewall is work as a shield or barrier in your system/pc. When you’re using internet then you continue sending and receiving information with client computer to requested server, they are called packets. And the firewall helps you to filter them for make you safe from un-authorization.

What is firewall?

A firewall is a barrier which helps you to protect your systems which are use for online communication. Firewall protect you with many viruses can harm our system/pc and sending information to others using malicious viruses. Firewall protect filtering and monitoring our sent and received packets whether they are safe or not between your system and server system and router in cyber space. And firewall decided to accept or reject your packets which are sending and receiving.

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Firewall is an inbuilt feature in most of the operating systems, doesn’t matter desktop or mobile. There is many applications called anti-virus which are provide you security to protect your system.

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How does a firewall works?

As we discussed previously firewall monitor all incoming and outgoing packets and firewall filter then and it also accept or reject our packets.

There are three methods on which firewall works to control traffic. These are also known as type of firewall.

Packets filtering.

This is most basic thing in firewall software, because firewall filters all packets and protects users from cyber-attacks. While filtering firewall allow packets and describe packets also when it is seen as effected.

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Proxy service

Many people are using proxy services to access internet, when they have to access blocked website. However, the firewall proxy service works as broker between systems. Firewall proxy service work as application layer of in firewall. And transfer the activity of users for scanning.

Stateful inspection

It is known as dynamic filter and stateful is use to monitor the state of active connection and uses stateful determine the information which packets should allow to access the user it include such details as the IP addresses and parts in the connection and sequence number of the packets being transfer.

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Why we should use firewall?

We should use firewall to protect our system with many things like unwanted authorization, make safe your financial and personal files. Firewall helps you to protect your system with

  1. Unauthorized remote access which make the thieves to access your whole data as they want. Whenever they get access to your system then you can handle your system as they want. Many time we should use precaution while connection remote connection when we want.
  2. Firewall also helps you will installing any malicious applications. Sometime we installed malicious software which harm your pc and make easy to access other in our system files. Malicious softwares send your system information to their developer and they use your information to harm yourself.
  3. Firewall can block unwanted file which are linking with harmful contacts they can be downloaded from internet at a time of surfing harmful websites. Someone send us email with malicious attachments files. You should download your file from authorize website and also scan your email attachments.
  4. Online gaming is now rising on top because you get many competitors who can bet you and some of them are master, making money from online gaming is also reason to raise the huge number of online players. Online game players should also use firewall to protect us. Many developers target online games to harm them. But game publisher usually keep on top of security on their server. Some time thieves get access so you should enable your firewall.

We should use firewall to protect our self from thieves or hackers. Dispite of all these, we should always use an anti-virus application with firewall. Because firewall can be disable by backdoor using Trojan and sometimes firewall will be trackless at a time of filtering worm, key logger and other malwares.

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