WhatsApp Back with his old feature:-Text Status posting

Few days before WhatsApp changed its many feature and status in the image is one of them. Now WhatsApp rolls back and it added status posting in the text. This happens due to unlikely on new features of posting status and WhatsApp started receives mixed responses on his new updates. According to reports, WhatsApp beta version 2.17.95 for android reviews the old status posting is back with its old WhatsApp status feature messages like Busy etc.

WhatsApp Back with his old feature:-Text Status posting 1

WhatsApp With Old Features

Whatever, due to this feature, WhatsApp is not doing away with its Snapchat like status posting feature. Now you can see your status which is appearing in separate tab and user can also post images and gif. Published status is only available for 24 hours and your friends can see the updated status.

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And the most important thing this that, this feature is only for beta testers of whatApp. Means if you signed up to become a beta tester then you can see these changes. This is the good step which is taken by WhatsApp for their users and users are become happy to see that again.

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If we talk about the updates of WhatsApp then the previously WhatsApp add amazing features that include the two-step verification which is an amazing change for the purpose of security and that time WhatsApp this feature posting images in your status. Many of changes happen but after that changes, many peoples are complaining that the “new WhatsApp will take some time to understand”. Some thins which are changed by WhatsApp that can be targeted by the user but when they have seen on status posting then they start reacting in the mixed word we can say they are hating that feature but on the second hand they loving because of they have no limitation of words.

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