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Previously I discussed many online YouTube tools which are best for YouTube SEO. In this guide of best Youtube Tag Generator Tools, I am also going to discuss how listed tools are going to help you in YouTube SEO. After my previous guide where I discuss YouTube name generator tools, I received many emails from our readers to suggest some other tools for YouTube SEO which help us in ranking.

In this guide of youtube tag generator tools, you will get answered of many questions such as how to generate youtube tags for views, how to generate popular youtube tags, which are the best tags for youtube videos, best tag generator for youtube and many things.

Best YouTube Tag Generator Tools for Your YouTube Video

Adding popular tags are also good for youtube which helps you in ranking your video. Adding most searched keywords in your tags and description is good for your youtube video. There are many keyword finder or keywords research tools which also help you to choose the best title for your youtube video.

Tags are also important as your title and description. These youtube tag generator tools are going to suggest you most searched keywords on youtube. If you are a Youtuber or new on youtube and don’t know how the tags are useful for the youtube video to get more views then this guide is going to help you. Even I will also discuss how tags are good for youtube SEO.

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How YouTube Tags Generator Tools are good for YouTube SEO and YouTube Video Views

Adding the best title and description on video is important parts of youtube SEO for getting more views on the youtube video. But tags also important as the title and description, because there are many words which can’t be added directly to your youtube video. Adding Tags help you in ranking your youtube video on youtube search. Before adding tags you should know about youtube tags types.

Types of YouTube Tags

1. Specific Tags

These are one-word keywords which appear or represent your title and description. Search those keywords on youtube search and get the other youtube suggestions keywords or phrases and add them to your tags. But you should also use the same keywords in the generic ways.

2. Compound Tags

These are multi-word tags. which are more than 3-4 words and for that, you should copy your title and paste them in the tag without conjunctions and prepositions (such as, or, as of, in, and, etc.). Because Youtube ignores these words and you only have 500 characters for your tags.

3. Generic Tags

These are the words which start or carries words like How to, tutorial, Vlog, DIY and other. These words help youtube to know that you are going to describe the topics which appear in your title. Generic tag words are also used in your title if you are describing something.

These types of youtube tags you should use on your youtube video. Listed youtube tag generator tools are going to help you in completing this task. Generated tags from these youtube tag generator tools you can copy and paste them into your tag sections.

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List of Youtube Tag Generator Tools for Youtube Video



This online youtube tags generator tool provides you two ways to use this tag generator. The first is to check the tags of a specific YouTube video by entering the URL. The second (and more useful in my opinion) will generate popular YouTube tags for your specific keyword.

Using URL helps you to generate tags according to your competitor’s video. BetterWayToWeb helps you to generate long tail keywords which have low search but good for youtube SEO. If you are looking the tools which help you to know how to see other’s youtube video tags.

Rapid Tags

Rapid Tags

If you are looking for precise and useful tags generator tools for your youtube video then you should use this tool. Rapid Tags has also awesome features which allow you to monitor tags according to ranking and its search tracker helps you to help you to monitor your video ranking.

The Rapid Tag is a completely free tool for generating tags for your youtube video. This tag generator tool provides you good searched tags on youtube and best relevant keywords for youtube tags. Its other tools are also helpful for your youtube videos.



About this previously we also mentioned this in YouTube Name Generator Tools which provide us really catchy and cool youtube channel name. Kparser is also best for finding tags for your youtube videos for getting more and more views. You will get the tags keywords with there searched volume and CPC.

You can filter the results based on your country, language, numbers, alphabets, questions and other things. But everything is not for free you have to pay $25-$40 for getting every feature enabled. Whatever it’s generated tags are very useful because they provide unnecessary keywords.

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Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg

This is the best tool for getting youtube tags search volume and CPC of keywords. Keyword Keg shows you many things such as lists of keywords, searched Volume, CPC Value, SEO Difficulty, CTR Scope, Keyword Power and Trend. These things help you to generate organic views from all search engines.

Keyword Keg can be used on your browsers such as Mozilla with add-ons and in chrome with extension. Using Keyword Keg you just need to generate API through email (They don’t collect emails). You can also filter the keywords according to countries, language APIs and Result type.

Track Your Position

Track Your Position

This one is another best youtube tags generator tool. Track Your Position provides you many things such as keywords suggestions, Search volume, Lowest search volume, highest search volume, CPC and Competition of keywords. These things help you to add the good title and good tags on your videos.

The Track Your Position also provides help you generate keywords according to the google search which means you can also rank your video on the google search. It doesn’t allow you to copy the text but you can download the CSV file of related suggested keywords.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool

Another best and free youtube tag generator tool for your youtube video. Using Keywords Tool you don’t need to do many things just type your keyword and search the best-related keywords for your youtube tag. You don’t need to signup or limitation of searching keywords in this tool.

The keywords generated through this tool is helpful for your youtube video which help you in ranking. Even using this tool you can easily generate the phrases keywords for your youtube video. If you want to rank your video inappropriate country then it’s country selection feature really helps for generating keywords according to your selected country.

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This youtube tag generator tool is best for your youtube video because it going to suggest you best youtube tags from many other platforms such as for Amazon, Google, YouTube and bing. SoeChat provides you best tags from the platforms which are most searched and relevant to your youtube video.

The keywords generated from this tool are best phases keywords and best longtail keywords which are good for your youtube title and tags and description. The results generated from the SeoChat is neat and clean and separated for each platform. But here you will in alphabet order such as “tech a*, tech b*….z*”. Which means you have lots of keywords.



This is also free to for generating longtail keywords for your youtube video. Using this you can generate tags from the Google search keywords, Bing searched keywords and youtube searched keywords. SEM-Tool offers an Intuitive interface which makes discovering Keyword Ideas just a matter of few clicks.

You can also generate keywords related to county search and add them to your video. It’s pro features allows you to search keywords from many other search tools such as DuckDuckGo, Yandex and many others. In the free version, it is good for getting keyword list.

Tags Youtube

Tags YouTube

It has a keyword research tool designed specifically for YouTube. Because the keyword ideas this tool generates are specific to YouTube, the keywords you get are significantly better than you’d find using a Google SEO-focused tool, like SEMRush or the Google Keyword Planner.

It is Free to Use More Advance More Searches More Result More Relevant tags and keyword According to New Algorithm of YouTube. Youtube tags generators help you to find most searched keywords which you can also use in your description.

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Closing Words of YouTube Tag Generator Tools

In this, I mentioned the best tools which generate all types of tags for your youtube Video. Using these tools you can compare the keywords and use them in the title, description and tags. Many of them are also good for your blog writing. If you are looking for the keywords which generate keywords on various platform in single click then you should look at this list of best youtube tag generator tools.

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