YouTubNow Downloader – Best YouTube Online Video Downloader of 2019

You might have faced the problem of downloading YouTube videos. In order to overcome the problem, no doubt you have downloaded several YouTube downloaders and uninstalled them in a day or two as they were not satisfying your needs. What if I tell you that there is a YouTube downloader named as YoutubNow. Through this downloader, you can easily download any of the YouTube videos with any hustle. YouTubNow downloader has many features and methods to download your youtube video in high quality with it’s reliable and ads free features.

YouTubNow downloader has many features and methods to download your youtube video in high quality with it's reliable and ads free features.

YouTubNow Downloader – Best YouTube Online Video Downloader of 2018

I will cover the features and benefits of YouTubNow downloader but before that let me tell you that, this is a website-based service, thus you don’t have to download any unwanted application. You can just simply login to the website of YouTubNow and can enjoy its service for free. Now let’s see the feature and other things about free online YouTube to Mp3 converter service.

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Features of YouTubNow downloader

You might be wondering why we have entitled this downloader with Best. After using it for once, I am sure you will also call it the best YouTube video downloader. If you still want to read about the service then let’s start with the features.

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Video/Mp3 Downloader

Various YouTube video downloads only offer the option to download the video of YouTube but YouTubNow downloader is different from other similar applications or websites. As it gives its users a choice to download anything from YouTube in either Video form or Mp3 form. This because according to the developers of this downloader “Every user has its own choice, let’s give them the freedom to choose”.

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Supports every format

Sometimes, due to limitations, they are forced to download HD (720p) or FHD (1080p). Although it doesn’t seem to be a big task, but what if we have a limited amount of or very less amount of data left then what we should do. In such situations, YouTubNow is a savior for you. This downloader supports almost all the formats of video FHD to 3GP. Thus, again you have the freedom to choose the quality of the video on your own.

Unlimited download

Another big thing in 2018 is to find a free tool that can help you. Everything is almost paid now. Most of the downloader that doesn’t even offer the best service are paying a huge amount from the users. But YouTubNow is a downloader that is completely free and offers you the best in class. You can simply use the downloader whenever required and can enjoy YouTube videos offline.

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Liberty to search

Whenever you need a video from YouTube, the very first step you do is to open YouTube and search for the particular video and then copy its link then you are supposed to paste that link the downloader in order to download the video. But things won’t same if you will use YouTubNow application. YouTubNow downloaders give you the feature to search any YouTube video and can download the video directly from there. This whole procedure of searching and downloading the video from the same place will definitely save your time and efforts.

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Quick Downloading

Though YouTubNow is a free online downloader. But it is different from other free YouTube downloaders. YouTubNow will download your video quickly thanks to the high-speed servers.  This online web service youtube video downloader won’t let you feel like you are using a free downloader or it won’t disappoint you with its service.

How to download video Using YouTubNow

In order to download a video from YouTube using YouTubNow downloader, you have two different options.

  1. Direct download 
  2. Paste the link of the video 

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Method 1: Direct Download

The very first one is downloading any YouTube video directly through the downloader. If you want to follow this method then you just have to go to the official website of YouTubNow and there you just have to enter the keyword of the video. Once you got your video, simply click on it and you downloading procedure will begin immediately.

Method 2:  Paste the link of the video

Second methods include two different steps.

Step 1. The first includes extracting the video’s download link form the YouTube or you can say copying the URL of the video that you need to download. Once you have done this then you can proceed to the second step.

Step 2.  In this step, you have to paste the copied link from YouTube in the YouTubNow search box and need to hit the enter button. Rest, the downloader will do on its own. You downloading will begin at the highest possible speed at the moment.

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Closing Words

So, this was the brief description of YouTubNow downloader. If you need a decent downloader that offers almost all the general features then YouTubNow is a good option for you. You can use it to download youtube video in MP3 or other. This online web service downloader is 100% free downloader without ads into many formats.

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    1. Aashirvad Kumar Post author

      Thanks for your question.
      I don’t which Online YT Downloader you are using but as I researched there are many downloaders which have some issues like Ads, Popups, Too many pages opening, need to signup, need to download the application or need to upgrade your account.

      But on YouTubNow website, It has not these things like that. It’s free and reliable for everything. Even you can use your keywords for searching video and downloading the video.

      Hope! you understand.
      Please feel to ask if you have any query.

    1. Aashirvad Kumar Post author

      Hey, @viv
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      There are several reasons for that.
      It may that they don’t have an internet connection and want to listen to the song or watch the video again.
      It may that they want to use the song or video for video editing.
      Hope! it helps you.

  1. Sheena Moncatar

    In the past, I had a reliable YouTube downloader but I notice that it is not available anymore. Either they sold it or IDK, so your post is so timely. I needed to download my own video for a presentation next week. Thanks a whole lot!

  2. Nina Nichols

    I use Wondershare for Youtube downloader. Many people are surprised that you actually want to download video from Youtube but as a teacher, it’s actually so important since Internet is not available sometimes.

  3. Maysz

    Wow! thanks for sharing this! I used YTD converter to convert my favorite songs in youtube and transfer to my apple itunes nice one!

  4. Steven Taylor

    Thank you for sharing amazing Downloader…..features are amazing for free service.. But now i’m using, this is also amazing, very impressed with the Interface of the website and its functioning. The design of the website is smooth and appealing.. try this


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