Conventional vs New – Age Ways of Earning More Money |

Gone are the days when a single income was considered to be enough to lead life. Today, despite multiple income sources, we are still on the lookout for attractive ways of earning some extra money. In this pursuit, we knock several conventional doors – investments, secondary income sources, and even explore cost-cutting efforts hoping to earn higher or save better.

Conventional vs New - Age Ways of Earning More Money.

Conventional vs New – Age Ways of Earning More Money.

Today, with the internet you may sell online at Amazon, Etsy, be an online tutor, or play online games like cash rummy games.  But, there is always a tussle within us trying to weigh the conventional means of earning against the new age options. Let’ ‘s elaborate on 3 factors to understand the conventional V/s new-age ways better and make informed decisions.

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  1. Fixed vs feasible

A couple of decades ago, investing in term deposits of financial institutions was “the investment” option for the salaried class. But, today, owing to the declining interest rates and the returns on them, it is no longer a lucrative money-earning option. However, the assurance of safe earning continues to be the only option for people opting for it.

But, in recent years, the internet has opened up new age ways of earning. You may offer professional services online, sell your wares, own an online store or even auction online too. These avenues are proving to be great options to earn more. Besides, all these options are feasible and prove to be amazing opportunities to earn more.

  1. Caution vs Concentration
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Gold even to this day is one of the popular conventional sources for earning more. But, the steep increase in the gold prices due to the impact of the international gold market has made it absolutely impossible for the middle class to stash huge amounts of money in the form of gold. Again the bullion market is not devoid of fluctuations affecting gold prices every now and then.

On the other hand, there is a newfound interest in online games like rummy which offer incredible opportunities to earn more. Being skill-based games like cash rummy has seen a spurt in the online players as it requires skills like concentration and a calculated approach to win the games. The attractive cash prizes and the innumerable options to play both low stake and high stake games have further added to the increased interest in online rummy for money. People from all walks of life, especially youngsters find it to be both interesting and an attractive option for earning extra money.

  1. Market volatility vs monetization

Investments in stock markets or mutual funds with higher returns are not immune to the evils of the market fluctuations. The market volatility will swing the returns on your investments from good to bad or worse too. The returns are undoubtedly higher provided you make informed decisions based on market behavior.

On the other hand, if you are an avid blogger or you have your own YouTube channel with a decent amount of traffic and viewership, you could monetize your blogs and channel with Google AdWords, third-party advertisements, etc. These days for many their passion has turned into a purpose of earning more with online platforms.

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Closing Words

Today, the opportunities to earn extra money have proliferated into interesting sometimes unheard options too. Whether you play rummy online cash, sell photos on Shutterstock or prefer to go the conventional way, opportunities are there like never before.

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