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There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your favorite photos and memories. No one ever wants this to happen in his dreams. It’s usual that every one of us has some important files stored on our devices and if they are lost, then we feel like we are almost dead. Of course, everyone loves their memories and time spent with their friends and family. From now, you don’t need to worry about this even for a second as there are some data recovery software for MAC which has made our lives easier than before.

Data Recovery Software for Mac

EaseUS – Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

We recommend you to use all the shitty software and tools available on the internet as some of them may contain some harmful files. So, which one to use and which you won’t? We also have the same question a few weeks ago, but later on, we found a useful and amazing Mac Data Recovery Software which performs its job perfectly. The software is well known and popular for its efficiency and known as EaseUS.

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So, what were the things which convinced us to use this data recovery software for Mac and how did it help me recover my files? I know there might be a lot of questions popping on your mind right now, but don’t worry, we are going to clear all your doubts in this detailed review about the EaseUS data recovery software for Mac.

How Does the EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac Works?

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Software is a perfect solution for all kinds of your recovery needs. It helps you to recover the files which you have deleted accidentally from your MAC. It has been rated as one of the best data recovery software for MAC users. Whenever we use this software to recover our files, it works like a charm.

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Using EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Software tool, it becomes an easy task to recover deleted files and photos. It does a deep scan on your device to discover the files got deleted from your device. After the scan is complete, you would be able to see a list of your deleted files. You can choose the files which you want to recover and leave the other ones which you don’t want to recover. This is it! You have recovered all the deleted files. It’s as easy as 1,2 and 3.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac Editions – A Quick Overview

The EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac comes in two editions – One is free and the second is a paid edition. Both the editions allow you to recover deleted files, but there are some extra features which distinct both of editions from each other. So, let’s have a look at both the editions:

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1.    EaseUS Free Edition

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Software provides you with a free edition which allows you to recover deleted images, documents, and videos. Here’s a list of some features which you get when you opt for EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac free edition:

  • 2 GB Data Recovery
  • All Kinds of Files Supported
  • Supports USB and Hard disks too
  • Compatible with every MacOS

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2.    EaseUS Pro Edition

EaseUS pro edition is another amazing plan which comes in with some extra features along with the free features. The best part is that you can also avail a free trial before making a purchase so that you can test the features provided. I am damn sure that most of the users find it a perfect solution for recovering their files. Here’s a list of features which you will get if you opt for the EaseUS pro version:

  • Unlimited Data Recovery
  • Supports All Kinds of Files
  • All kinds of device supported
  • Compatible with every MacOS
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Time machine drive backup
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Top Features of EaseUS Mac data recovery software

Features of EaseUS Mac data recovery software

Features of EaseUS Mac data recovery software

There are a bunch of features which EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Software provides us, but we are going to share a few of them as follows:-

  1. Recover Deleted Files

EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac is one of the best solutions to recover deleted files on your Mac. It recovers the files and maintains their quality even after the recovery.

2.    Partition Recovery

Have you recently created a new partition, lost your important data and want to recover it, then EaseUS would be a good choice to do it.

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3.    Supports Multiple Devices

The best part is that you can connect EaseUs Mac data recovery software with almost every external device including the USB devices and hard disks.

4.    User Interface

They have designed their user interface keeping in mind the needs of casual users. It’s so simple that everyone would find it easier to use. No matter, whether you are a casual or technical person, you would be able to use it easily.

5.    Compatible with Every MacOS

Another interesting feature is that you can use EaseUS Mac data recovery software on all kinds of MacOS versions. So, it’s another convenient that EaseUS provides us.

How You Can Recover Your Deleted Files Using EaseUS?

Mac Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery Software

EaseUS is the best Mac Data Recovery Software which you can use to recover your deleted files. Some of you might find it difficult to recover your files using EaseUs. So, we have simplified this for you. Here’s how you can recover your deleted files:

  • Download the EaseUS Mac Data Recovery software on your device.
  • As soon as it gets downloaded, then install it on your device.
  • Launch it on your device.
  • Once you open it, you will find all your drives connected to it.
  • Then select the drive which you want to recover.
  • Press Scan and wait for a few minutes.
  • As soon as the scan is completed, then look for the files which you want to recover.
  • That’s it! You have successfully recovered your deleted files.
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Verdict – Is it a Perfect Solution For Your Recovery Needs?

Still confused whether to opt for EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Software or not? I don’t think you would be in a confusion after reading our review. Believe me, once you start using EaseUS, you won’t have to look anywhere else for your data recovery needs. All you have to do is just open, scan and recover your files. So, what are you waiting for? Go, download and start recovering your deleted files today!

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