Instagram Product Tagging: Boost Your E-Commerce Viability and Revenue

With the inception of product tagging on Instagram, you can now easily monetize your IG. If you’re a fashion brand and have an e-commerce presence, it’s prudent to give your customers the bandwidth to buy products with just a few clicks.

Instagram Product Tagging

Instagram Product Tagging: Boost Your E-Commerce Viability and Revenue

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Instagram Product Tagging

  • With over 65% of smartphone users buying products through mobile devices and IG finally bridging the void between product discovery and subsequent checking out, the process has primed Instagram to generate huge sales.
  • Whether potential consumers discover your brand on IG, or loyal followers keep purchasing your products, IG is currently a holistic business platform that e-commerce brands and influencers can no longer negate or ignore.
  • Product tagging enhances user experience. With numerous getting success by using user-driven experiences, it’s important to fathom than an invisible yet powerful user experience can be the best in the circuit.
  • Minimizing friction in the purchase journey of your customer finishes conversion obstacles and pitchforks your revenue.
  • Studies say that 47% of individuals say they avoid buying from a brand again if they go through a disconnected or inconsistent mobile experience.
  • Instagram product tagging essays a clinical role in eliminating barriers to buy by directing your customers to your product pages immediately and natively.
  • This happens within the app.
  • Inbuilt shopping reminders are also an added benefit.
  • When you use Instagram product tagging, you will see a shopping bag icon appearing in your post’s lower left side.
  • Though a small icon, it’s a mighty one, reminding your followers of a great scope sans reminding or nudging them to tap the link in your bio.
  • It allows your brand to a sole focus on creating a compelling story.
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Adding shoppable Instagram tags

Some people might be wondering about the benefits of shoppable features. Well, until recently, if anyone wanted to run a brand on IG and sell products, the sole way to do so was to drive Instagram followers from Stories, or through placing a URL in your succinct bio.

Concisely, the purchaser’s journey has been pretty cumbersome and tedious, and the struggle and quest for small businesses to measure and spike their sales is very real.

  • With shoppable IG, you can now build a ‘one-tap’ shop, helping others to purchase your items with just one finger tap.
  • The catch is even if you have a small and humble Etsy shop, it’s pretty possible to propel shoppable IG product tagging.
  • You can also tailor a shop fee on your Instagram profile after creating a series of posts with streamlined and tagged products.
  • It can create a simple and effective display window, showcasing all the products and services you provide.
  • You need to remember that Instagram also has a native payment mechanism, which allows you to purchase stuff without ever leaving the platform.
  • The powerful feature can probably change or improve the way you shop online.
  • Concisely, you shorten or streamline the buyer’s journey, drive sales directly from Instagram, and showcase your items.

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Tagging products on Instagram

You have Squarespace’s integration features to optimize the process. You can use the tool to tag products in stories and posts. When you tag an item, Instagram users can see the details and click on the Shop Now button. You can then purchase the item on your site sans leaving the app.

  • Instagram integration is a superb way to reach your followers and know where they spend their time.
  • You can then share your fashion products with your traffic, and also attract new consumers.
  • As far as eligibility is concerned, your business should be in a country that has Instagram support.
  • You need to open the Instagram app on your mobile device. Next, open your FB business manager on a desktop.
  • Next, open the concerned Squarespace site in another desktop tab. You’re ready to roll.
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Adding product tags

After Instagram approves and completes your setup in the settings of Shopping, you cannot start tagging items in your stories and posts.

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  • Before you start, the system must approve you for Instagram Shopping, finishing the entire setup. This is mandatory before tagging products in your content.
  • To tag products to your Instagram posts, select a video or photo and add a good caption, filters, and effects.
  • Tap the items in the picture that you want to tag.
  • If you’re posting videos, you will see a tray appearing in the place where you can select a minimum of five items that you want to tag.
  • Enter the product names you want to tag. You need to select them after they appear in the concerned search box.
  • The next two steps are tapping Done and Share.
  • If you want to save a draft of your post or preview it, click the Save Draft or Preview Tagged Products.
  • You can tag items in both existing and new posts from your IG professional account.
  • For each video or image post, you can tag up to five products.

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Things you need to know

Instagram recommends you to put your tags in direct touch with your product. You can post 20 products in one multi-image content. You cannot tag animated GIFS, videos, or boomerangs.

  • When a user clicks on a product tag, the person can see an image of the item, its cost, description, and lastly, a proper link that directs him/her to your website for a proper purchase.
  • At times, IG may approve your post, but you cannot tag items to your post.
  • If you get a message that conveys that it doesn’t find any products, even as you tap “Tag Products”, you need to keep certain things in mind.
  • Always ensure your Android or iOS app has the latest version.
  • You need to ensure that your Business Manager shop or catalog is properly synced with an Instagram account through your Facebook page.
  • You can associate one Instagram account only with one Facebook catalog and page at a time.
  • If you don’t see the concerned Tag products in the post creation section or flow, you need to ensure that you have enabled shopping features in your account.
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As marketers and brands, you also need to focus on metrics and data. Instagram Product Tagging is the best part to do marketing without paying a single amount to others. If you want to increase your then this one can be the best practice for you.

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