Why Should You Learn Swift Now? 5+ Reasons to Learn Swift

We humans are evolving, things are getting smaller. Cars don’t require a driver, Robots don’t require an instructor, and we humans don’t need a bulky Laptop or Computer for day to day tasks. Humans are switching to mobiles from their laptops, Earlier Android devices were only ruling the Smartphone but in recent years, due to the evolution of technology iPhones are getting popular day by day.

Reasons to Learn Swift

Why Should You Learn Swift Now? 5+ Reasons to Learn Swift

Here I’ll talk like a developer who designs and deploy applications on different App stores. To be very particular I’ll talk about Swift. Don’t worry if you are witnessing this term for the first time, by the end of this content, you will be confident enough to share your opinions on Swift as a developer.

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Let’s begin with some history of Swift.

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History of Swift

Swift was launched by Apple in 2014, with a vision that it will outrank the current iOS development languages i.e Objective-C. At the launched Apple claim that their new Language SWIFT is far better in terms of performance and readability.  They didn’t just claim it, they actually did it. Thereafter iOS development becomes a mainstream job for thousands of iOS developers.

Now, let have a look over some facts about Swift.

The journey of Swift from 2014-2019

Right now, almost 23% of Smartphones have the iOS operating system and around 45% of Android users who switched to Apple agreed that “iOS devices have better user experience”.

Switching Mobile Operating System

Why People Switch Mobile Operating

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Image Credit:- https://images.macrumors.com/t/8_AyXGs65FDOMN6SbJBp9qLJ0AA=/800×0/article-new/2018/08/whypeopleswitchos.jpg

Initially, Swift was not open to all developers but within one-year (2015) Apple understand that they have make Swift open-source so that maximum developers can try it. Till date, Apple 1,530,000 Jobs specifically in US and these 1,530,000 developers had earned more than $16 Billion from Sales and in-app purchases.

Jobs Data In Swift

Jobs In Swift

Image Credit:- https://miro.medium.com/max/2528/1*33qaN3tTx-DpMlnzJt3qIw.png

If you will talk about the average salary of an iOS developer, according to indeed an iOS developer earns somewhere around $126000/year.

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Their numbers are presented here mainly because I want you to understand the actual potential of Swift.

Now, let’s discuss, Why you should learn iOS developer Now!.

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Why Swift in 2020?

User count is increasing rapidly.

As mentioned above, presently there are 24% iOS users present on this planet. 24% is a big number when it comes to the iOS market. You can be a successful developer if you will learn Swift before it reaches the saturation point.

According to the 2015 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Swift was the most appreciated technology.

Swift Developer Survey

Stack Overflow Developer Survey

Image Credit:- https://content.altexsoft.com/media/2017/06/most-loved-technologies-2015-stackoverflow-develo.png

Right now, it’s a condition like “Now or Never”.

Swift is Fast.

As the name indicates, Swift is considered one of the most efficient programming languages till date. Swift is 60% faster than Python. This is the reason why iOS devices are offering the best user experience in comparison to other Operating Systems.

Swift is Readable.

If you look at the syntax and writing style of Swift as a user, hardly there would any line of code that you won’t understand. Swift is that easy. As a beginner developer, Swift doesn’t require many efforts from you.

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Swift is easy to Scale.

If you are familiar with Android development, then you would understand the pain of a team working on the same individual program. They face dozens of problems when synchronizing each of their parts. But in Swift, hardly any team faces issues while synchronization. Swift developers can also expand their team whenever they want just because of the simplicity of Swift.

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Apple’s Swift Playgrounds

As a learning developer, practice is the most important element. In order to help the growing developers, Apple offers a very unique and helpful feature i.e Swift playgrounds. In these playgrounds, you can learn with fun. You will be assigned some fun tasks (related to iOS development) and you have to complete them to win. Your journey in Swift playgrounds will proceed from Simpler Code to Complex ones but in a very engaging way.

Swift is lite

Another great feature of Swift which attracts thousands of developers. Generally, when we create a new App, it needs dozens of third party libraries. When these libraries are used, most developers are forced to attach their complete code within in the App files. This makes the files bulkier and bigger in size but, Apple’s Swift allows you to store all the third-party libraries out the code and you can simply refer through an URL or path.

Along with this, Swift uses the Automatic Memory Management techniques to assign memory to the objects, classes, and libraries efficiently. At the end, when the App is compiled in a single entity, it requires very little memory.

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Hidden Gem

You might not familiar with the fact that as a Swift developer, you can work on iOS, iPad OS, AppleTV and can even learn the MacOS style coding. It allows you the play at a bigger level and you don’t require many efforts while switching to any of the OS. It gives you a big pool to dive in and you can earn loads of money through Swift.

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Closing Words

If you are even thinking to be an iOS developer, I would say go ahead and at least give Swift a try. You will find it easy and productive. Apart from this, it’s the trending technology thus, you will move with the pace of the whole world.

I haven’t discussed the technical aspect of Swift, because maximum wannabe developers might feel bored with the technology at the first read. I tried to make it more of a conceptual and feature explaining the concept.

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